Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

-Full gym access, 365 days a year to the BEEfit gym.

-Optional Training App: Free general app, $20/month personalized and monitored. 

-FREE Nutritional Guide with new membership!

-Train with the area’s top rated personal trainer!

-Best Training Session Rate = Lowest rate even for a single session and $30 buddy add ons. 

-Easily enroll into our Group Personal Training classes as your needs and schedule permit.  (Modifiable programs available M-F 6-7 am and t/w/th 530-7pm). **Retired and Inspired course available T&Th 1015-1130am.

-Referral discount = 10% per person (Referral cannot have the same payment account). 

-Family discounts (Same payment account for family members/S.O.) = $10 less per person per month down to 50% of regular rate.

-Access to seasonal training camps, seminars, clinics and discounts on special events. 

-Manage your account and access the facility from an easy to use app!

-Daily, on site vigilance of owner, operator, and professional all natural bodybuilder. 

-Relentless accountability from your fitness community! 

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