Why Bodybuilding? “All natural bodybuilding is about progressing to your maximum potential that can and could be achieved without PEDs.”

Why Bodybuilding? “All natural bodybuilding is about progressing to your maximum potential that can and could be achieved without PEDs.”

Let’s separate what I consider and define as bodybuilding from the PED abusing STEROID era of Bodybuilding perpetuated in the mainstream Bodybuilding world of the IFBB and its amateur organization of the NPC–that bloated mass monster image you probably have for bodybuilding. I grew up watching the unattainable standards of Professional bodybuilding and the steroid era of professional baseball (Unattainable without PEDs). I also grew up flipping through the Muscle Development/FLEX magazines seeing the Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, and other PED monsters with their workout splits and bogus supplements. Nowadays kids see the social media influencers and IFBB pro bodybuilders and they are all peddling their systems and NON-CERTIFIED supplements–so it has really only evolved more. To be a competitive professional bodybuilder in the NPC/IFBB, it is expected and understood that PED use will be regimented. What kind of example is this? Isn’t the point of lifting weights to be healthy? How is building a body using shortcuts, cheatcodes, detrimental chemicals, and other harmful processes in order to create, “A Look” beneficial? 

What are the benefits and results of this PED process? If you only want big muscles, and don’t want long term health and the myriad of health benefits that come from resistance training, and aren’t concerned about the health problems stemming from PED abuse–maybe the shortcut PED route is for you. NOT ME. Less than 10 years ago I entered into full time training and as I had never taken PEDs, I was interested in learning about certified all natural bodybuilding as a means to expand my knowledge of training principles, nutrition, and the culture of self improvement. All Natural Bodybuilding focuses on improving yourself to be your best version= “Building a body you love.” It is you versus old you on your way to new you. Like a homeowner who remodels their home until they are happy with it and then they maintain it…except in the case of bodybuilding–this is your one home for your soul on earth, you can’t just pick up and move out of your shell like a hermit crab. All natural bodybuilding is about progressing to your maximum potential that can and could be achieved without PEDs. There is so much more to this journey than the outward results, aka, aesthetics. The mental, spiritual, and physical changes you encounter in your journey are exponential growth factors. The more you learn and grow, the more you realize how much more you have to learn and how much more you can grow. Bodybuilding will demand an understanding of the principles and practices that maximize performance, fat loss, muscle gain, recovery, sustainability, and how to best stimulate and perpetuate these factors.  

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As I got more and more interested and invested in progressing my body to its strongest and most muscular potential, I became faced with the choice to further invest in the principles of all natural bodybuilding and strength enhancement, or dive down into the rabbit hole of PEDs and the world of enhanced bodybuilding. Well, thankfully I made up my mind nearly a decade ago to be a lifelong  natural bodybuilder for the sake of my own health and to provide in myself a living example and guide to maximizing muscle and strength production without PEDs. This means that I have taken no shortcuts and the principles I rely upon can be relayed to my clients with confidence. 

Why bodybuilding though? Why not crossfit/circuit training/functional strength training? Well let’s clear up something. Stimulating the muscles for growth response is bodybuilding and anybody using the gym to get stronger, “Sculpt”, lose fat, enhance muscle performance, etc–that is all bodybuilding–you just got sold on another name. If you are using the resistance tools in a gym to shape your body, you are bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is the art of the physique and the principles to rely upon in shaping it. Bodybuilding is a sport of delayed gratification and the application of discipline and determination for a vision of improvement. All natural bodybuilding adds sustainability and anti-aging benefits missing from the PED abuser world, not to mention all the health benefits from sustainable muscle mass versus the physiques of enhanced pro bodybuilders. In other words, you aren’t going to get scary huge without the use of PEDs and by lifting with an all natural bodybuilder protocol, you are maximizing your bodily potential for muscle promotion and maintenance. Muscle is the best anti-aging tool we have. Promoting and maintaining lean tissue should be the primary goal for nearly all gym goers. Lean tissue = metabolism and ability to utilize insulin = move better, look better, utilize your food better. 

(See. WNBF.com for all natural Bodybuilding affiliation)

Bodybuilding is the basis of everything you do at the gym to improve your body…. Every principle you rely upon, was perfected by bodybuilders first and foremost… all the equipment, all of the tools, all the dietary guidelines that you adhere to in order to affect your body, morphologically are bodybuilding principles… So when we say that BEEfit is a bodybuilding and performance gym, we mean that we fully utilize bodybuilding principles for weight loss, muscle gain, movement recovery(rehab), sports performance, and for its supreme, anti-aging benefits! Any training gym that doesn’t embrace those principles, and preach them is wasting your time. (Yes powerlifting can be is a bodybuilding principle and there are plenty of times to focus on lower rep ranges/powerlifting— and a good bodybuilding program has a considerable amount of classic “Olympic lifts”). 

Try as much as you want to try, and look like a bodybuilder, without maximizing the nutritional elements, training characteristics, having the genetic potential, set out on a disciplined and consistent program for many years, and to be realistic, an average of a decade training in order to look like a bodybuilder— in other words, you are very likely not going to look like a bodybuilder without a serious and determined effort over a number of years. Even if you try to train and look like a bodybuilder, you will at best likely end up with the realization of the image in your mind that you have for what you think you want to accomplish. 

Adding muscle is the best anti-aging agent we have — the best way to add muscle is to utilize Bodybuilding principles. There are numerous different training splits and approaches to choose from. Prioritizing your weak points in your training is just one of the great methods of bodybuilding that every individual should focus on. Muscle stimulation and building a globally balanced physique are the basis of bodybuilding–discipline, delayed gratification, getting stronger, moving better, looking better, living longer, and having the ability to do all the things you enjoy with ease are the byproducts of bodybuilding. Please stop deluding yourself and DO NOT BE scared of adding muscle— I guarantee you it’s not that easy and it burns a crazy amount of calories in the process— and the byproducts, are you move better, are stronger, you’re more confident— and the benefits of hypertrophy that we have listed below are just some major ones.

As a certified all natural bodybuilder, I am your fitness fact checker. I have positioned myself in the forefront of this battle for muscle addition and retention. I will “BEE” here for you with the right information, tools, dedication, and programs for you when you are ready to “BEE Your Best Version.”

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