It is utter insanity to neglect your neuromuscular system.

Your muscles are your suit of armor.

The more you promote your muscles, the more you promote your brain, vitality, and there is a direct correlation of muscle mass to longevity. Want to live a longer and more fulfilling life? Add muscle, increase your lifespan and your capacity for joy and ability to survive catastrophe. You can literally have a direct effect on your happiness probability via consistent resistance exercise.

Now the rest of this article is for my female followers manly, but these recommendations on life and supplementation can be utilized by men too.

But there seems to be this odd disconnect, almost contempt for women and muscles.

I guarantee that you won’t add muscle so quickly that you unavoidably become an ogre or appear, “Manly” ladies. The only people that are going to find you intimidating are weak individuals that are intimidated by someone that can’t over power easily–WHY CARE WHAT THESE TYPES THINK?

Yes, everyone should be lifting weights and regularly promoting lean tissue via resistance exercise. The three areas of underrepresented lifters are as follows: Women, Men age 30+, and youth lifters under 18.

The rest of this article is a simple outline for ladies supplementation.

In particular, ladies supplementation:

Ladies of all ages should be on CREATINE!

The most thoroughly tested and validated supplement in recent years is creatine. It is absolutely proven to work and it is completely safe (when NSF certified). There still remains some misconceptions and at apprehensions, especially for females in terms of creatine use. Why? Who benefits from weak women? Who benefits from unhealthy women? What society would keep the importance of building lean tissue as a taboo and go as far to convince women that if they lift weights they’ll lose their femininity? Where would the benefits be?

PROTEIN: I strongly recommend 2 protein formulas. AminoFormula, and Pre/post protein powder. Some clients get just the AminoFormula, as it satisfies 20g of Protein per scoop. For additional carbs and complete proteins, others choose the pre/post protein formula. Since protein ingestion and nutrient timing can be difficult and costly, many utilize both forms of protein and even add the “Whey Smooth” for concentrated protein support.

Micronutrients: So often overlooked and underrated–your micronutrients and minerals! To optimize your body, we need key micronutrients and minerals–especially when you introduce additional stresses upon the body via work, exercise, and environment. For these micronutrients and minerals, and essential Omegas, I recommend supplementation support. This is done effectively with the “Active Multivitamin” and “SuperOmega”, or, with the allN1, which as the name suggests, does it all, in addition to pre-and-probiotics, and two servings of vegetables.


Top supplement recommendations for my lady clients…

-Creatine (Regular or xxxl).

-Caffeine (workout extreme) or, NO7Rage-dotFIT, or black coffee/green tea

-Aminos bcaa and eaa –Amino Formula (Pre and post lifts and for additional protein)

-Multivitamin and Omega of ALLn1 (Insurance against micronutrient deficiencies and in the case of the ALLn1: gut health and 2 servings of veggies).

Per usual, I only recommend NSF certified supplements from the best in the industry–dotFIT.

20% off all products with the BEEfit link and free shipping on recurring orders and orders $80 and above. 

–you will use the Creatine, and ALLn1 or multivitamin every 30 days. The rest of the products use will vary depending on your needs. 

-Invest in the best so you can get the most from your rest, your training, and your consistency!

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Well ladies, when the world is set up to convince you to get comfortable and enjoy the complacency of expected gender roles–IT IS TIME TO BE A REVOLUTIONARY! ON WITH THE RESISTANCE!

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