Train like a PRO: 8 WEEKS OUT program…designed to prime for peak performance.

Train like a PRO: 8 WEEKS OUT program…designed to prime for peak performance.

WARNING: Completion of this course will likely result in you outperforming your peers, possibly causing jealousy in others because they didn’t do the WORK CONSISTENTLY, COMPETENTLY AND PROPERLY. 

SIDE EFFECTS: Confidence, Discipline, Resilience, Self Determination, establish Progressive Strength Habits, Understand How Nutrition Fuels the Body For Success, addiction to self improvement…and more.

You will have to work out consistently, progressively, and follow the sound sports nutritional guide we provide–BUT the results will be undeniable and you will utilize these skills for life!

How did 8 Weeks out get its start?

I first began my journey into the gym as a cherubic 11-year-old with aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player…After 30 years of training (albeit with some massive bumps along the way), I now know so many of the things I WISH I HAD DONE DIFFERENTLY THEN AND ALONG THE WAY TO BECOME A PRO ATHLETE. (notice how I didn’t say, “I know it all.”–I don’t. No one does. I am always striving to understand and expand my knowledge–as are most trainers worth investing in… 

Well, the good thing is, I have become a professional athlete. No, not a professional soccer player as I had aspired for from age 11-19. Instead, an all natural, certified, professional bodybuilder. This means I am verified to have produced a professional physique without the use of any PEDs and I complete no less than 3 re-certifications each year at competitions to validate my ALL NATURAL status. This makes me better suited to coach other athletes to compete as ALL NATURAL athletes and to improve their performance without the use of performance enhancing drugs (Pretty important if you care about your health or compete in sports that drug test–NCAA! Hello college athletes!) 

My experiences as an athlete, a coach, a teacher, and a professional bodybuilder have brought me a wealth of knowledge for sports performance, nutrition, training, mobility, sport’s philosophy, and an unbridled passion for self improvement that I get to share and a knowledge base that I continually get to grow.

There are ways to utilize strength training and plyometrics to dramatically improve performance, and when coupled with a progressive implementation program, we can maximize individual potential. Complement the physical improvement with a better understanding of nutrition and a relentless sports philosophy and we have a professional training program. I have distilled these principles into the 8 WEEKS OUT program…

8 WEEKS OUT: Optimize Athletic Performance and Training Systems (Youth Athlete)

Are you a youth athlete that wants to improve your ability to perform in your sport?

Are you willing to put in the work to earn the results?

Ready to jump higher, further, faster, and with greater control?

So you want to increase your fast twitch muscles, improve strength and stamina?

Would you like to be in control of improving your PERFORMANCE?

Do you want to train like a pro?

BEEfit’s 8 week out program is the answer for you!

This is a 9 week prep program focused on improving athletic performance.

-WEEK 1: Evaluation, program outline, implementation (Set up App based trainer to support in person lessons and provide guidance if/when training independently).

WEEK 2: Train in person with coach (preferred) for each day of training split to be progressed in the 4 week plan (progresses into 2nd 4 week block of training). 

-Daily review of prior days nutrition: Every day of weeks 1 and 2. 

Weeks 2-5: progress initial training block of warm ups, motions, movements, and finishers–each area individualized.

WEEK 5: Evaluate progress from 4 weeks of training during last week of phase one and prepare to implement phase 2 of 2–increased focus on explosive movements, footwork, and appropriate progressions to lower and upper body based on needs. 

Weeks 6-9: Week 6 it is best to train in person to set the proper expectations for each day of training going into the final phase of the program.  


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