BEEfit Programs

BEEfit Programs

“No matter what your age, current fitness level, and no matter your fitness goal–RESISTANCE TRAINING should be the main catalyst for your maintaining and improving your health and fitness. Involve the seasoned professionals from BEEfit to evaluate and guide you in this process so we can optimize your progress!” 

You spent your whole life to get where you are today…how is it going/feeling/looking?

Think about how many years it took you to get where you are…now if you are not where you would like to be health wise and physically and you want morphological change–that is to say, if you want to look different, we need to utilize some principles and adhere to some discipline. Nothing is worse than wasted discipline and worn down determination–perhaps wasted talent is close. But when someone empowers themselves with discipline without adhering to principles, they are training hard, but not smart. Training smart, and training hard will always beat the brute that trains hard but without wisdom–that is to say, without principles. 

Resistance training should be part of your life–a proactive habit that is normalized 2 x’s per week or more. Even 1 x per week can be beneficial! Something is better than nothing! What about cardio? Cardio for most of us is best accomplished with walking 30 minutes or more per day, throughout the day. Best way to get in steps for fat loss? Three 10 minute walks daily, done after a meal each time. Putting together your resistance training, cardio, nutrition, additional movement, and rest into a cogent plan is a program. 

Training App Example

What is a program? An outline for action to grow from based around your resistance training, additional movement needs (cardio and NEAT), your nutrition plan, your recovery rate, and most importantly, how these things correlate with your personal goals and individual needs. Your program should support your needs and goals and you should be able to confidently execute the plan. Your training is only as good as your recovery–so your nutritional needs must be known and consistently addressed. The LOGBOOK is an important feature for any program. Your logbook can be found in the APP from BEEfit, or you can record it yourself in a notebook/in your phone. The key points here are knowing what week of your program you are on, what the days motions/lifts are, and it acts like a bookmark in that it lets you know where you left off in the story. Most importantly, the logbook creates accountability and motivation for you to always meet or beat what you were able to do the last time you completed these lifts. The information you log in your app based workout can be viewed in real time by your coach. As you go through a program, it is not unusual for adjustments to be made. The ongoing adjustments, check-ins, Q&A, workout efficacy, motivation, adherence, and execution of the program are all the things that your coach will guide you through. Having all the program information backed up digitally in your app, enhances the coaching support and training experience. 

How many days per week should you train?

Up to 6 days per week. However, what can consistently and realistically be done? If you are beginning from zero activity level, we can assume that two to three days per week would be good to start. The thing is, without an experienced and talented coach to assess, this is just a guess as to how many days per week you can train. Furthermore, it is impossible for me to confirm your form, exertion level, and your capabilities without being there with you in person. For these reasons, it would be preferable to begin a training program with as much direct, in person coaching as can be arranged. In lieu of in person training, a training app can be very useful if the individual is able to realistically assess their starting point and competently follow instructional videos with accompanying descriptions. 

The first 90-180 days of resistance training will be the most dramatic in terms of adaptations. Neurological, psychological, morphological, and spiritually–you will be changing. The neurological adaptations will be empowering, as you are able to recruit muscle fibers better, you will be able to move heavier weights for more reps and this advancement will never be more dramatic than during the first 6 months of regular training. Psychologically, you can expect to be in a better mood and to be more resilient when you regularly resistance train. Morphologically, resistance training stimulates change more than any other form of exercise. If your program is designed and executed with the right resistance movements and recovery from bouts of exercise supported by proper nutrition, the physical changes should follow. Spiritually? Individually discovered and expressed, yes–but we can expect an increase in neuroplasticity, creativity, and thus expression brought out by resistance training. 

Neuroplasticity: Your brain can change. 

Patterns of behavior that are repeated become automatic. Interrupted behavior dissipates. In other words, repeat a wanted behavior consistently and eventually it becomes automatic. 

How do we design a program?

Meet you where you are at.

Well, not coming to your home or work per say. By meeting you where you are physically, emotionally, experience, time-wise, and psychologically, we can evaluate the best course of action. We can verbally assess via an in depth discussion, or evaluate in person within 1-2 sessions. Your program should consist of core (abdominal) training, key compound motions for the major muscles in your body with a priority upon global (balanced) muscle building, and then the addition of accessory movements to address smaller muscle groups and to articulate regions of larger muscle groups. Your training split, ie what muscles you train on which days, frequency, and ultimately, when they cycle of training is complete, will be determined by a number of factors. 

1-How often can you train? Accounting for obligations (work, family, etc), recoverability, and other limiting factors.

2-What is your goal? What you are trying to accomplish, the time frame you have given yourself to accomplish it, and why you want to accomplish this goal will influence the program.

3-Prior successes, failures, injuries, and pre-existing limitations. A good program should address all of these factors. 

4-How much this matters to you. If it matters, if it is a priority–it will get done. It is not selfish to prioritize your health and fitness. In fact, to not do so makes you a less effective human, so you are short changing everyone else when you are less than your best and you can’t be your best without resistance training. 

Putting together all these factors and aligning your training with your goals is exactly what a program from BEEfit will provide you with. 

For starters, 

Train these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week and programming progresses from this general basis:


2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)


4.Pull-horizontal and vertical


6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work.

We have programs for EVERYBODY!

What does that mean?

No matter what your age, current fitness level, and no matter your fitness goal–RESISTANCE TRAINING should be the main catalyst for your maintaining and improving your health and fitness. Involve the seasoned professionals from BEEfit to evaluate and guide you in this process so we can optimize your progress! 

The sooner we build this habit, the sooner you get to enjoy your body to its full potential!

Contact us today and we will help you select the right program for your body and your goals!

Expectations for a BEEfit program:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ longer play span. 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!

Ready to BEE-gin?

Request your FREE consult call today!

PAM working the sled at the end of Leg day! Sled work is so great for our muscles and to reinforce knee heath! The sled can be used for a variety of applications and levels of athlete.
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