Ryan’s 10 Commandments for fat loss

Ryan’s 10 Commandments for fat loss

1.RESISTANCE TRAINING: Prioritize hypertrophy training

2.ABS: Train your abs/core daily: 3 times per week minimum, PREFERABLY IN THE AM. 

2.PROTEIN: Eat a lean protein centric diet.

3.HYDRATION: consume ¾ oz. to 1 oz. of H2O per pound of bodyweight (for sure 1.25oz. Per lb of LBM ‘lean body mass’).

4.DETERMINE daily calorie needs and MACRO NUTRITIONAL GOALS: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Know your eating goals and have a plan to stick to them. MOST IMPORTANT IS DAILY PROTEIN INTAKE! Why? TEF (thermic effect of food) and adequate protein intake spares/protects your lean tissue aka, your metabolism. The TEF of protein, when eating lean and to the number of grams you should consume daily, should result in a calorie deficit. 

5.TRACKING: ON the theme of #4, start with your daily goals for Protein, Carbohydrates, and fats and subtract each meal from the totals–you’ll be surprised at how fast you use up the daily allotment for Carbs and Fats…utilize a meal tracking app if wanted, or just look up your macro totals. Tracking will help you be aware of timing, portions, and what you need the most work on.

6.WALK: Three times per day, right after a meal, walk for 10 minutes. This will help you metabolize your food better while also adding to your daily NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

7.SUPPLEMENTS: Utilize NSF certified supplements ensure nutrient quality, availability, uptake and to control calories. Supplements provide low or no calorie nutritional support. When in a calorie deficit (losing fat), it is crucial to provide the body with vital nutrients, especially protein and creatine. Why? Lose a pound of muscle and there goes 35-55 calories per day that you were burning without doing anything. DO NOT LOSE MUSCLE unless morphologically it must occur for the body composition you desire. IE, ONLY in extremely over massed individuals is there to be measurable muscle loss in conjunction with drastic fat loss. In other words, yes, when extremely overweight, there is going to be some muscle loss–but in contrast to Fat loss, it won’t be detrimental so long as it is done with a global approach (making sure muscle is balanced and functional). HINT: dotFIT is the only brand that has a full line of NSF certified supplements. 20% link and explanations on supplements👇

8.CONSISTENCY is key. Your plan and approach needs to be sustainable and progressive. One day at a time, one meal, one set, one good night of sleep…stack the wins and set up for success. Failures aren’t permanent! They are to be assessed, addressed, and progressed through by having a strategy/plan to overcome them. 

9.PROGRAM: We mentioned earlier to Prioritize Hypertrophy/strength Training…this means you should have a systematic routine, aka, a program to follow for 8-12 weeks of appropriate volume and progressive intensity. Prioritize larger muscle groups and compound lifts. Use isolation motions to target underdeveloped muscles and to add specified volume/intensity to targeted muscles. Finish the program, assess, address successes and failures, make small adjustments and attack the new program with consistency. 

Here is an example of the main screen on the training app, showing the workout split.

10.DON’T DIET FOREVER: Set your goals and when you achieve them, have a planned maintenance/growth phase of your training. Your body is not meant to be in a deficit for prolonged periods of time. Homeostasis rules. Your body needs balance and if you consistently underfeed it, it will adapt–and with negative repercussions. A good plan can still allow for foods you love, they just need to be accounted for and budgeted calorically. 

**There’s my 10 commandments for fat loss…Off the top of my head, I would add:

-Eliminate/limit liquid calories (adding calories to your coffee? That destroys the benefits of coffee. Can’t do it without adding a ton of crap? FIND OTHER OPTIONS! (ADD chocolate/vanilla protein powder, cinnamon…IE improve it with protein, or flavor it with 0 calorie options, or get non calorie caffeine like the WORKOUT EXTREME.

-Eliminate snacking/calorie intake outside of ‘true eating’ windows. IE, stop snacking.

-Daily movement is essential. 

-Cardio is not a good way to lose fat. 

-You can’t outrace a bad diet.

-Your genetics and your metabolism aren’t to blame. It’s your habits and your lack of muscle. 

YES, your habits were probably LEARNED under the tutelage of parents, but those are not genetics, that’s ENVIRONMENT. 



You are a byproduct of your habits. Consistency is key. Establish a routine for nutrition that consistently has your body in a caloric deficit while meeting your daily protein needs and not going over your daily carbohydrate and fat recommendations. Hydration, protein intake, and not being in a calorie surplus is easier (& more consistent) with the aid from proper supplementation. The body won’t improve/maintain and your metabolism will suffer without resistance training. Not only will your metabolism suffer, but your strength and movement patterns diminish without resistance training. Set goals and have a plan to support them. 

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