Calories In, Calories Out (CICO)

Calories In, Calories Out (CICO)

There’s no escaping the fact that if you’re wearing it, you ate it. 

That’s right, the muscle and fat didn’t magically wrap itself upon you overnight.

The law of thermodynamics rules our bodies.

The keys to understanding how this applies to our ENERGY needs are based on understanding how it relates to your GOAL.

Your GOAL is dependent on your WHY.

Your WHY is what is motivating you to seek change. 

Once you have locked on to your motivating factor(s) and encased it in your WHY,

Your GOAL has its fuel. 

Your WHY must be reinforced constantly and consistently–this is the discipline aspect. 

If your WHY is weak, your discipline will slip and you will habituate back to the states of being that brought you to the conditions you seek to depart. 

Take a moment now and articulate your WHY(s) and set your goal.

IE, My Why is to get as strong and healthy as I can to offset my old age and injuries so I can lead a healthy and active life up until my death at an old age with no, or minimal loss of physical and mental ability. My goal is to continue to add muscle and strength across the musculoskeletal system in an effort to enrich my athleticism, lifespan, and my aesthetics. 

How much ENERGY (how many calories) do you need?

This depends on if you are trying to lose fat, gain muscle, put on size, or generally trim down.

Begin by using a trustworthy calorie calculator:

At BEEfit, we work with you to establish your daily caloric needs and define them according to your macronutrient needs. 

This is known as Does It Fit Your Macros, of DIFYM. 

This is a good way of establishing the proper portions of the types of foods you should consume to be in congruence with your goal. 

From there, it is important to set realistic expectations on the types of foods you will consume and to identify issues of timing and portion control that fly in the face of science/reason/the very laws of thermodynamics. 

In other words, 

We can’t outrun a bad diet. 

Things that impact recovery:

Sleep. (6-9 hours for most of us).

Hydration. (1 ounce per pound of bodyweight/daily)

Tension/stress. (It’s not good for you, avoid, haha). 

Diet. (Eat within your macros, be consistent, avoid overeating and once you start your eating window-eat every 2.5-4 hours without snacking between meals).

-On average you must consume 1 gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight/daily! Average meaning this could be greater/lesser for some individuals–ie, as we age, we require higher amounts of protein per pound.

The more you control and attend to these four aspects (Sleep, hydration, stress, diet), the greater your success. 

Moral of the story? Don’t be a psycho and delude yourself into thinking you can escape the rules of CICO. 


-Know your ENERGY needs. How many calories/day are needed to maintain? From there we have an idea of how much more or less you need in order to be in a surplus (grow) or a deficit (get smaller). 


Eat regularly–not constantly. 

Eat your fill each eating window–EVERY 2-4 hours without snacking in between meals. HUNGRY between meals? Get 0 calorie liquids in! IE, WATER!

Eat lean and green meals as often as possible. (If you can get 2+/ day within your macro goals, you are likely going to be going towards your desired goals).

Improve your 4 aspects (Sleep, hydration, stress, diet)–they are all HABITS!

-Other Consistencies of Fitness

Regular strength exercise (2 or more times per week, up to 6 times per week)

Cardio/aerobic activity daily (Three 10 minute walks throughout the day is great, but we’ll take 30 or more anyway you can get them).

Mobility–Range of motion is part of strength training too!

Proper supplementation: Fill in nutritional gaps with the right support. Pretty much everyone should be on a daily multivitamin. Most of us will benefit from some protein supplementation–there’s many formulas for each goal. I only take and recommend NSF approved supplements. I get all my stuff from one research and development brand, dotFIT 

I utilize one brand for multiple reasons. Above all is the fact that this is the most thoroughly tested line of supplements available. I can trust their product claims, efficacy, and purity as I continue to pursue a drug and PED free physique for myself and my clients. With over 50% of the mass market supplements being full of banned substances, fillers, and other undesirables, this is an important matter to mind. By having a single source for supplementation with a thoroughly third party tested lineup, you can know you are getting the nutrient support your body needs and deserves. 

Putting all these aspects into one smooth process is what fitness is to us at BEEfit. As creatures of HABIT, we see it as our goal to habituate into the modes of life that best aid our progress. If you are ready to objectively identify areas of needed improvement, let’s BEEfit. If you are ready to move better, feel better, live longer and more able lives, let’s BEEfit. If you are ready to celebrate the one vessel you have for life–YOUR BODY, let’s BEEfit! It’s never too late, it’s never too early–FITNESS IS A JOURNEY not a DESTINATION!

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