No Gym Attendance Plan to lose fat and feel better!

No Gym Attendance Plan to lose fat and feel better!

What does this program entail?

Daily at home abdominal training workouts that are done in less than six minutes. 

✅ 1 to 2 meals replaced by practitioner grade supplement shake. (& taking daily all in one super greens.)

✅3 separate ten minute walks everyday. 

30-60-90 days? This should be sustainable, maintainable, and impressionable upon your physique in the sense that you should experience healthy fat loss. 

-Reasons it works—your body is getting adequate protein from your diet, you are getting your micronutrients from your All-N-1, your abs are actively engaged, you have raised your daily NEAT (non-exercise activity) and thus are likely to be burning more calories than you consume—so long as you are not going crazy on your eating for the other meals per day.

-Eat protein centric for your other meals—Ready to do more? Get exact macros for your goals with BEEfit coaching!

Consistency is key.

We don’t need to be crazy with this, we need to be consistent. There are no shortcuts, but there are more sure cuts. I back my recommendations and I abhor BS, so you can trust that I have thoroughly tested out these principles on myself and my clients clearly demonstrated success.

1-Order the recommended nutritional support from the Practitioner Brand I recommend.

Supplements to order from dotFIT

All-N-1, Wheysmooth and pre/post, or

All-N-1, whey smooth and Lean MR.

(Lean MR is a meal replacement shake–not good for pre and post workouts but great for holding over hunger and being satiating–Pre/Post is similar, but faster to digest and no fat so it is not as filling for as long like the lean mr is…you get the whey smooth in addition to one of the other powders because you are adding the Protein concentrate from the Wheysmooth to the other powders to make a more filling shake and get your daily protein intake up).

2-Move everyday (abs in am, walk 30 minutes per day in 3 10 minute walks after meals).

Here are Three at home ab moves for a six pack–the 3rd sequence is the “Easiest”. Either alternate 1,2,3 or 1 and 2 or 2 and 3. (Really any combination is good, just nice for variety)


a-Reverse crunch x 20 or failure, b-Russian Twist x 30 seconds


a-Bicycle Crunch x 30 or failure, b-Side Plank x 30 seconds


a-Plank for max/60 seconds, b-Russian Twist (if able to do one minute plank +, advance to plank reach or other plank advancement.

The program for zero gym at home weight loss explained…

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