What does WNBF PRO mean?

What does WNBF PRO mean?

I grew up in the 80s and 90s, inspired by bodybuilding greats like Arnold, Ferriggino, Labrada, Paris, Ray, Coleman, and so many more that graced the covers of FLEX, MUSCLE and IRON, and the other leading muscle publications.

These publications were my early inspiration and education on weight lifting. I wanted to be bigger, stronger, faster and to look like a Grecian statue befit for the gods…just normal aspirations for a chunky ten-year-old.

Well I read every magazine I could get a hold of–usually just reading them in the bookstores until I got kicked out. Only to come back the next day to resume. I bought and read Arnold’s Bodybuilding encyclopedia with my allowance. Without the option of getting a gym membership due to costs, travel and more, I got a Sears special weight bench with shotty attachments and chincy equipment. It was just enough for me to injure myself on. This was a mixed blessing, since it put me in the hands of a physical therapist with a bodybuilding background. In the course of balancing out a trap misalignment, I learned about scapular contraction and got trained on properly executing pull and push motions in addition to targeting individual shoulder heads.

It would take me another six years of training and trial and error to really formulate a good feel for weight lifting. By this time I was turning 17 and lived in the gym with my fellow bro’s and we hammered through the classic four day split-chest, back, arms, shoulders with a sprinkling of legs. It was a bro split for sure. Lucky for me I added a lot more legs as a soccer player–though it was primarily lunges, leg extensions and plyometric work.

It was a very incomplete understanding of training, nutrition, and worst of all, supplementation–largely due to de-regulation of the supplement industry in the early 90s. The supplements I took were at best, inferior, and were likely the cause of most of my stomach issues to this day.

College life brought on new challenges. Namely I found I would rather drink than workout. After my freshman year, I canceled the gym membership and just did a little jump roping and some sporadic ab training to keep from getting fat. I added a lot of road biking my senior year, and by graduation I maybe weighed 155 pounds. I was skinny! I was malnourished. I was a high functioning alcoholic and I was wasting away.

Then I got put into a coma.

How exactly?

Well a peddle bike wreck without a helmet, but with alcohol impairment, and probably a vehicle–the details are unknown. I was there for a moment in the morning sun and then I was gone.

I awoke a few days later.

I was released a few weeks later.

I thought I was recovered a few months later and went off to Grad School.

I discovered after my first quarter and after about my 100th panic attack, I wasn’t.

I thought once I was off all the pills the wanted me to take for many months following my accident, I should drink again because technically, “I could.”

As the year following that choice would indicate, that was not a good choice.

Long story short on that note, it took about 5-6 YEARS to recover from that accident. Many painful incidents helped grow me to where we are today, and I’ll be the first to say, “There’s a lot further to go.”

I have had another 5 near fatal accidents since the coma. All of which would have been fatal if not for my adherence to physical programming–and a shit ton of divine intervention.

So how does this come into bodybuilding and “All Natural.”

Well the more than 5 significant brushes with death provide a supernatural impetus for me.

I have turned “Recovery” into an offense. By becoming an active agent in your recovery, you accelerate your growth.

All Natural bodybuilding for me is a way to showcase the growth of a man once pronounced, “Dead on the scene.”

All Natural Bodybuilding for me is a way to display my body as a work of art. Art born from dedication, pain, articulation, nutrition, and an unfettered dedication to that repetition.

I have learned that recovery is just another word for thriving, and that if you’re not thriving you’re merely surviving and surely slowly dying.

For me, this full recovery is best done through all natural means and to achieve SUPERNATURAL results with ALL NATURAL resources, equates to the belief that the system used to achieve SUPERNATURAL results is a superior system.

A system that can be agreed upon to produce a strong and globally aesthetic body in the shortest time possible.

Such a system has been proven.

This is what we teach at BEEfit.

If you are an aspiring bodybuilder and want to compete in a thoroughly tested and regulated federation, the WNBF exists for you. If you want to utilize what I believe to be the most effective systems for all natural, aka, non-enhanced athletes, come train at BEEfit or start an online training program from us!

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