Ladies Lifting Team! (Applied Hypertrophy)

Ladies Lifting Team! (Applied Hypertrophy)

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PAM working the sled at the end of Leg day! Sled work is so great for our muscles and to reinforce knee health! The sled can be used for a variety of applications and levels of athlete.

M-F 6-7am

Applied Hypertrophy training Waitlist for April 1st Program Launch (When we have the right numbers committed, we will activate the course in our operating system.)

Ladies deserve to know the truth about resistance training (adding muscle doesn’t make you bulky–it makes you healthy). How do we go about this? Training app, Instructor, private training space, and other dedicated ladies. We will have access to all the equipment, guidance, support, and make sure to enjoy the journey. BEEfit is here with access to the principles and information that can best advance health and fitness! BEEfit is stepping up to provide the optimal INFORMATION IN OUR LATEST PROGRAM! THIS IS A SUPER AFFORDABLE WAY TO get advanced personal training and have a support group for the process!

What is this course?

Trainer led, app supported resistance training program in private training environment. 12 week course with 3 periodized 4 week training blocks. Even if you don’t make it to the class, you still have access to the best equipped gym around and the app (and any other classmates) to train with! (Message us if you want to got in on the course remotely!)

At the end of the course, you will know how to optimize your training, how to effect variables to produce results utilizing principles and not fads, maximize recovery, idealize your training experience, confidently navigate your training, and unlock your potential!

Let’s make the Gym and weight room a place where women feel empowered–not simply comfortable! Let’s get out of our “comfort zones” and build ourselves up!

Want to Lose Fat, add muscle, feel better, move better, and as a byproduct, look better? 

We teach you how to:

Plan a workout (All your lifts, etc are planned for you, but we explain along the way w/ APP support!)

-Warm up

-Daily Abs

-Hypertrophy strength program modified for individual needs

-Engage muscles properly to benefit from exercises!

-Eat to refuel the body and be in line with goals.

-Supplement wisely and properly to control caloric intake, promote lean tissue, enhance strength, and to optimize recovery. 

-mobilize through minor/major injuries that arise along the way=movement is medicine and even if you don’t think you can workout–get into your group time and the instructor will mobilize you and expedite the recovery process with advanced sports therapy techniques!

We teach you how to BEEfit!


So you can BEEfit for life!

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