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Youth Summer Program, YEAR 4!

Youth Camp Summer 2024

Ages? 7-13

🗓️8 Week Course, 3 days per week, 24 sessions

🗓️ Dates: July 8th – Aug 30th 

📍 Location: 311 State Street Sedro-Woolley

⏰ Time: 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM

📝 Enrollment Deadline: July 1st

📅 3 days of instruction Mon/Wed/Friday

Link to register 👇 ENROLL TODAY!

🏋️‍♀️ (14-18? We have a Teen Bodybuilding Course! MSG for inquiry)

Our teen program features 48 training sessions loaded in the app, 24 personal training sessions, and 2 months of gym access! Message us with questions! You can join with the link above for teens of those younger than 14 for the youth camp!

The youth training group is being offered three days per week 10-11am, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays July 8-Aug 30. We cover proper warm up, strength progression principles, form and execution for each motion, workout selection, and a “finisher” in each session. After 8 weeks, the student should feel confident to navigate a training room without assistance (though we hope he will continue to grow with us of course). 

Mondays: Abs, Legs, Shoulders

Wednesdays: Abs, Back, Chest, Arms

Fridays: Total body/circuit/obstacle course

RESISTANCE exercise will help increase strength, coordination, confidence, and more! All while providing a lifelong skill and habit that pays innumerable dividends. After 8 weeks the student should know how to engage each major muscle group and “BEE” excited to continue progressing their knowledge and strength!

Please use the link to enroll the student in the program under their information. More than one child in the program? Message us and we will review and apply a discount!

Parents/legal guardians, please fill out a, “training waiver profile” from the membership section for liability purposes. **$0 Enrollment and 1 week FREE for every parent!


$700 for program rate. (SAVES $300!) **do this option even if only doing 6 weeks of camp.

$125 Weekly rate.

$45 per session rate.

**if you want the program rate but cannot pay full amount, billing can be setup!

End of class tabata stations are a HIIT!

This program has been refined year after year and is designed to provide the foundation for a lifetime of progressive strength and the myriad of benefits from consistent resistance training. Over 8 weeks we will apply the tools of strength and hypertrophy training, reinforce nutritional habits, improve sports acumen… all while building great habits for a lifetime of health.

**if you want the program rate but cannot pay full amount, billing can be setup!


Ryan’s 10 Commandments for fat loss

1.RESISTANCE TRAINING: Prioritize hypertrophy training

2.ABS: Train your abs/core daily: 3 times per week minimum, PREFERABLY IN THE AM. 

2.PROTEIN: Eat a lean protein centric diet.

3.HYDRATION: consume ¾ oz. to 1 oz. of H2O per pound of bodyweight (for sure 1.25oz. Per lb of LBM ‘lean body mass’).

4.DETERMINE daily calorie needs and MACRO NUTRITIONAL GOALS: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Know your eating goals and have a plan to stick to them. MOST IMPORTANT IS DAILY PROTEIN INTAKE! Why? TEF (thermic effect of food) and adequate protein intake spares/protects your lean tissue aka, your metabolism. The TEF of protein, when eating lean and to the number of grams you should consume daily, should result in a calorie deficit. 

5.TRACKING: ON the theme of #4, start with your daily goals for Protein, Carbohydrates, and fats and subtract each meal from the totals–you’ll be surprised at how fast you use up the daily allotment for Carbs and Fats…utilize a meal tracking app if wanted, or just look up your macro totals. Tracking will help you be aware of timing, portions, and what you need the most work on.

6.WALK: Three times per day, right after a meal, walk for 10 minutes. This will help you metabolize your food better while also adding to your daily NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

7.SUPPLEMENTS: Utilize NSF certified supplements ensure nutrient quality, availability, uptake and to control calories. Supplements provide low or no calorie nutritional support. When in a calorie deficit (losing fat), it is crucial to provide the body with vital nutrients, especially protein and creatine. Why? Lose a pound of muscle and there goes 35-55 calories per day that you were burning without doing anything. DO NOT LOSE MUSCLE unless morphologically it must occur for the body composition you desire. IE, ONLY in extremely over massed individuals is there to be measurable muscle loss in conjunction with drastic fat loss. In other words, yes, when extremely overweight, there is going to be some muscle loss–but in contrast to Fat loss, it won’t be detrimental so long as it is done with a global approach (making sure muscle is balanced and functional). HINT: dotFIT is the only brand that has a full line of NSF certified supplements. 20% link and explanations on supplements👇

8.CONSISTENCY is key. Your plan and approach needs to be sustainable and progressive. One day at a time, one meal, one set, one good night of sleep…stack the wins and set up for success. Failures aren’t permanent! They are to be assessed, addressed, and progressed through by having a strategy/plan to overcome them. 

9.PROGRAM: We mentioned earlier to Prioritize Hypertrophy/strength Training…this means you should have a systematic routine, aka, a program to follow for 8-12 weeks of appropriate volume and progressive intensity. Prioritize larger muscle groups and compound lifts. Use isolation motions to target underdeveloped muscles and to add specified volume/intensity to targeted muscles. Finish the program, assess, address successes and failures, make small adjustments and attack the new program with consistency. 

Here is an example of the main screen on the training app, showing the workout split.

10.DON’T DIET FOREVER: Set your goals and when you achieve them, have a planned maintenance/growth phase of your training. Your body is not meant to be in a deficit for prolonged periods of time. Homeostasis rules. Your body needs balance and if you consistently underfeed it, it will adapt–and with negative repercussions. A good plan can still allow for foods you love, they just need to be accounted for and budgeted calorically. 

**There’s my 10 commandments for fat loss…Off the top of my head, I would add:

-Eliminate/limit liquid calories (adding calories to your coffee? That destroys the benefits of coffee. Can’t do it without adding a ton of crap? FIND OTHER OPTIONS! (ADD chocolate/vanilla protein powder, cinnamon…IE improve it with protein, or flavor it with 0 calorie options, or get non calorie caffeine like the WORKOUT EXTREME.

-Eliminate snacking/calorie intake outside of ‘true eating’ windows. IE, stop snacking.

-Daily movement is essential. 

-Cardio is not a good way to lose fat. 

-You can’t outrace a bad diet.

-Your genetics and your metabolism aren’t to blame. It’s your habits and your lack of muscle. 

YES, your habits were probably LEARNED under the tutelage of parents, but those are not genetics, that’s ENVIRONMENT. 



You are a byproduct of your habits. Consistency is key. Establish a routine for nutrition that consistently has your body in a caloric deficit while meeting your daily protein needs and not going over your daily carbohydrate and fat recommendations. Hydration, protein intake, and not being in a calorie surplus is easier (& more consistent) with the aid from proper supplementation. The body won’t improve/maintain and your metabolism will suffer without resistance training. Not only will your metabolism suffer, but your strength and movement patterns diminish without resistance training. Set goals and have a plan to support them. 

Ready to make some changes? 

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DETERMINE daily calorie needs 







I want to get you to train like me.


I have developed a system for maximizing muscle growth, improving strength, increasing flexibility, minimizing injury risk, expanding athletic capacity…all while increasing my own intrinsic interest in the process.

Does this mean that I want you to become an all natural bodybuilder?

No. Not necessarily.

It means I want you to be able to take control of your physique. I want you to know what OPTIMAL is for each given principle so that you know what to do to improve. (Shoot for the stars, get to the moon).

It means I want you to get the most out of each rep you have time to complete.

It means I want you to do the exercises with the greatest probability of producing the outcome you want for you.

It means you will move better, feel better, have more energy, be more effective at emotional regulation, and ultimately, yeah, you’ll look better. 

It means you will have a direct involvement on the improvement and expansion of your longevity as you globally accumulate more muscle mass. \

I want you to train like me because I want you to have the greatest returns from your fitness investment. 

I want you to train like me because I have been where you are and I know the most effective means to progress from day one to being a professional all natural bodybuilder.

Does this mean that you don’t stop until you’re a pro all natty bodybuilder?


Most will be absolutely elated with earlier stages of development along this path.

I want to give you the principles and keys so you can unlock your potential with effective workouts, sound nutritional guidance, and a recovery strategy.


We do this with by following a program designed for you and your goals.

Based on: 

# of days per week and amount of time you can consistently train. 

Your goals and limitations. 

Don’t allow societal influences and social media “gurus” to steer you wrong, distract, or allow you to settle for less than what you want for yourself. 

We live in a time that is expressly designed to usher you into a sloven lifestyle of excess and laziness. This era of quick fixes, promotion and acceptance of obesity, and the proliferation of pill based solutions is destroying the health of individuals, families, and cultures. 

This can stop with YOU.

YOU CAN END the generational ties to destructive habits.

ESPECIALLY if you are the head of a household. HERE you get the opportunity to model the behavior. Here you are the leader. IF THIS IS YOU: what are you doing to model admirable behavior? Yes it is a lot of pressure. What alleviates the pressure? Proper action. Consistency. REMEMBER: “They learn from watching you.” If you don’t want your kids to be obese, DON’T STOCK THE CUPBOARDS AND FRIDGE WITH TRITE! That’s right, you buy the food, you support the behavior one way or the other.  

YOU CAN END the generational ties to destructive habits.

You can’t simply destroy a bad habit (s). You must replace them. Fitness has many principles to follow. A program from BEEfit will guide you along these principles while providing you with motivational workouts, direct trainer support for all your questions, and when you add that education and support to the awesome training environment at our gym, you have an unstoppable new habit formed around solid principles to progress and expand upon over your lifetime. 

I want you to train like me, because I want you to BEEfit. 

Remember, I am not saying that you should want to be a bodybuilder. I am saying that you should want to utilize the best techniques for adding muscle in a global approach that creates a body with a suit of muscle armor. Adding muscle is adding longevity. Adding muscle is improving your metabolism. Adding muscle is improving your performance. Your muscles are a suit, ready to absorb the hits that life delivers. The more muscles you have, the more life you can absorb…and if you are for some misinformed reason, “Scared of adding too much muscle,” I guarantee you that it won’t happen so fast that you can’t stop the growth. 

If you are ready to make the most out of your ONE AND ONLY BODY, then you are ready to make fitness a habit and a hobby, and you should contact us/sign up today, so you can BEEfit. 

JOIN today!

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Hypertrophy Strength training is 

Your answer for:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ stronger immune system 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!

BEEfit Member Testimonial…

Tim Y. has lost over 25 pounds in his first three months at BEEfit. All while improving his movement patterns and adding strength!

He consistently attends the gym and is a member of our small group personal training class that meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights 530-7pm. This group gets in person personal training at those times and they are training off our training app that is designed, has all videos produced in house, and is taught by our lead trainer. The app has three additional training days, 2 in gym, and can be modified to fit all the training into as little as 2 days, though three or more is preferred–we can modify as needed to fit schedules. In addition to the training, this group gets nutritional guidance, and the app features numerous advanced mobility exercises to bring relief and release to the body.

So here is the Testimonial from Tim:

Why Tim Joined BEEfit

Why did you decide to start working out/ why do you work out?

Like most of us, as I got older my metabolism slowed, I worked my way up in my career to where I no longer worked as physically hard, etc. I put on a lot of weight. I would find myself looking and feeling sluggish all the time. Simple tasks such as playing with my son left me out of breath and worn out. I was embarrassed to be in any kind of family photos due to my size. At my lowest point I reached 305 Lbs.  I realized If I wanted to be around to see my son’s children grow up. If I wanted to have any real chance at a productive and independent life, I had to do something. 

What was your biggest concern when you started?

In the beginning my biggest concerns came down to time and money. I already had a very hectic schedule. I have a full-time job that eats up 12+ hours a day 5+ days a week, I have a wife and a 7-year-old son who need my time. Not to mention Joining a gym does have a significant cost associated with it. I wondered if it would it be an investment that was worth the sacrifice. 

What I learned was This has been the best investment of my life. While it’s true, adding a daily workout to my already hectic schedule does impact the amount of time I spend with my family. The time I do spend with them is much more quality than it has ever been. I’m healthier, I have less stress, my mood and demeanor are just 100% better. My family could not be happier or prouder of the positive changes I have made in my life. As far as the cost goes, everything in life is about balance and choices. As I learn new and healthier alternatives. The money I save by not spending money on all the unhealthy habits I used to have more than offset the cost of a gym membership!!

What is your favorite thing about lifting? Least favorite?

I still consider myself very much a beginner. My favorite things are watching the progression. As I get into better shape, I find that I really enjoy pushing myself. Whether its lifting heaver weights or just doing 1 more rep its always my goal to try and do just a little bit more each workout. 

What is your favorite thing about BEEfit? 

The atmosphere. While everyone I have met at Beefit is friendly and willing to answer questions or give help where needed, it is still a no nonsense, no frills gym. Everyone there is serious about fitness. The Gym has all the equipment and space you need to get in,  get your workout done and get on with the rest of your life. 

What has training at BEEfit helped you with the most? 

I have learned so much during this fitness journey. From the weight loss, to the muscle improvement. I Joined the weightlifting class which is more like a group personal training session with Ryan. This has helped me learn how to do the exercises safely and properly. Ryan designs and schedules the workouts to meet my needs where I am at in my journey. They are challenging but achievable. 

What has been the most difficult part of the process for you?

To be honest the hardest part was just getting started. In the begging I had no idea what I was doing (even though I thought I did) The idea of having to learn all these new exercise routines, Completely change my eating patterns, let go of old ideas and habits, quite frankly it was a little overwhelming. 

What has been the biggest change you’ve noticed in yourself since starting a BEEfit training program?

There have been many changes from weight loss (I’m now at 226Lbs and still dropping), to the muscle and strength I’ve gained. I look better, I feel better, breathe better, I sleep better, and I just enjoy my life a whole lot better. Oh, and all the meds I used to take…. My heartburn medicine I had to take every day, my inhaler I carried everywhere because I always had breathing issues, they just sit in my medicine cabinet collecting dust. I have not needed any of it in a long while. 

What has been your favorite part of improving your fitness at BEEfit?

The journey itself. The more I learn and the more I improve the more I want to do and learn more. Ryan pushes that this is about a lifestyle change. It is a process not an event. The goal is an active and healthy lifestyle for many years to come. 

What do you look forward to most about training?

I really enjoy weightlifting. I find myself at work if I’m having a particularly stressful day and thinking to myself “I can’t wait to get to the Gym tonight and work this off”

What do you need the most help with going forward (area of most needed improvement)?

Like a said I am still a beginner, I have made a lot of improvement, but I have a long way to go. 

If someone asked you if they should train at BEEfit/set out on a BEEfit program, what would you tell them?

Do it. Don’t wait as long as I did, you won’t regret it. If you have any doubt join a 12-week class. You can do anything for 12 weeks. If after that you are not sold, I don’t know what to tell you because I was. 

Are you interested Joining us or hearing more? Message us today for a consult or to answer your questions…you can “JOIN” today if you’re ready!

Membership link👇

Why train at BEEfit? What can a BEEfit program do for you?

Adding muscle is the best anti-aging agent we have — the best way to add muscle is to utilize Bodybuilding principles. There are numerous different training splits and approaches to choose from. Prioritizing improving your weak points in your training is just one of the great methods of bodybuilding that every individual should focus on. Muscle stimulation and building a globally balanced physique are the basis of bodybuilding–discipline, delayed gratification, getting stronger, moving better, looking better, living longer, and having the ability to do all the things you enjoy with ease are the byproducts of bodybuilding. Want to be more athletic? When we add muscle we have a direct improvement in performance, recovery, and injury prevention. You get specialization of muscular application from practice and games–add strength and muscle in the weight room = add performance capacity in the sport. Please stop deluding yourself and DO NOT BE scared of adding muscle— I guarantee you it’s not that easy and it burns a crazy amount of calories in the process— and the byproducts are you move better, are stronger, you’re more confident— and the benefits of hypertrophy that we have listed above are just some major ones.

Train these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week with progressive overload principles:


2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)


4.Pull-horizontal and vertical


6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work.

progressive overload principles:

Progressive increase in work capacity producing measurable and visible results (more reps/weight moved more effectively). When added to the neurological benefits of strength training, overtime these progressive strength results manifest as intrinsic motivation! Deciding what variations of each movement are right for you is progressive–which is to say, you start with the most basic variations and progress from there. Muscles need to be challenged, and challenges can be found in bodyweight variations and less for those that are new to fitness. Working with a caring and experienced professional can expedite the learning/introduction process while alleviating anxiety and difficulties in organizing the principles into a cogent and approachable program. Much like going on a trip to a foreign land–having an experienced guide makes for a far better and more rewarding experience.  

How do we add muscle? Resistance training. How do you get the most from your training? Follow a program set up for your goals and capabilities!

At BEEfit, we like to optimize the training for our members.


There is no perfection, but there is optimization and excellence. 

The right training program depends upon the individual context…

If you want to be excellent and optimize your training, there are numerous time proven principles to apply. (Hypertrophy: building muscle. Strength: increase ability to do work. How we couple these principles with cardio and time you have for lifting = your program).

Do you have a plan of attack/itinerary for your training journey? (training split)

What movements produce the most and best muscle activation? (Movement Selection)

Are you doing the right repetitions in the proper range for the outcome you want–IE aligned and stimulated? (Execution)

What should you eat before and after a workout? (Nutrition)

How do you lose belly fat? (Understanding how your body burns calories)

How do you regain athleticism? (Assessing areas of needed improvement and progressing movement patterns under a variety of loads).

A good program answers your fitness questions and provides solutions in the form of an action plan that you can believe in. A program helps you focus on the right things.

We can work directly with you to develop an individualized program based upon your exact needs and capabilities. We also can provide an app based program to support your training. Investing in yourself with a BEEfit program will save your years of frustrations and make sure your energies go to the right places. Save time, save money, and improve your health and fitness with a BEEfit program today!

Your program will Teach you and provide explanations for:

-Mobility: Our training systems include advanced mobility techniques to help you access a better range of motion, address and prevent injuries, and to encourage blood flow. Many clients see us for just our mobility services–as we are a motion and movement specialist. 

-Nutrition: You will know what to eat, when, why and have your coach just a click away, ready to answer your questions. 

-Exercise: Your motion and movements (the training you do at the gym and away from the gym).

-Recovery: Your training is only as good as your recovery. We work with you to make sure you are following the best practices for your body to recover from bouts of exercise. 

At BEEfit, we like to make sure our members are working with the best information to match up with the areas best equipment. Optimizing training habits will not just lower injury risk, it will help you get the most from your training time so that your efforts produce results, are rewarding, and you can continue to progress. 

How do we make sure our members succeed? Besides offering multiple, affordable personal training options…

New members at BEEfit get their choice of 6 week introductory app!

1-Upper/lower 2 day split – 2 day training

2-Full body split- to be done 1-2 x’s per week

3-Upper/lower 4 day split – 2 day training on, 1 off, 2 on

4-Golden era split- Legs, Back and Chest, Shoulders and arms (3 day split)

5-Golden era split- Legs, Back and Chest, Shoulders and arms (6 day split)

6-Push/Pull/legs x1 session each per week

7-Push/Pull/legs x2 sessions each per week

Hypertrophy Strength training is 

Your answer for:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ stronger immune system 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!

Know that we mean to prioritize the big stones and not the pebbles.

Once you consistently clear the big stones daily, 

Then start clearing the pebbles from the path. 

Priority principles–NEVER FORGET, NEVER NEGLECT 1-5.



3.Resistance Exercise

4.Daily steps

5.Nutrient Support (Daily Micronutrients, Creatine, Omega-3)

6.Recovery modalities/mobility/fascia release

7.Reading and Journaling/writing 

8.Alternative recovery modalities (Sauna, Cold plunge, red light therapy)

–#8 –these are very small pebbles. For the love of yourself, stop giving so much time and attention to small reward pebbles like #8 items. Especially the cold plunging–this has been proven to blunt muscle recovery when done post exercise. If you never did the things in #8, you could still achieve optimal health. 

If you focus on 1-6, you will progress to optimal health.

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No matter what your age, current fitness level, and no matter your fitness goal–RESISTANCE TRAINING should be the main catalyst for your maintaining and improving your health and fitness. Involve the seasoned professionals from BEEfit to evaluate and guide you in this process so we can optimize your progress!” 

You spent your whole life to get where you are today…how is it going/feeling/looking?

Think about how many years it took you to get where you are…now if you are not where you would like to be health wise and physically and you want morphological change–that is to say, if you want to look different, we need to utilize some principles and adhere to some discipline. Nothing is worse than wasted discipline and worn down determination–perhaps wasted talent is close. But when someone empowers themselves with discipline without adhering to principles, they are training hard, but not smart. Training smart, and training hard will always beat the brute that trains hard but without wisdom–that is to say, without principles. 

Resistance training should be part of your life–a proactive habit that is normalized 2 x’s per week or more. Even 1 x per week can be beneficial! Something is better than nothing! What about cardio? Cardio for most of us is best accomplished with walking 30 minutes or more per day, throughout the day. Best way to get in steps for fat loss? Three 10 minute walks daily, done after a meal each time. Putting together your resistance training, cardio, nutrition, additional movement, and rest into a cogent plan is a program. 

What is a program? An outline for action to grow from based around your resistance training, additional movement needs (cardio and NEAT), your nutrition plan, your recovery rate, and most importantly, how these things correlate with your personal goals and individual needs. Your program should support your needs and goals and you should be able to confidently execute the plan. Your training is only as good as your recovery–so your nutritional needs must be known and consistently addressed. The LOGBOOK is an important feature for any program. Your logbook can be found in the APP from BEEfit, or you can record it yourself in a notebook/in your phone. The key points here are knowing what week of your program you are on, what the days motions/lifts are, and it acts like a bookmark in that it lets you know where you left off in the story. Most importantly, the logbook creates accountability and motivation for you to always meet or beat what you were able to do the last time you completed these lifts. The information you log in your app based workout can be viewed in real time by your coach. As you go through a program, it is not unusual for adjustments to be made. The ongoing adjustments, check-ins, Q&A, workout efficacy, motivation, adherence, and execution of the program are all the things that your coach will guide you through. Having all the program information backed up digitally in your app, enhances the coaching support and training experience. 

Your program should consist of core (abdominal) training, key compound motions for the major muscles in your body with a priority upon global (balanced) muscle building, and then the addition of accessory movements to address smaller muscle groups and to articulate regions of larger muscle groups. Your training split, ie what muscles you train on which days, frequency, and ultimately, when they cycle of training is complete, will be determined by a number of factors. 

1-How often can you train? Accounting for obligations (work, family, etc), recoverability, and other limiting factors.

2-What is your goal? What you are trying to accomplish, the time frame you have given yourself to accomplish it, and why you want to accomplish this goal will influence the program.

3-Prior successes, failures, injuries, and pre-existing limitations. A good program should address all of these factors. 

4-How much this matters to you. If it matters, if it is a priority–it will get done. It is not selfish to prioritize your health and fitness. In fact, to not do so makes you a less effective human, so you are short changing everyone else when you are less than your best and you can’t be your best without resistance training. 

Putting together all these factors and aligning your training with your goals is exactly what a program from BEEfit will provide you with. 

For starters, 

Train these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week and programming progresses from this general basis:


2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)


4.Pull-horizontal and vertical


6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work.

We have programs for EVERYBODY!

What does that mean?

No matter what your age, current fitness level, and no matter your fitness goal–RESISTANCE TRAINING should be the main catalyst for your maintaining and improving your health and fitness. Involve the seasoned professionals from BEEfit to evaluate and guide you in this process so we can optimize your progress! 

The sooner we build this habit, the sooner you get to enjoy your body to its full potential!

Contact us today and we will help you select the right program for your body and your goals!

Expectations for a BEEfit program:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ lowered disease risk. 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!

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