BEEfit New Program Start

BEEfit New Program Start

One rep at a time. 

Here we go.

This is a program, a system that continually yields results–it is continuous, sometimes there are peaks, there are the valleys–the dips, the hiccups, but we get up and we don’t quit–we will BEE relentless, BEE thankful for your body, joyful for the ability to move, and know that because we don’t quit, we can’t lose and can’t BEE beaten. 

Program 0-101 Days

From day none, to 101.

Here we go.

So you have decided to actively fight the disease of obesity/ pursue a course of fitness to bring about the best version of yourself.

We are here to help you focus your energy and time on the most proper actions.

Having a game plan of tried and true principles and a community of individuals on personal journeys towards their best version is the place to BEE (fit). 

We start our journey with an evaluation.

This is in 3 parts.

1 is nutritional evaluation/audit

2 is movement evaluation/audit

3 is habitat evaluation/audit

Nutrition is for our recovery and energy. Looking at it otherwise confuses the point. Yes, food has become a cultural thing, a source of pleasure, and a means of identity for some. Know that to get somewhere with your health and fitness, one must come to terms with their nutrition and work to align their eating habits with their physical needs and desired physiques. I articulate this in this manner because your health and optimization is achieved at a lower body fat state–and to get to this state for most requires sustaining a calorie deficit until they are at a healthy weight. Navigating a calorie deficit while maintaining strength and performance is just one of the places that your BEEfit program supports you.

I am not in the business of lying or deception. I can’t pretend like the majority of America is not obese. It is a disease. I understand the disease model–especially in terms of addiction. Like so many diseases–it is preventable and treatable–in most cases without medication or surgery and in the cases of medication or surgery–AN EXERCISE REGIMEN AND A GOOD DIET (NUTRITION) ARE ESSENTIAL TO A POSITIVE OUTCOME AND LASTING RESULTS. Allow me to repeat that, obesity is a disease. Most of us will need medical help to get better and a dedicated first tier health care professional is a great place to start–THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL AND CERTIFIED TRAINER (preferably with over 10 years experience with fat loss, rehab, nutrition, programming, ETC). I am a firm believer that if you remove a habit–you should firmly replace it with a new and healthier habit.

Step 1:Nutritional evaluation/audit

How to audit your nutrition? 

Spend 2 days recording everything you eat and drink. The times you eat. The amounts of foods you consume. Condiments too. If it has calories, record it. 

What is the point of the audit?

-We are looking at eating windows = how long between meals are we going? (3-4 hours is optimal)…less time than that and we have likely not used up the “fuel” from prior meal and eating sooner will result in “storing” excesses (this is a very simplified explanation–but simply put, this is how it goes). 

If there are gaps outside of 4 hours and it is not due to sleeping/intentional (and properly supported) fast, this needs to be addressed. 

In some cases this is a simple fix–either setting eating times later/earlier in the day to keep gap from occurring. 

Planning a meal or appropriate snack in the place of known meal gaps is highly effective.

We also have the option of utilizing a dotFIT supplement like the “aminoformula” or “wheysmooth” or a “dotbar” (or any combo of those three depending on the needs).

-the audit should help us understand and see where we can improve and what habits need the most attention.

-understanding that how we eat is largely habitual–if you are aware of a habit/pattern we are more likely to be able to utilize it/disrupt it as it suits our needs/wants. (I will suggest that we align ourselves with the discipline of need and not the motivation of wants–paradigm shift). 

Step 2: Movement Evaluation/Audit

1-Swimmer test/warm up 3 x 10

2-Bulldog test/warm up 3 x 10

3-Plank Test (push up or elbow) 1 minute test marker point

4-Twist Test (30 second Russian Twist–seated if needed)

5-Squat (Free weight bodyweight R.O.M. test–can do into chair/box/bench if needed, or with suspension trainer if needed)

6-Hip hinge (Good morning test)

7-Walking lunge

8-Overhead range of motion (wall slide test)

9-Lateral movement capability 

10-I-Y-T Test

(Contact BEEfit to set up eval with coach and for testing outline parameters)

If you are not doing the Movement Evaluation/Audit in person with your BEEfit coaching professional, please record and share with your BEEfit coach to maximize the program benefits. 

Step 3: Habitat evaluation/audit

Our environments shape us and a little bit the other way around. That is to say, you are a product of your environment and it is up to you to discern how your environment is impacting your health. If you are dwelling in or working in an unhealthy environment (emotionally, spiritually, physically, nutritionally, financially) it is going to impact your ability to recover and hinder your ability to thrive.

Thriving, aka, optimization is the primary goal of our being. 

How we optimize our mind, body, and soul directly correlates to our fulfillment. 

Optimization can certainly be a subjective term–but here we are talking about discernable physical health metrics and its corollary benefits. 

Here we have principles and clinical results that we can base our programming upon.

Environmental Keys:


2-Nutrition (access to the quality and consistency outlined)

3-Motion and Movement (Proper and consistent movement in a global balance–targeting all the necessary muscles and cardio system to produce desired outcome). 

4-Air, Water, Light–you are an organism, and you need these elements daily. (if you are in an area without them, they need to be properly supplemented). 

5-Safety (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial): if you feel like you are under threat/attack/durress/stress from any or all of these areas, it will likely affect your ability to recover from your workouts/daily life.

The purpose of the audits in these three areas is not to make you feel guilty or anything like that. The purpose is to draw attention to the main factors that will affect our health and thus our fitness. If change is to occur, we must identify the habits and elements that need to be changed. Taking a lens to our habits will help us understand the areas of need. Consistent improvement in these areas will produce residual and ideally, sustainable change.

After completing the three audits and convening with your BEEfit coaching professional…

What is next?

We are ready to design and implement your nutrition and training program!

1-Train with a trainer. (Book private training sessions).

2-Train with a trainer in small personal training classes. (See schedule).

If you are training at BEEfit gym, we have multiple choices for in person training.

3-Setup personalized training app with your BEEfit coaching professional and train on your own at BEEfit, your home gym, or another gym. 

**We can do this program in person or remotely!

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