BEEfit: Ways to bee

BEEfit: Ways to bee

BEEfit is the name of our training center and the collection of principles that we utilize to shape our programming, and thus our minds and bodies. 

BEEfit exists to help those that want to improve their fitness with resistance training and nutrition. We believe in the principles of bodybuilding and the applications of strength training to improve the body and mind. This is a holistic approach to training that treats the individual needs by drawing upon the principles and strategies of sports performance. Even if you are not an athlete, your body has demands and needs to express itself athletically and your health and vitality depends upon the enrichment of fitness–in other words, in terms of your body and physicality–USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Let us help you keep and improve your fitness/vitality!

Ways to BEEfit: Our Various Membership Types…

-General Access (Access our world class training center)

-Small Group Personal Training (Access our world class training center plus instructor led training program with App support).

-Personal Training (Access our world class training center and private instructor led training program with App support).

-Group Personal Training (Form your own group and times to meet)

-App Based training–Personalized App program with instructional videos, logbook, 2 way communication with your trainer, alternative workouts/movements, mobility sections, nutritional guidance, and more! All the information and guidance you will need on your fitness journey is available from our app!


311 State Street, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284


Training Center (Best Equipped Gym in Skagit County) 

Coaching (App Based or In Person)

Nutritional Guidance (All ages)

Mobility: Recovery from surgery, injury, overuse, misuse. 

Youth Training (All ages! We have over 5 years preK experience, over 10 years ages 12-17)

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