Super simple supplement guide** 

Super simple supplement guide** 

Investing in high quality supplements to fill in nutritional gaps, to help control caloric intake, to aid in nutrient timing, and to improve recovery, is a key part of optimizing your health. 

**Firstly, supplements need to be 3rd party tested (NSF is the one that matters).

1-Protein: WheySmooth and AminoFormula, Best Plant and Aminos if Vegan/don’t like whey. (Can also do Pre/post Protein powder for added carbs and taste).


3-CREATINE: Either Extreme Creatine XXXL or Creatine Monohydrate



Multivitamin + Omegas.


Here is my 20% off link for 3rd party (NSF) certified supplementation: dotFIT the only brand I recommend.


That’s it. 

Does everyone need to be on nutrient support, creatine, and protein support? Yes. Should everyone be stocking their cupboards with these supplements? Yes. 

Oh, I do add D3 to the mix for those living in gloomier regions, IE the PNW. 

There are some other helpful supplements…but if you aren’t hitting your daily protein needs, covering your micro nutrient needs, eating veggies, drinking water, and getting good to at the least adequate sleep–the “Other Supplements” aren’t going to aid much. Well, the caffeine can help overcome dreariness, but it doesn’t replace the recovery benefits of sleep. Are there other helpful supplements, sure, but not essential as I would consider the aforementioned…here are the OTHER HIGHLY HELPFUL SUPPLEMENTS–THESE ARE MORE for THE 3-6 DAYS PER WEEK OF ACTIVITY/GYM GOER TYPE THINGS THAT ARE NOT HYPE AND ACTUALLY HELPFUL.

Caffeine–at less than 375mg for most individuals should enhance strength, endurance, blood flow and focus. All good things. The basis of most “pre-workout” formulas is caffeine and the idea behind them are to increase blood flow and thus, “The Pump” per say. Does blood flow and energy matter in a workout? Well yes–and besides the energy and additional blood flow (think oxygen to the working muscle), this can be the difference in a few quality reps/getting into the gym in the first place/helping maintain consistency.  

What forms? 

Black Coffee/Green Tea can work, but the caffeine amounts are difficult to account for accurately. 


WORKOUT EXTREME capsules, and

NO7RAGE pre-workout specific powder.

(Some do just the WORKOUT EXTREME). 

I really find a sweet spot with the WORKOUT EXTREME and the NO7RAGE. I keep the highly affordable multi month supply of WORKOUT EXTREME ($20) handy at all times and then every couple of months I get a tub of the NO7RAGE (lemon) and since I am taking the 2 capsules of the WORKOUT EXTREME, I only take one scoop of the NO7RAGE so as to not overdose on caffeine. It is a good mix as I feel the WORKOUT EXTREME stays in the system a little longer and it is a lot more affordable than the NO7RAGE. 

IN SHORT: Caffeine is a proven strength enhancer. If you want to benefit from it, make sure not do take too much and have the adverse effects of vasoconstriction or take uncertified and mysterious pre-workouts with chemicals and compounds in them that can likely hinder performance, recovery, nutrient absorption, and even lead to failed drug tests or worse–adverse health risks from the uncertified pre workout. 


-JointSkinCollagen is truly a blessing for those with joint issues and I am told by my female clients that it indeed bolsters skin health and nail and hair growth. This product can definitely be helpful for non-lifters and lifters alike. If you have had surgery(s), broken bones, ligament/tendon issues, joint problems…this is a product you should try for 90 days and verify that it brings relief. If you’re like me, this is an essential for keeping me moving. 

-Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. (ALLn1 has probiotics and omega, so its already in that blend!).

-Glutamine **Muscle Defender

-Bars for snacks–I will pack these on hikes alongside the AminoFormula and be good to go. Just add water. Haha. 

That about covers it. I don’t recommend much else. There are some helpful


Firstly, supplements need to be 3rd party tested (NSF is the one that matters).


There there are a few tiers here. 

TIER one is food replacement, literally. 

Protein is inarguably the most important macronutrient. 

Why supplement protein? A number of reasons. For starters: You are likely not getting the amount needed to support your lean tissue–ie, your metabolism and for reasons of affordability and digestibility you could choose from a high quality Whey protein or plant based protein and or full amino acid profile AminoFormula (AminoFormula is = to 20g of Protein per scoop).

Next on tier one “Everyone Needs”

Our western diets are deficient in key micronutrients, a full spectrum multivitamin and Omega supplement is highly recommended. HERE you have two choices, The ACTIVE MULTIVITAMIN AND SUPEROMEGA, or, the ALLn1 Superblend.

Energy equals work out extreme 

Muscle equals creatine 

Recovery equals protein and carbohydrates in a little bit of fats 

Most important macro equals protein 

Micro nutrients? Multivitamin or all in one

Creatine: Probably the most thoroughly tested supplement there is. Creatine Monohydrate is completely safe and the 5-10 grams of daily supplementation that most benefit from is best gotten in supplement form (As opposed to eating 5-7 pounds of red meat). Creatine Phosphate depletion in your muscles is a real thing, and supplementing creatine is not just good for your skeletal muscle, it is also great for your brain health and gut health. Last time I checked, those are some really important factors in your health. If something is scientifically proven to improve your muscle recovery and strength, helps brain functioning, and improves gut health–WE SHOULD BE UTILIZING IT. 

In summation: 

Mass market supplements are likely underformulated and contaminated. DO NOT TAKE THEM. 

What do you take then?

NSF certified for sport supplements (the highest standard for 3rd party testing).

dotFIT practitioner grade supplements meet and exceed these standards.

The average person is going to greatly benefit from 3 key supplements: 


Multivitamin + Omegas.


There are other helpful supplements, depending on the individual situation and needs. But the hierarchy of importance should not be overlooked. Supplements are not a deal breaker for your fitness and health. But using the right ones to fill in nutritional gaps can be a “DEAL MAKER” for sustainability, recovery, and progress for many individuals. In other words, investing in high quality supplements to fill in nutritional gaps, to help control caloric intake, to aid in nutrient timing, and to optimize recovery, is a key part of optimizing your health. 

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