Summer 2022 Youth Program

Summer 2022 Youth Program

BEEfit is a fitness education and training center. We specialize in a sports nutrition based approach to fitness whereby we aim to improve athleticism, muscular balance and strength. We do this by providing our members and clients with the form and programming knowledge to progress their fitness along a consistent and rewarding pathway.

Strength training is great for all ages and one of the specialties of BEEfit is our youth training programs. Our owner/operator/CEO/Lead Trainer, Ryan, draws upon his experience as a preschool PE teacher and a youth soccer coach in the construction of curriculum. Over 10 years of teaching experience coupled with over 20 years of personal training experience, and you have a well rounded instructor ready to adapt the program to the individual needs of the students!

The youth training program is being offered three days per week–10-11am, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (starting off on a W/Th/F week though, with July-6,7th, & 8th). It is designed for beginning to intermediate lifters, yet modifiable for more advanced lifters. The intended age groups are 10-16. Please message me if you have questions about your youth.

We split the workouts into a Lower body, Upper body, and Full body session on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays respectively. Every strength training session begins with a warm up for the targeted muscles and abdominal training. Sessions are based on progression principles, are form based, the workout selection is explained, and an appropriate “finisher movement” is featured in each session. After 7 weeks, the student should feel confident to navigate a training room without assistance (though we hope he will continue to grow with us of course). The program is 9 weeks long, starting on the sixth of July and going until the second of September. 

Program Goals: Provide a strong foundation of strength training fundamentals for young athletes interested in fitness. Ignite and fuel the passion for self determination. Teach valuable nutritional information that will be applicable for life! 

Number of spots?

We have just 20 spots for this program at this time.

Sign up?

Message me today if you have any questions, otherwise, please use the link at the bottom to complete your registration. Payment is due to secure your spot. 

We look forward to the opportunity to share our love for fitness and our training facility!

Can’t attend all the weeks or need payment plans?

No problem! Set up your profile and message me directly and we will make sure it, “Works out”.

Ryan Bee

Owner/operator/CEO/Lead Trainer


315 E. State Street 

Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

Link to complete registration process below:

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