60 second intro…

Our gym was created to be your one stop shop for all things fitness. We have our BEEfit HYBRID TRAINING SYSTEMS IN PLACE HERE. This covers everything you need to be doing to be your best physical version in one synergistic program (Nutrition, strength, mobility, agility, conditioning), and focuses on Recovery and utilizes sports psychology and Philosophy.

We are a principled gym–built on the foundation of bodybuilding and sports performance. Between our coaching options, our functional layout and easy to access building, the hardest thing to do is limiting your time to train here!

Membership options range from general access to group personal training. Most members start with the basic monthly access membership, option 1.

Here you gain controlled access to our gym with our club app. With this membership you get to try one of the small group personal training classes.

These small group personal training classes are designed to give you all the personal training support of a private session, but allow flexibility in attendance, camaraderie, accountability team, and many other benefits in addition to being able to train with a trainer for 5 days a week for less then the cost of a single private session!

We definitely do private personal training. We also do private training for couples/buddies/groups/teams/workforces.

Our gym is laid out to produce a workout flow. We have high standards for cleanliness that all members work to maintain. You will not waste time cleaning up after other people at BEEfit. This gym is set up for your success.

We have several memberships options for individual needs:

General Access: No group personal training, just gym access. (OPTIONS 1-6 ON OUR MEMBERSHIP SITE).

Group Personal Training: 5 days per week of personal training times and an app based program to follow and train with. Includes gym access and small group personal trainings. Course includes meal guide. (OPTION 7 ON OUR MEMBERSHIP SITE).

Teen Strength Team: A new program we are offering to provide an App based guide for ongoing coaching, motivation, discipline, and the establishment of accountability teams among the youth. Goal? Make a giant fitness community and accountability team for teens so they can confidently control their body and mind compositions. Course includes meal guide. (OPTION 9 ON OUR MEMBERSHIP SITE).

Retired and Inspired: Specially designed strength training program for those over the age of 65. Our owner, Ryan, designed this course for his mother and he guides her and some other “retired and inspired” individuals through and lower body training, an upper body training, and a full body training session every week. This is about 4 hours per week of guided personal training and progressive accountability. Course includes meal guide. (OPTION 8 ON OUR MEMBERSHIP SITE).

Youth summer program: This 8 week course features 24 training sessions with the areas only CERTIFIED ALL NATURAL AND PROFESSIONAL COACH!

Registration link below:

Membership Link 👇

Get a Small Group Personal Training Class with monthly or annual memberships! $30 value and opportunity to train with professional trainer!

Join our small group personal training classes for the best rate on the most training! Over 5 hours per week of training, designed, led, modified, and progressed by a certified professional trainer with over 20 years experience!

Class times:

M-f 6-7am

T,w,Th 530-7pm

Saturdays 9-10am ** seasonal offering can be canceled.

Youth Training Available! From July 10th to the start of September, we offer our youth training class 3 days per week–this is separate from our memberships.

More ways to train at/ with BEEfit…

Form a group with friends/family, or work into our general population personal training classes by getting set up for success with some one on one training!

We offer a senior training program too!

Our specially designed “Retired and Inspired” group is set up to offset aging and extend the PlaySpan of those 70 plus!

This group meets 2 times per week formally, and has access to additional training with owner/operator/lead trainer. This membership option also comes with gym access.

APP BASED TRAINING: This option is growing more and more popular with both our in club members and those outside our gym. Our App is different from so many out there because it is designed by a certified natural athlete and professional bodybuilder with a unique combination of over 20 years coaching experience that includes PE for preschoolers, over ten years of sports agility training, recovery from two Traumatic Brain Injuries, recovery from various surgeries, over 10 years of all natural bodybuilding competition and coaching, over 10 years of personal training experience with everyone from age 3-103. There is no substitute for experience–and many of Coach Ryan’s experiences cannot be imitated nor repeated.

We want to help you BEE relentless…

There is lots going on at BEEfit, with our ideal training space, extensive selection of training equipment, our professionally designed training programs, the tight knit culture, and omnipresence of the passionate owner/operator–if you join BEEfit, you are joining our fitness family and we will do all within our power to make sure you succeed in progressing your fitness.

Couple of our mantras:

“BEE your best version!”

“BEE Relentless!”


“Success is a habit. Progress is a choice.”

“Desire (want) , knowledge (what to do and why), skills (how to) = habits”

Come to us with desire, we will provide the rest!

BEEfit is your answer to all things fitness. With an all encompassing approach to fitness, our goal is to get you to the best version of you possible. We do this with advanced mobility training, strength, and most importantly, NUTRITION! Improvement through movement is the basis of BEEfit. Aesthetic bodybuilding is the result. We do this by combining the best in nutrition with evolving sports science. We utilize over 20 years of teaching, coaching, personal training, and professional body building experience. We continually progress our training principles to adapt and THRIVE. By focusing on neuromuscular connections and building up weaker muscles, a more balanced body is shaped. BEEfit is born from experience and produces the rapid physical improvements you are looking for with the added benefit of increased mobility and recovery so you can enjoy your increased PLAYspan!


Over 5,000 open square feet for movement patterns in our gym! Split into 3 distinct rooms!

Our top of line Body Building room is primarily equipped with brand new Nautilus equipment. Our equipment… Leg machines-Seated calf raise, Glute Drive, Leg Press, Hack Squat, Adductor/Abductor, Lying Leg curl, Seated Leg Curl, Leg Extension x 2, Sissy Squat. Back: T bar Row, Low Row x 2, Lat Pulldown x 2. Additional Machines: Freedom Trainers x 2, Cable stacks x 2, Tricep extension, Preacher curl, adjustable Back Extension, PecDec/Rear Delt fly, Smith Machine x 2, narrow to wide grip dip station, and plate loaded shrug/deadlift trainer…Oh and Dumbbells 3-130 pounds, EZ curl and straight bar trees 20-110 pounds! All in just the bodybuilding room!

Turf patch: Room for 2 sleds to be in motion at once! Equipped with 2 push/pull sleds and 2 drag sleds with harnesses. 

Free Weight Room: Six squat racks! Two of those racks are double racks–so there’s room for two different rack spots. Two full sets of Hex Dumbbells 3-100 pounds–with multiple pairs at common weights. Kettlebells, Trap bar, Swiss bar, Safety bar, and of course we have Olympic bars! Within this room you can find our HIIT cardio and LISS cardio equipment–2 Rowers, 2 HIIT mills, and four Assault Bikes. Also in this room are multiple Bulgarian Split squat rollers and stations in addition to a GHD apparatus and a variety of landmine attachment tools. This is the room where you can do your pullups, stretching and big movement patterns. One squat rack position is always open during gym hours, regardless of a class using the room. 

Posing Section: Also in the free weight room, you’ll notice a large mirrored section with open space. This is our posing section, which is also used in large group training for additional space when needed. This area is for aspiring bodybuilders to fine tune their art and craft. It is open to all members when not in use for a posing class or group class overflow–so feel free to flex your stuff and practice that mind-muscle connection! Open to all members when there is not a group training class. 



-Everyday, 430am-10pm by controlled access entry at two points 

-Parking is located directly in front and behind the building, with additional parking across the street. The entire facility, with the exception of the bathrooms, is under video surveillance. 

(State street side and 8 spots in the back lot–both under surveillance). 

-We have two restrooms and a members area with storage cubbies in addition to a key and small item holder in the free weight room. There is also counter space throughout the building for small items like a phone/keys.

The idea is that you can swiftly enter and begin training with minimal time wasted!


Our building and programs are designed to provide the progressive attention of personal training with the value of group training. Each class should be equal to or better than the best one on one training experience. It is to this high standard that the BEEfit personal training studio and programs are set. We set you up for success and only feel satisfied when our clients are happy with their fitness! We meet you where you are at and set out a path to get you to where you want to be. 

Small Group Personal Training is a General population course (intermediate to advanced) designed to develop every muscle in the body using classic hypertrophy strength training and Olympic movements. We meet up to 6 days per week for this course in the free weight room. The program is set up in 4 week increments and resets every 12 weeks for progressional overload and following “Mesocycle” training principles. The goal is to build strong, balanced, aesthetic and athletic muscles. This group has two written curriculums, a 3 day and a 5 day training program, each with an option to train on Saturdays in person from 9-10 am. All curriculum is available on an app as well, so if you want to follow the program elsewhere–say at home, another gym, or at another time at BEEfit, you have that option and you’ll still have direction and accountability. 

Group Class times

M-F 6am-7am

T, W, Th 530-7pm

T and Th 1015-1130am

“Retired and Inspired”

Course designed for those 70 and up. Features essential movement patterns to extend your play span! The course includes access to the class T & Th 1015am-1130am & S 9-10am Regular gym access (430am-10pm) is included with this rate and app upon request.

Youth Training Groups forming all the time! Message for details!

Each class features dynamic mobility, interval strength training with form and theory guidance, with ongoing motivation and direction. You will learn how to eat properly for your goals and train without injuries as you progress to making fitness part of your lifestyle.

**very limited enrollment available for the OVER60 class

**Enrollment fee to begin programs includes meal plan and initial body fat test with consultation.**


-Multiple memberships paid from same account.

-Youth (under 16)

We are free of all the gym stereotypes that hinder your progress. We stop bad habits and create good habits!

Elementary School teacher Brandon on the benefits of BEEfit