dotFIT : Practitioner Grade Supplementation

dotFIT : Practitioner Grade Supplementation

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READ ME and share me with your friends and family. Teammates and coworkers. We are a team here on Earth. Let’s help one another bee more fit to fight everyday life and more!

“Supplements” are sold everywhere and there are very few worth your while. Why? In the mid 90s, the US got rid of supplement regulation with the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA–1994)


Proper supplementation is key, if not simply vital to optimizing your health, recovering from ailments, and preventing the onset of maladies (you could include, “old age” as a malady). 

However, supplements need not be evaluated for efficacy, and only limited data on safety are required for new supplement ingredients.37 No notification is needed for products not containing a new ingredient.38FDA authority is limited in regulating supplements sold before October 1994.39 Supplements may theoretically be marketed at any concentration, as long as the daily recommended value, if available, is specified on the label.40 For example, vitamin D3 is widely available in 50 000 international-unit doses, with the supplement label stating that each dose provides 12 500% of the daily recommended value. When the daily recommended value is undetermined, supplements may be marketed without this information.40 Supplements may also be sold in any combination of ingredients.41

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Hence the airbonne/herbalife/advocare Pyramid scheme dreams, So we have the 30 day cleanses, the Gummy vitamins, the C4 explosions. 

Snake Oil sales preying on insecurities and then peddling uncertified crap** Recent studies have shown that at least 50% of what is sold in the mass consumer market is mislabeled/contaminated/contains illegal substances. REMINDER: supplements are not regulated. 

What does one do?

In a marketplace full of empty promises, the best certification system in place for the USA consumer is with the NSF certified for sport program. This verifies that the product has had its label claims verified by a 3rd party. From the ingredients to the quality and efficacy, you know you are getting what you pay for. 


(there is our dotFIT link, but please read the following and take a look at the various “Stacks” described. Better yet, reach out via email with your supplement questions after reading… )

This is very important since you are depending on these products to fill in nutritional gaps that exist in everyone’s diets and especially for those that exercise regularly.

Your supplements should properly support your eating habits.

There are many more reasons that I exclusively use and recommend dotFIT. When it comes down to it, there are so many variables in nutrition and fitness, your supplements shouldn’t be one of those things. 

Take away the guesswork. You don’t need a myriad of products to fill in essential nutrients. 

EVERYONE should be on a multivitamin from womb to tomb. 

WOMB? Whom?

PRENATALS. Your mother likely took them. That’s a multivitamin. 

No matter how well we try to get all the nutrients we need from our food, there’s going to be deficiencies in key areas due to many variables outside of consumer control. 

A high quality daily multivitamin is a big help in shoring up the gaps in the daily diet. Having your daily multivitamin won’t turn you into a superhero, but it will go a long way in helping your body maintain consistent nutrient levels.

“Properly designed, full spectrum multivitamin & mineral formula includes a “controlled release” delivery system. This formula has levels of Vitamins A, C and E to support the antioxidant needs of exercising individuals. Now includes Choline and higher amounts of Vitamin D and Vitamin C not typically found in other formulas. 3rd party tested and NSF Certified for Sport!”

What other things are you not getting from your food each day? A tasty shake or two per day can help you control your eating habits, get ready faster, save money, get a satiating-no guilt treat that fulfills a meal requirement…the reasons go on and on. There are many powder choices available from dotFIT to cover every need out there. 

From the classic low carb, high protein WheySmooth (Which can be added to any of the other blends to bolster the protein count when needed), to the youth formula FirstString, there’s something for everyone. 

Plant based–vanilla, chocolate, and unflavored with optional flavor packets. 

Pre/post: a perfect blend of protein and carbs for active individuals that need a few more carbs then the WheySmooth offers. Tastes great with just water or pair with the other powders in a smoothie for a larger meal.    

There is also the LeanMealReplacement powder. This is great for those that are strictly using the powder as a morning or midday snack. This is not a pre/post workout formula. You definitely can add WheySmooth powder to this one too in order to meet your daily protein needs and it is quite tasty. I find it best to use the PRE/post along with WHEYsmooth and it covers most the bases for all body types/goals. That being said, the added benefits of fiber and a few other satiating ingredients (filling) from the the LMR do make it fantastic for those in a sustained caloric deficit–especially when using the product to do what it says–REPLACE A MEAL. 

After meeting the daily protein needs with food and your NSF approved protein sources (All the dotFIT protein powders and the AminonFormula–complete muscle protein amino profile present so 20g per scoop equivalent value). There are usually some other needs. Most notably, omega fatty acids.

If you don’t eat wild fatty fish 3-5 times per week, you should be taking an NSF certified omega supplement with the right amounts of EPA (360mg) and DHA (240mg) for clinically effective doses:

 “SuperOmega-3 contains the fatty acids DHA and EPA in the proper amounts and ratio to support heart/cardiovascular system, brain and eye health. Contains no mercury or harmful PCBs. Made from wild caught Alaska Pollock, from a certified, sustainable source. 3rd Party tested and NSF Certified for Sport!”

Well there’s a quick rundown on those products. 

I put a list of various “Stacks” below. These address the common needs for most of us. I do take or have taken every product from dotFIT and exclusively recommend them to my clients, family, friends, and to all that care to hear me out (I also occasional use a blowhorn outside of supplement stores in attempts to ‘Save’ people) JK. Or am I? 

Even if you don’t exercise on a regular basis, you will benefit greatly from proper supplementation. If you do exercise on a regular basis, proper supplementation is essential to your continued progression. 

Feel free to message me with supplement questions:

Use the above link for the BEEfit dotFIT store, please select Ryan as your trainer at checkout. It is recommended that you set recurring order option up for your supplements used every 30 days…which is all except the SuperOmega (60 day supply).

Let me know if you have any questions…

Essential Stack

Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

SuperOmega (once daily with food)

AminoFormula(Pre and post workout–and as needed)


Essential Plus

Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

SuperOmega (once daily with food)

AminoFormula (Pre and post workout–and as needed)


Pre/Post Protein powder

Muscle Defender (Post workout and before bed).

Workout Extreme (pre workout energy, energy & coffee replacement)

Pro Stack

Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

SuperOmega (once daily with food)

AminoFormula (Pre and post workout–and as needed)


Pre/Post Protein powder

Muscle Defender (Post workout and before bed).

Workout Extreme (pre workout energy, energy & coffee replacement)

NO7Rage (extra energy for lifts–workout extreme can be taken on a fast). Do not combine with workout extreme unless you have a high caffeine tolerance (stay under 400mg caffeine). 

Creatine XXXL (Pre and post workout)

Joint Flex (Am & Pm before meals)

dotBARS (snacks)

As you can see, the more advanced you become in your training regimen, the more need you have for recovery and the more gaps there are to fill in your nutrient replenishment (nutrition).