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BEEfit Lighters are FIRE!

To celebrate the 4th of July and to help get our brand in the hands of folks, we are releasing our BEEfit branded lighters!

For less than the cost of retail, you can get your hands on one–or two to make that less than retail price!

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BTW! Did you know that Sedro-Woolley hosts the longest running 4th of July celebration in the state?! You do now! The annual Loggerodeo is a fabulous week of festivities around the 4th of July! (The Independence Day Celebrations started in 1886  which is the oldest in Washington State. We got our name Loggerodeo™ in 1948 so started 75 years ago. There were some interruptions covid but we have powered thru and will continue hopefully can hit 100 years.)

Check out the BEEfit sponsored log carry and our explanation article here, RSVP or show up the day of and sign up! RSVPs appreciated. ALL AGES!



How to Ferment your Oats!

Fermented oats? Why?

Phytic acid was discovered in 1903.[16] Phytic acid, mostly as phytate in the form of phytin, is found within the hulls of seeds, including nuts, grains and pulses.[1] In-home food preparation techniques can break down the phytic acid in all of these foods. Simply cooking the food will reduce the phytic acid to some degree. More effective methods are soaking in an acid medium, sprouting and lactic acid fermentation such as in sourdough and pickling.[17] [18]

So you should ferment your oats before eating them if you want to increase their bioavailability, absorption, and offset the likelihood of distention. These are all good things, especially in terms of bioavailability, since you eat food for the nutrients they contain (though you might tell yourself otherwise). 

Read through to the end for my Recipe for the best bowl of oats! –oatmeal with Chocolate protein powder, PBfit, a tiny bit of all natural PB…this is super tasty. Add cocoa nibs and we’re other worldly…

How to make Fermented Oats

  • Pour 1 cup of OATS in a glass bowl, and stir in 1 cup of warm FILTERED WATER, and 2 Tablespoons 1.5 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar per cup of oats.  Cover loosely, and leave overnight in the oven or a cabinet. Allow to soak for at least 7 hours and up to 24 hours.
  • 2nd Step: Pour soaked oats into a mesh strainer and rinse with water. A fine strainer will work fine.  This rinse seems to get rid of the ACV taste and additional phytic acid left on the oats.
  • Portion into two bowls (or save some for later, ok in the refrigerator for up to a week).
  • Why do fermented oats?

dotFIT link for the world’s best supplements and the PRE/post Chocolate Protein powder you will want for this delicious chocolate peanut butter protein oats!


Recommended oats? Bob’s Red Mill Organic Old Fashioned Oats (as pictured)

Parent gets one month of Gym Access with Youth Camp Enrollment!

Set the example and they will follow!

Demonstrate hard work and determination in the face of adversity!

This is the way!

BEEfit provides the space, direction, accountability, and nutritional support for the whole family!

Eliminate the guesswork and JUST WORK out!


WITH enrollment of one child, new members get a month trial of BEEfit–with a training app to help guide them and a $200 nutritional guide–NO EXTRA CHARGE–THIS SPECIAL OFFER IS AVAILABLE TO ONE ADULT/GUARDIAN OF THE ATTENDING YOUTH IN THE SUMMER PROGRAM **NEW MEMBERS ONLY


Train like a PRO: 8 WEEKS OUT program…designed to prime for peak performance.

WARNING: Completion of this course will likely result in you outperforming your peers, possibly causing jealousy in others because they didn’t do the WORK CONSISTENTLY, COMPETENTLY AND PROPERLY. 

SIDE EFFECTS: Confidence, Discipline, Resilience, Self Determination, establish Progressive Strength Habits, Understand How Nutrition Fuels the Body For Success, addiction to self improvement…and more.

You will have to work out consistently, progressively, and follow the sound sports nutritional guide we provide–BUT the results will be undeniable and you will utilize these skills for life!

How did 8 Weeks out get its start?

I first began my journey into the gym as a cherubic 11-year-old with aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player…After 30 years of training (albeit with some massive bumps along the way), I now know so many of the things I WISH I HAD DONE DIFFERENTLY THEN AND ALONG THE WAY TO BECOME A PRO ATHLETE. (notice how I didn’t say, “I know it all.”–I don’t. No one does. I am always striving to understand and expand my knowledge–as are most trainers worth investing in… 

Well, the good thing is, I have become a professional athlete. No, not a professional soccer player as I had aspired for from age 11-19. Instead, an all natural, certified, professional bodybuilder. This means I am verified to have produced a professional physique without the use of any PEDs and I complete no less than 3 re-certifications each year at competitions to validate my ALL NATURAL status. This makes me better suited to coach other athletes to compete as ALL NATURAL athletes and to improve their performance without the use of performance enhancing drugs (Pretty important if you care about your health or compete in sports that drug test–NCAA! Hello college athletes!) 

My experiences as an athlete, a coach, a teacher, and a professional bodybuilder have brought me a wealth of knowledge for sports performance, nutrition, training, mobility, sport’s philosophy, and an unbridled passion for self improvement that I get to share and a knowledge base that I continually get to grow.

There are ways to utilize strength training and plyometrics to dramatically improve performance, and when coupled with a progressive implementation program, we can maximize individual potential. Complement the physical improvement with a better understanding of nutrition and a relentless sports philosophy and we have a professional training program. I have distilled these principles into the 8 WEEKS OUT program…

8 WEEKS OUT: Optimize Athletic Performance and Training Systems (Youth Athlete)

Are you a youth athlete that wants to improve your ability to perform in your sport?

Are you willing to put in the work to earn the results?

Ready to jump higher, further, faster, and with greater control?

So you want to increase your fast twitch muscles, improve strength and stamina?

Would you like to be in control of improving your PERFORMANCE?

Do you want to train like a pro?

BEEfit’s 8 week out program is the answer for you!

This is a 9 week prep program focused on improving athletic performance.

-WEEK 1: Evaluation, program outline, implementation (Set up App based trainer to support in person lessons and provide guidance if/when training independently).

WEEK 2: Train in person with coach (preferred) for each day of training split to be progressed in the 4 week plan (progresses into 2nd 4 week block of training). 

-Daily review of prior days nutrition: Every day of weeks 1 and 2. 

Weeks 2-5: progress initial training block of warm ups, motions, movements, and finishers–each area individualized.

WEEK 5: Evaluate progress from 4 weeks of training during last week of phase one and prepare to implement phase 2 of 2–increased focus on explosive movements, footwork, and appropriate progressions to lower and upper body based on needs. 

Weeks 6-9: Week 6 it is best to train in person to set the proper expectations for each day of training going into the final phase of the program.  


Contact us today to set up a FREE consultation call/GET STARTED! or via the social media platform you are seeing this. 


What prevents you from being awesome AND keeping a promise to yourself?

1-pain: emotional and physical pain



4-what we say to ourselves right before we are successful/talk ourselves into quitting.

Go and do what you promise to do, and it will work out. (4 reasons from Navy Seal Erik Weir)

What can we do to help you keep your promise to yourself?

Firstly: provide a program that outlines the proper route through the pain–it will be emotionally and physically painful–but it will be intentional, meaningful, and necessary to produce the change we are asking for/needing/deserving.

Secondly: Provide consistent reminders and guidance to align you with your why so that you keep your actions consistent with your goals/promise to self.

Thirdly: Prepare and potentiate for progress and consistency. Professional coaching and community support from community of like minded individuals–surround yourself with other driven and goal oriented individuals. 

Lastly: By following a coordinated training program, you know where you are at on your journey and you have professional support to wisely navigate the process and work through limiting factors/sabotage/around injuries/ and other problematic variables that pop up in the journey. The only way you lose is if you quit! 


BEEfit exists to help you keep and fulfill your promise to yourself to bee your best version!

BEEfit can provide you with the right plan for your goals and the professional coaching to support you through every facet of fitness (Nutrition, mobility, strength, conditioning, recovery, program design and implementation, and more!) Whether we train in person, or consult and train through our individualized training app, elevating your training to a PRO level where changes occur consistently, is just a click or call away!

Let’s consult/start today!

Message me to BEE-gin or utilize the membership links below!

4 WAYS TO TRAIN with or at BEEfit

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