Youth Athletes, Youth Coaches, and Parent’s of young athletes…

Youth Athletes, Youth Coaches, and Parent’s of young athletes…

BEEfit is in a unique position to optimize the training and development of young athletes. 

Our gym is unlike most gyms. From the elite equipment, educational opportunities, the community, and availability for professional training services. And, we offer very affordable APP based training guidance as well. We want the best and most for our members and that means benefiting from our 20 plus years of training experience.

As a former semi-pro soccer player, collegiate athlete, and current all natural professional bodybuilder, I have a unique perspective on training with a keen focus on sports performance nutrition. Utilizing over 20 years of personal training experience, I have a keen understanding of conditioning, movement patterns, nutrition, recovery, rehab, philosophy, and what it takes to BEE relentless.

I would love to do a seminar, training, program establishment, and/or informational share with your organization. 

Contact us today to discuss and arrange!

We can set up a camp, establish an organization discount, set up consultations, and essentially be the strength and conditioning coach for all your athletes!

If I knew what I know now when I was a young athlete, I certainly would have achieved far greater successes and suffered far fewer distresses. 

That is just one reason why I am here! To share everything I have learned so others can level up faster and with fewer setbacks and greater confidence!

Get on a program today!

What is a program?

1-Nutrition: know what to eat in order to fuel your recovery from bouts of exercise and in order to grow into the athlete you want to become = FUEL FOR SUCCESS. Your training is only as good as your recovery.

2-Proper training stimulus: Prepare the body for the demands of the sport, address muscular imbalances…training needs to be properly challenging, adaptive, progressional, and most importantly–consistent. So we need to set up a schedule of training that can be completed and progressed. The plan must fit the individual, not the individual into the plan…

3-Strength and power + conditioning = athletic performance.

Your program should put together these components so you (the youth athlete and hopefully their parents) can confidently execute the plan.

4-Learning how to utilize the weight room properly is a life skill that will enable the individual to be in charge of their own health investment. Lifting is empowerment. Not lifting (and getting stronger) is disabling.

Any athlete that adds muscle, is a better athlete than they were. Simply put. How, muscle = performance and ability to do work…Same person with 10 more pounds of muscle can do more work.

Stronger bones, more resiliency, better work capacity…the list of benefits goes on…

-Ryan Bee

Here is a little about the gym…

BEEfit: Where We do the work to BEE our best versions!

Muscle, performance, fat loss, nutrition

🟩 General Access 

🟨Personal Training by appointment 

🟧Group Personal Training 

🟥Youth training Program (Summer)

🟦BEE Elite Teen Program (Year Round)

🟪BEEfit training App—available everywhere!

🐝Group Personal Training Class times:

✅M-f 6-7am

✅T,w,Th 530-7pm

🐝 general access 24/7

BEEfit Mission statement:

Promote strength training and healthy activity for all ages. Why? It is our best defense against preventable disease, depression, obesity, aging, and countless other avoidable maladies. As a nation, we have a muscle problem–a lack thereof.  What do we do about this? Provide access to essential gym equipment, support this access with expert and compassionate hypertrophy and strength training coaching, and advise individuals with nutritional guidance. Guidance? Experience and evidence based guidance backed by optimal sports nutrition and performance promotion systems. Guidance will be based on individual needs and goals. 

We offer Programs for:

Youth Sports Performance/ Sports specific performance/ Weight loss/ Bodybuilding / injury recovery & rehab/ group training / team training/ preK athletic programs/ powerlifting/ mobility

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