Month: February 2021

Move over Gatorade, BEER is here!

Beer as a sport’s drink? There is more science and evidence behind the consumption of non-alcoholic beer to aid in recovery than there is for Gatorade or other “sports” drinks. Performance drinks like Gatorade are not that popular in Germany and non-alcoholic beer can be found in vending machines at sports clubs there. Germany’s love for beer was well publicized around the 2018 Winter Olympic games with Germany brewer, Krombacher outfitting them with over 3,500 liters of the non-alcoholic beer and an additional 11,000 liters of their alcoholic version. 

Why beer though? Based upon a double blind study conducted by Johannes Scherr, (financed by a brewing company), in which he gave runners in the 2009 Munich Marathon nonalcoholic beer every day for three weeks before and two weeks after the race. These runners suffered significantly less inflammation and fewer upper respiratory infections after the race than runners who had been given a placebo.


This study was conducted by Scherr to determine if there were in fact health benefits to beer, specifically non-alcoholic beer. “After that, we really had the proof: It’s really healthy and not only a marketing gag,” said Holger Eichele, the chief executive of the German Brewers Association. From 2011 to 2016, German consumption of nonalcoholic beer grew 43 percent even as overall beer consumption declined, according to Euromonitor International. Brewers developed new techniques to improve the flavor and offer more varieties of non-alcoholic beers. In response there’s now more than 400 nonalcoholic beers on the market in Germany. Iran is the only nation that consumes more non-alcoholic beer. As German alpine skier Linus Strasser says,  “It tastes good, and it’s good for the body,” adding, “It’s isotonic. That’s why it’s good for us sports guys.”

An isotonic solution is a solution that has the same salt concentration as cells and blood. Think of an IV bag that you drink and tastes like beer because…it is beer. Further evidence needed?

Chilean doctors did another study on non-alcoholic beer in 2016. This study took seven professional soccer players of similar age and experience and put them through a double blind study. This study was not funded by any third parties like the German study, most notably, not funded by a brewer.

Conclusion of the 2016 Chilean study:

“The consumption of 0.7 L of non-alcoholic beer before exercise could help maintain blood electrolyte homeostasis during exercise. The consumption of 0.7 L of alcoholic beer before exercise increased plasma K+ and decreased plasma Na+ during exercise, which could negatively affect sport performance and health. Water ingestion before exercise also resulted in a decrease in plasma Na+ during exercise. Non-alcoholic beer, but not alcoholic beer or water, may be an effective sports drink before exercise.” In simple terms, non-alcoholic beer helps you maintain your electrolyte balance, and thus, heighten your endurance.

Based on these studies, the success of the German sports programs use of non alcoholic (The 2014 World Cup winning side became the first european nation to win a World Cup in the Southern hemisphere–Brazil. They had lots and lots of non-alcoholic beer), advocation from numerous athletes from around the globe, and my own experiences using non-alcoholic beer, it is recommended to ingest non-alcoholic beer for its numerous health benefits–and yes, it should replace your Gatorade and it should be part of your pre and post workout hydration and recovery plan.

In addition to the clinical studies on non-alcoholic beer, let’s review some of the “Benefits” of beer that are sure to exist in non-alcoholic beer (it just won’t make you dance better or other people prettier).  

Beer contains polyphenols and antioxidants from the wheat, barley and hops. In addition to helping reduce inflammation, these wonderful beer byproducts are evidenced to boost the immune system, especially in the upper respiratory tract. Let’s also not forget XANTHOHUMOL, a flavonoid in beer, which has been proven in clinical studies to improve cognitive function.

Then there’s all the anecdotal evidence…beer can protect your heart, prevent kidney stones, lower bad cholesterol, strengthen bones, reduce stress, improve memory and do your taxes. (No, not the last part, just making sure you’re paying attention). 

The known and assumed benefits of beer are even greater in nonalcoholic beer as proven by the above named studies and the known detriment of alcohol. There ARE benefits for 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day for adult males, and 1 alcoholic drink per day for females, but all benefits are lost once one exceeds those amounts and we all know too well how difficult those lines are. In other words, alcoholic drinks are not a health tonic, but you can and should consider a nonalcoholic beer as a health tonic and sports drink. 

Other things of note in terms of NA beer (nonalcoholic beer) are that there are far fewer calories compared to its alcoholic counterpart. In addition to reaping all the known and associated health benefits from beer, many athletes struggle to get the replenishment necessary for continuous bouts of exercise. NA beer is emerging as a great response for this need. Many brewing companies are fashioning entire lines of NA beer to satisfy this expanding market. These brewers don’t seem to be dead set on punishing a drinker for choosing a NA beer, which is a far pour from their predecessors (Odouls, Sharps, etc). Like their predecessors, NA brewers are kind enough to package the product the same while also helping you feel the experience by charging you every bit as much as the supremely tasty micro-beer just down the aisle–so don’t worry, the experience is maintained. (Not complaining by the way, the cost of production for NA beer is no less than that of it’s crazy uncle Al).

AN OLD favorite from Athletic Brewing–THEIR QUALITY HAS GONE DOWN while others have emerged in the market place–so they’re low on my preferences these days.
The original “popular” NA beer–fairly close to Euro pilsners–not as good as West Coast USA hop belt creations IMO–but better than wasting your mind on booze!

My top two brewing companies that you can find just about anywhere for NA beer are the German brewer Clausthaler, and the American brewing company, Athletic Brewing out of Stratford, Connecticut. I would compare the lager from Clausthaler to a refreshing Rainier beer/Heineken/pilsner, while the Athletic Brewing Company offers an array of beers currently, three of which I have had many of, and enjoyed. The three I have had and liked are the “All out extra dark”–which is essentially a stout. The “Run Wild IPA”–which is a malt forward IPA with a touch of citrus. My favorite of these is the “Upside Dawn Golden Ale”–it is crisp and refreshing and tastes super great after a workout! The NA beer market as a whole will be predicated by the promotion of NA beer as a health drink. In the name alone and with sports celebrity endorsements, Athletic brewing has signified this and brands like Gruvi are right there with the science backed taglines. 

BEST of the Near Beer Best?





I use NA beer in the crucial pre and post workout windows, and throughout the day–literally whenever I feel the want. I love having them along for before, during, and after hikes. For bodybuilding specifically, NA beer has been very helpful in the “Carb Up” process leading into a show, to keep inflammation down, and to help calm the nerves leading up to performing near naked in front of judges and an audience. 

In the end for me, NA beer has been a godsend. I love beer. I have been drinking it since I was a kid, no kidding. I was a very unofficial, rather inebriated, and unapologetic spokesman for Rainier Beer as, “Ranierman” for many years (picture attached). I understand the thirst for beer. Furthermore, I know my thirst for beer with alcohol in it doesn’t produce my finer moments and hinders my ability to progress to the person I want to be. Alternatively, I have discovered through research and application that NA beer aids and promotes my progress. NA beer alternatives offer a healthy option to those looking to maintain social connections in alcoholic environments without stigma and with all the benefits of beer (minus the clouding of inhibition). NA beer also provides a myriad of health benefits that warrant its inclusion into the daily diet. The evolution of NA beer in regards to science backed proof of its benefits and the expansion of brewing technology and marketplace, promises more good brews to come!

“ NA beer leaves me with no restrictions-I can have the beer whenever and not have to worry about any side effects of alcohol like impairment, dehydration, or a hang over. NA beer really lets me unwind and not worry about a thing, and it does not sacrifice on taste. That helps me get the fluids necessary to keep my body running”


“I Drank NA beer throughout my prep and especially the night before in my Carb Up process! I prefer Clauthauler or Athletic Brewing Company for my NA beers.” …Ryan Bee, Classic Physique overall winner 2019 NW Ironman Naturally, WNBF physique Pro, and owner/creator of BEEfit training systems and studios.


5 Essential Dietary Tips that are Undeniable!

Number one: Drink More water

-aim for one ounce of water for every pound of weight–or simply a gallon a day is great for most!

Number two: Reduce your sugar intake. This includes fruit juices, “Sugar Free” additives that emulate sugar, and there is likely a lot more sugar in processed foods–so watch out.

Number three: Eat more veggies! It is hard for most people to habituate this habit–taking some greens in a supplement form just isn’t the same. Prep yourself for success!

Number four: Eat more whole foods! (And less processed foods!). Nutritionally dense foods are typically loaded with protein, slow release carbs, healthy fats, fiber, and more–so load up your fridge and pantry with the right foods! 

Number five: Fill in nutritional gaps and times in your day with a practitioner grade supplement to ensure against malnutrition and promote optimal health. There is getting by and there is thriving. You might be getting by without proper supplementation, but YOU WILL NEVER THRIVE WITHOUT IT! I am being blunt and honest here. The body demands a lot from your nutrition and the foods we consume are typically low in vital nutrients we need. By doing the simple act of taking a high quality multivitamin and mineral complex, one can have the assurance that they are getting the nutrients they need. Additionally, most people are in need of additional protein in their diets, or have other deficiencies brought on by their diet or environment. Using the certified, practitioner grade supplementation I recommend to address these deficiencies is an essential way to progress towards optimal health. 

Which Supplement Brand do I recommend?

dotFIT…see link below

Additional tips:

Keep your eating windows to 12 hours.

Eat every 2-4 hours–prolonged starvation windows are not helpful and eating/snacking less than 120 minutes from your last meal is not likely to be utilized by the body! In other words, if you are wearing it, you ate it!

Consistency is key!

Most food cravings are habits and not needs!

Use my link for access to the best supplements in the market place today! All one brand, no contradictions and no wasted $ on BS and marketing hype! Potency, purity and quality that is unmatched in the industry…dotFIT!

Use the above link for the BEEfit dotFIT store, please select Ryan as your trainer at checkout. It is recommended that you set recurring order option up for your supplements used every 30 days…which is all except the SuperOmega (60 day supply).

Let me know if you have any questions…

Here are your optimal health stacks…

Essential Stack

Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

SuperOmega (once daily with food)

AminoBoost XXL (Pre and post workout–and as needed)


Essential Plus

Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

SuperOmega (once daily with food)

AminoBoost XXL (Pre and post workout–and as needed)


Pre/Post Protein powder

Muscle Defender (Post workout and before bed).

Workout Extreme (pre workout energy, energy & coffee replacement)

Pro Stack

Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

SuperOmega (once daily with food)

AminoBoost XXL (Pre and post workout–and as needed)


Pre/Post Protein powder

Muscle Defender (Post workout and before bed).

Workout Extreme (pre workout energy, energy & coffee replacement)

NO7Rage (extra energy for lifts–workout extreme can be taken on a fast). Do not combine with workout extreme unless you have a high caffeine tolerance (stay under 400mg caffeine). 

Creatine XXXL (Pre and post workout)

Joint Flex (Am & Pm before meals)

dotBARS (snacks)

As you can see, the more advanced you become in your training regimen, the more need you have for recovery and the more gaps there are to fill in your nutrient replenishment (nutrition). 

My Goals… (as shared on IG)

Classic bodybuilding. I’m an all natural bodybuilder—no synthetics in these aesthetics. A lot of inspiration for the physique I aspire for comes from the golden era of bodybuilding and greats like Frank Zane (I’m not saying one way or the other that he was all natural btw). Like a statue saluting muscular proportionality. My results are indicative of my training and no shortcuts have been taken–in fact, mostly long routes wrought with obstacles…so I have a good sense of the terrain here…

I recognize I’ll probably never be over 200 pounds at this point in my lifting career (I’m nearly 40 and I’m 175 pounds stage weight here—goal is 10 more pounds!). But I’ll keep working hard to add quality muscle in balanced deposits and continue to develop better habits and systems for achieving the best physique. This is just one of the ways I continue to add to my arsenal of teaching techniques.

There are so many nuances to improving the physique to its peak. Working in the bodybuilding community with other professionals and aspiring professionals keeps the inspiration fresh. Iron sharpens iron. Anyways. I’m coming for you Frank Zane and my goals are to be a #wnbfworlds champion in #physique and #bodybuilding and to go pro in #classicphysique putting it in writing makes me have to keep my word.

What happens at BEEfit?

Fat loss and muscle gain is our claim to fame!

We also specialize in mobility, nutrition, contest preparation, and sport’s specific training. 

All this training experience in one place! 

Years of experience in collegiate sports, physical education, rehabilitation, personal training, and bodybuilding have coalesced into the hybrid training systems produced by BEEfit. Combining unique personal experiences with cutting edge sports nutrition and training helps BEEfit to continually produce engaging programming that not only produces desired aesthetic results, but increases strength and endurance. Translation: yes you will get visible results, but more importantly, you will feel and move better. 

To enhance your training experience, our studio is equipped with brand new, high end equipment. Not that you need your equipment to look good in order to see results, it is nice to know that you are using sturdy, safe, and very clean equipment. We don’t cut corners with our equipment or our programming! Each training session is guided by a professional trainer. All the right tools for the tasks are here and there is never any waiting for the right equipment! Moreover, we will make sure you are using the right tool for the job optimally!

Our revolutionary training systems are designed to be done in a small training group. These small groups consist of 2-10 people and these numbers allow the instructor to help individuals focus on form and details while still moving at a good pace. Small group training also helps build accountability while forging a strong feeling of camaraderie and energy. 

Results are proven to follow when individuals do personal training 3 or more times per week. For less than the cost of one private, one-on-one session, an individual can train 3-6 times in the personal training groups.  

These classes are designed to give you 3-6 days of training per week, and cover all the muscles of the body. Group training begins with an initial weigh in and body fat test. This is used to create your personalized meal and supplement guide. Additional tests and updated meal guidelines are just $50. 

These classes are offered Monday through Friday from 6-7am, and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 530-7pm. There is an additional class on Saturdays 9-10am to cover core specifically, and any additional needs of the week. 

We also do traditional, one-on-one personal training and book training groups outside of those times. You can set up solo sessions, buddy sessions, even establish your own group times (Teams, offices, book clubs, etc.) 

When it comes to fitness, BEEfit has you covered! 

Give us the chance to BEE a part of your fitness journey!

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