City Mayors, Police Chiefs, Fire Captains, Leaders…

City Mayors, Police Chiefs, Fire Captains, Leaders…

The epidemic of preventable disease is running rampant!

Sedentary lifestyles, poor diets, and lack of physical activity produce the breeding ground for preventable diabetes, heart disease, sarcopenia, and all the health issues stemming from obesity and inactivity.

Less than 24% of the population meets to minimum recommendation for exercise. Compounding the issue of preventable health care problems.

These health problems are not just costing folks their lives, livelihoods, time with loved ones, and their own pursuits of happiness—they are causing unreasonable strain on our healthcare systems, our healthcare budgets, and thus costing the community valuable resources at the exchange of debilitations. That is to say, all that cost to still be in the sick care system—not able to be healthy on their own.

Fitness is proactive healthcare. It enlivens, progresses, prevents, and more! Not simply surviving, THRIVING.

Reactive healthcare doesn’t produce results—it just keeps you alive—not thriving, just surviving. 

We exist to share our knowledge, passion, and understanding of fitness!

As your locally grown, certified all Natural professional bodybuilder and trainer with over 20 years experience and a background in sports performance and early childhood physical education, I propose that I be deputized to promote health and fitness in your city. Additionally, from our gym on State Street, we can set up, lead, and incentivize city employees to use their monthly Gym stipends, preferably with BEEfit—whereby we will set them up on individualized training plans, provide access to weekly training sessions, and more! 

Here is a little about the gym…

BEEfit: Where We do the work to BEE our best versions!

Muscle, performance, fat loss, nutrition

🟩 General Access 

🟨Personal Training by appointment 

🟧Group Personal Training 

🟥Youth training Program (Summer)

🟦BEE Elite Teen Program (Year Round)

🟪BEEfit training App—available everywhere!

🐝Group Personal Training Class times:

✅M-f 6-7am

✅T,w,Th 530-7pm

🐝 general access 24/7

BEEfit Mission statement:

Promote strength training and healthy activity for all ages. Why? It is our best defense against preventable disease, depression, obesity, aging, and countless other avoidable maladies. As a nation, we have a muscle problem–a lack thereof.  What do we do about this? Provide access to essential gym equipment, support this access with expert and compassionate hypertrophy and strength training coaching, and advise individuals with nutritional guidance. Guidance? Experience and evidence based guidance backed by optimal sports nutrition and performance promotion systems. Guidance will be based on individual needs and goals. 

We offer Programs for:

Youth Sports Performance/ Weight loss/ Bodybuilding / injury recovery & rehab/ group training / team training/ preK athletic programs/ powerlifting/ mobility

I believe that the health of this city starts with its representatives, employees, and community leaders. Just like children emulate the actions of the parents and not the advice. If citizens see the CHIEF OF POLICE, MAYOR, FIRE CAPTAINS, and their employees lifting weights consistently, eating wisely, and being active—they will follow suit.

I have seen it time and time again in the family setting, and I believe we can replicate it in the community setting. The only thing we stand to lose is fat. We stand to gain years of quality living, less sick days, lower levels of depression and anxiety, provide great living examples for the generations to come, and so many more positives.

It isn’t a question really of why we should be promoting fitness, in particular the most beneficial modality—strength training (in particular, hypertrophy—lean tissue promotion—direct tie to mortality). It is more a question of,


I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you to discuss the next steps in helping Skagit be the fittest county in the state! Interested in improving the health of your workplace/city/family/community? I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you in person/greater detail and do everything I can to help this city be more fit, happier, and to avoid preventable diseases!

-Ryan Bee

Email to set up a plan for your business/city/town/family today!

Email with questions too! Fitness is our passion and our business!

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