Top 4 things to do to improve your health, without ever setting foot in the gym…

Top 4 things to do to improve your health, without ever setting foot in the gym…

1-consume more protein more consistently— roughly 1 g of protein per pound of body weight (if you are highly overweight, this number could be lower— it is likely not lower than 150 g for most. 

2-consume half an ounce to 1 ounce of water for every pound of body weight. About a gallon for most people. 

3-walk 30 minutes per day— preferably spread out throughout the day. 

4-Daly ab routines completed in less than six minutes with just a bodyweight. 

If you need help getting to your protein goals per day, a high-quality protein powder could be very helpful. I only recommend NSF certified supplements see my Dotfit link/recent article on top three supplements and a few other highly beneficial ones:

Eliminating calorie laden liquids, and providing your body with the hydration. It needs to thrive is highly beneficial not just for weight control, but also for good energy and a healthy body in general.

NEAT is an acronym for non-exercise activity thermogenesis… walking is one of the best ways to increase this category of calorie burning that accounts for up to 15% of your daily calories. (EAT exercise activity thermogenesis has a maximum of 5% of your daily calories). Walking can have a greater impact on your daily calories burned, then going to the gym for an hour. 

By working your abs every day, you create a raise serotonin level in your body, a stronger core (which will correlate to a healthier back, greater ability to habituate and do other exercise activities, and help reduce one of the largest zones of adipose tissue). See the link below for some bodyweight, abdominal motions of high importance.

So there are four things you can do without even going into a gym that will be highly beneficial for your health. These four steps will help you lose on one of that and control your weight better than going to the gym alone.

Here is a link to our 60 day fat loss plan with no gym attendance. Would we like to see you in the gym? Yes. But can you make considerable progress and improvements to your health without the gym? Absolutely. In fact, the most impactful habits upon your health are done outside the gym and here is an approachable way to implement some great health habits:

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