BEEfit Member Testimonial…

BEEfit Member Testimonial…

Tim Y. has lost over 25 pounds in his first three months at BEEfit. All while improving his movement patterns and adding strength!

He consistently attends the gym and is a member of our small group personal training class that meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights 530-7pm. This group gets in person personal training at those times and they are training off our training app that is designed, has all videos produced in house, and is taught by our lead trainer. The app has three additional training days, 2 in gym, and can be modified to fit all the training into as little as 2 days, though three or more is preferred–we can modify as needed to fit schedules. In addition to the training, this group gets nutritional guidance, and the app features numerous advanced mobility exercises to bring relief and release to the body.

So here is the Testimonial from Tim:

Why Tim Joined BEEfit

Why did you decide to start working out/ why do you work out?

Like most of us, as I got older my metabolism slowed, I worked my way up in my career to where I no longer worked as physically hard, etc. I put on a lot of weight. I would find myself looking and feeling sluggish all the time. Simple tasks such as playing with my son left me out of breath and worn out. I was embarrassed to be in any kind of family photos due to my size. At my lowest point I reached 305 Lbs.  I realized If I wanted to be around to see my son’s children grow up. If I wanted to have any real chance at a productive and independent life, I had to do something. 

What was your biggest concern when you started?

In the beginning my biggest concerns came down to time and money. I already had a very hectic schedule. I have a full-time job that eats up 12+ hours a day 5+ days a week, I have a wife and a 7-year-old son who need my time. Not to mention Joining a gym does have a significant cost associated with it. I wondered if it would it be an investment that was worth the sacrifice. 

What I learned was This has been the best investment of my life. While it’s true, adding a daily workout to my already hectic schedule does impact the amount of time I spend with my family. The time I do spend with them is much more quality than it has ever been. I’m healthier, I have less stress, my mood and demeanor are just 100% better. My family could not be happier or prouder of the positive changes I have made in my life. As far as the cost goes, everything in life is about balance and choices. As I learn new and healthier alternatives. The money I save by not spending money on all the unhealthy habits I used to have more than offset the cost of a gym membership!!

What is your favorite thing about lifting? Least favorite?

I still consider myself very much a beginner. My favorite things are watching the progression. As I get into better shape, I find that I really enjoy pushing myself. Whether its lifting heaver weights or just doing 1 more rep its always my goal to try and do just a little bit more each workout. 

What is your favorite thing about BEEfit? 

The atmosphere. While everyone I have met at Beefit is friendly and willing to answer questions or give help where needed, it is still a no nonsense, no frills gym. Everyone there is serious about fitness. The Gym has all the equipment and space you need to get in,  get your workout done and get on with the rest of your life. 

What has training at BEEfit helped you with the most? 

I have learned so much during this fitness journey. From the weight loss, to the muscle improvement. I Joined the weightlifting class which is more like a group personal training session with Ryan. This has helped me learn how to do the exercises safely and properly. Ryan designs and schedules the workouts to meet my needs where I am at in my journey. They are challenging but achievable. 

What has been the most difficult part of the process for you?

To be honest the hardest part was just getting started. In the begging I had no idea what I was doing (even though I thought I did) The idea of having to learn all these new exercise routines, Completely change my eating patterns, let go of old ideas and habits, quite frankly it was a little overwhelming. 

What has been the biggest change you’ve noticed in yourself since starting a BEEfit training program?

There have been many changes from weight loss (I’m now at 226Lbs and still dropping), to the muscle and strength I’ve gained. I look better, I feel better, breathe better, I sleep better, and I just enjoy my life a whole lot better. Oh, and all the meds I used to take…. My heartburn medicine I had to take every day, my inhaler I carried everywhere because I always had breathing issues, they just sit in my medicine cabinet collecting dust. I have not needed any of it in a long while. 

What has been your favorite part of improving your fitness at BEEfit?

The journey itself. The more I learn and the more I improve the more I want to do and learn more. Ryan pushes that this is about a lifestyle change. It is a process not an event. The goal is an active and healthy lifestyle for many years to come. 

What do you look forward to most about training?

I really enjoy weightlifting. I find myself at work if I’m having a particularly stressful day and thinking to myself “I can’t wait to get to the Gym tonight and work this off”

What do you need the most help with going forward (area of most needed improvement)?

Like a said I am still a beginner, I have made a lot of improvement, but I have a long way to go. 

If someone asked you if they should train at BEEfit/set out on a BEEfit program, what would you tell them?

Do it. Don’t wait as long as I did, you won’t regret it. If you have any doubt join a 12-week class. You can do anything for 12 weeks. If after that you are not sold, I don’t know what to tell you because I was. 

Are you interested Joining us or hearing more? Message us today for a consult or to answer your questions…you can “JOIN” today if you’re ready!

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