Why Bodybuilding? “All natural bodybuilding is about progressing to your maximum potential that can and could be achieved without PEDs.”

Let’s separate what I consider and define as bodybuilding from the PED abusing STEROID era of Bodybuilding perpetuated in the mainstream Bodybuilding world of the IFBB and its amateur organization of the NPC–that bloated mass monster image you probably have for bodybuilding. I grew up watching the unattainable standards of Professional bodybuilding and the steroid era of professional baseball (Unattainable without PEDs). I also grew up flipping through the Muscle Development/FLEX magazines seeing the Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, and other PED monsters with their workout splits and bogus supplements. Nowadays kids see the social media influencers and IFBB pro bodybuilders and they are all peddling their systems and NON-CERTIFIED supplements–so it has really only evolved more. To be a competitive professional bodybuilder in the NPC/IFBB, it is expected and understood that PED use will be regimented. What kind of example is this? Isn’t the point of lifting weights to be healthy? How is building a body using shortcuts, cheatcodes, detrimental chemicals, and other harmful processes in order to create, “A Look” beneficial? 

What are the benefits and results of this PED process? If you only want big muscles, and don’t want long term health and the myriad of health benefits that come from resistance training, and aren’t concerned about the health problems stemming from PED abuse–maybe the shortcut PED route is for you. NOT ME. Less than 10 years ago I entered into full time training and as I had never taken PEDs, I was interested in learning about certified all natural bodybuilding as a means to expand my knowledge of training principles, nutrition, and the culture of self improvement. All Natural Bodybuilding focuses on improving yourself to be your best version= “Building a body you love.” It is you versus old you on your way to new you. Like a homeowner who remodels their home until they are happy with it and then they maintain it…except in the case of bodybuilding–this is your one home for your soul on earth, you can’t just pick up and move out of your shell like a hermit crab. All natural bodybuilding is about progressing to your maximum potential that can and could be achieved without PEDs. There is so much more to this journey than the outward results, aka, aesthetics. The mental, spiritual, and physical changes you encounter in your journey are exponential growth factors. The more you learn and grow, the more you realize how much more you have to learn and how much more you can grow. Bodybuilding will demand an understanding of the principles and practices that maximize performance, fat loss, muscle gain, recovery, sustainability, and how to best stimulate and perpetuate these factors.  

Variety of shots

As I got more and more interested and invested in progressing my body to its strongest and most muscular potential, I became faced with the choice to further invest in the principles of all natural bodybuilding and strength enhancement, or dive down into the rabbit hole of PEDs and the world of enhanced bodybuilding. Well, thankfully I made up my mind nearly a decade ago to be a lifelong  natural bodybuilder for the sake of my own health and to provide in myself a living example and guide to maximizing muscle and strength production without PEDs. This means that I have taken no shortcuts and the principles I rely upon can be relayed to my clients with confidence. 

Why bodybuilding though? Why not crossfit/circuit training/functional strength training? Well let’s clear up something. Stimulating the muscles for growth response is bodybuilding and anybody using the gym to get stronger, “Sculpt”, lose fat, enhance muscle performance, etc–that is all bodybuilding–you just got sold on another name. If you are using the resistance tools in a gym to shape your body, you are bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is the art of the physique and the principles to rely upon in shaping it. Bodybuilding is a sport of delayed gratification and the application of discipline and determination for a vision of improvement. All natural bodybuilding adds sustainability and anti-aging benefits missing from the PED abuser world, not to mention all the health benefits from sustainable muscle mass versus the physiques of enhanced pro bodybuilders. In other words, you aren’t going to get scary huge without the use of PEDs and by lifting with an all natural bodybuilder protocol, you are maximizing your bodily potential for muscle promotion and maintenance. Muscle is the best anti-aging tool we have. Promoting and maintaining lean tissue should be the primary goal for nearly all gym goers. Lean tissue = metabolism and ability to utilize insulin = move better, look better, utilize your food better. 

(See. WNBF.com for all natural Bodybuilding affiliation)

Bodybuilding is the basis of everything you do at the gym to improve your body…. Every principle you rely upon, was perfected by bodybuilders first and foremost… all the equipment, all of the tools, all the dietary guidelines that you adhere to in order to affect your body, morphologically are bodybuilding principles… So when we say that BEEfit is a bodybuilding and performance gym, we mean that we fully utilize bodybuilding principles for weight loss, muscle gain, movement recovery(rehab), sports performance, and for its supreme, anti-aging benefits! Any training gym that doesn’t embrace those principles, and preach them is wasting your time. (Yes powerlifting can be is a bodybuilding principle and there are plenty of times to focus on lower rep ranges/powerlifting— and a good bodybuilding program has a considerable amount of classic “Olympic lifts”). 

Try as much as you want to try, and look like a bodybuilder, without maximizing the nutritional elements, training characteristics, having the genetic potential, set out on a disciplined and consistent program for many years, and to be realistic, an average of a decade training in order to look like a bodybuilder— in other words, you are very likely not going to look like a bodybuilder without a serious and determined effort over a number of years. Even if you try to train and look like a bodybuilder, you will at best likely end up with the realization of the image in your mind that you have for what you think you want to accomplish. 

Adding muscle is the best anti-aging agent we have — the best way to add muscle is to utilize Bodybuilding principles. There are numerous different training splits and approaches to choose from. Prioritizing your weak points in your training is just one of the great methods of bodybuilding that every individual should focus on. Muscle stimulation and building a globally balanced physique are the basis of bodybuilding–discipline, delayed gratification, getting stronger, moving better, looking better, living longer, and having the ability to do all the things you enjoy with ease are the byproducts of bodybuilding. Please stop deluding yourself and DO NOT BE scared of adding muscle— I guarantee you it’s not that easy and it burns a crazy amount of calories in the process— and the byproducts, are you move better, are stronger, you’re more confident— and the benefits of hypertrophy that we have listed below are just some major ones.

As a certified all natural bodybuilder, I am your fitness fact checker. I have positioned myself in the forefront of this battle for muscle addition and retention. I will “BEE” here for you with the right information, tools, dedication, and programs for you when you are ready to “BEE Your Best Version.”

Ryan’s peanut butter and chocolate Protein pancakes with blueberries 

47 g protein 

91 carbs

26g fat

680 calories 

Ingredient list:

Pre-post protein powder by dotFIT-1 scoop

PB Fit-2 servings

Adam’s Peanut Butter 100% All Natural (Like Me-hehe)- 1 tbsp

Kodiak Cake pancake mix -63g (one serving)

Light Syrup –just a drizzle my rizzle

Frozen blueberries –1/3 cup

(coconut oil for pan)

Mixed together in one mixing bowl with added water. Should make two good size pancakes. 

Very tasty. 

20% off link for protein powder available at ryanbeefit.com under supplements. (also in our supplement tab on Instagram). 

dotFIT stacks (read up on these amazing products. It’s the only brand we trust and recommend)

LInk: https://bit.ly/2Y7ZJQb

Essential Stack (Good for all-even if NOT training)

Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

SuperOmega (once daily with food)

WheySmooth and/or PRE/Post (In shakes for meal replacement, or as a pre/post protein option) —get pre/post formula if need carbs.

Creatine —either formula from dotFIT (more expensive is for hard training)

**can replace MMV, Omega, Antioxidant, and probiotics with the ALL-n-one from dotFIT

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How do you set this up?

At ryanbeefit.com, fill out the training waiver profile. (Join tab on main page or link below).


the username and password you create here will be the same you use to check in to the app that you scan at the front or back door for entry. 

{We will do a call or email to verify your local business/educator status.}

Next, Download the BEEfit LLC app–remember username and password you created. (note the little barcode in the upper right? Click that to expand your entry barcode for scanning)

Access BEEfit anyday you want, 430am-10pm (default access hours, we can extend outside these times as needed by request).

We believe that movement is medicine and resistance is essential!

The gym is set up for independent training and personal training. 

Our gym is stocked with all the tools for an optimal exercise experience. The gym is designed for results and efficiency. 

We eliminate distractions and dispel quackery–we only recommend what we know works.

Basic training flow:

Warm up (5-10 minutes: we recommend doing abs), resistance training (80-90% of workout time), low impact/HIIT cardio (10% or less of workout time)–CARDIO is best done on its own, or as recommended for most, walking is implemented for 30-40 minutes per day (preferably 10 minute walks post meals).\

Remove hesitation. Eliminate excuses = professional assistance from BEEfit

Let’s set out on a sensible approach to improving your health.

Motion is medicine. Adding muscle isn’t easy, but it is the best way to extend your life–not just in longevity, but in quality. Why is that? Well we start to lose muscle dramatically starting at age 30 in a process called Sarcopenia. This process of accelerated aging and getting weaker is completely avoidable. How is it avoidable? Regular Resistance Training. 

At the same time your muscles are dropping off your body, your brain is shrinking! What? 

Yes, like your muscles, your brain needs to be challenged or it is following the exodus of, “Use it or lose it.”

Luckily for you, resistance training, when paired with a protein centric diet, has been proven to increase lean tissue, improve cognitive function, improve movement patterns, and is the most effective anti-aging practice there is and far more effective than ANY MEDICINE. Want to live longer and more enjoyable life? ON WITH THE RESISTANCE!

Activate you FREE MONTH at BEEfit today and we are including 5 FREE PERSONAL TRAINING classes in your free trial! Please email us the days we can expect you!

Personal Training classes M-F 6-7am, T/W/TH 530-7pm Q? Message Ryan ryanbeefit@gmail.com

SEE OUR POST on programming, wellness, and refer to the chart below for training examples. We highly recommend meeting with us during the personal training times to get a professional evaluation and guidance so you can best utilize the gym and get more from your body!

For starters, 

Train these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week and programming progresses from this general basis:


2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)


4.Pull-horizontal and vertical


6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work.

We have programs for EVERYBODY!

What does that mean?

No matter what your age, current fitness level, and no matter your fitness goal–RESISTANCE TRAINING should be the main catalyst for your maintaining and improving your health and fitness. Involve the seasoned professionals from BEEfit to evaluate and guide you in this process so we can optimize your progress! 

The sooner we build this habit, the sooner you get to enjoy your body to its full potential!

Contact us today and we will help you select the right program for your body and your goals!

Here’s a list of basic motions that should be in just about everyone’s program:

Train these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week with progressive overload principles:

1.squat (Bodyweight/TRX/Rings, box, goblet, farmer, smith machine, Back, front, etc)

2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)

3.Lunge (Reverse lunge with TRX/Rings, reverse lunge from box, walking lunge, Bulgarian Split Squat)

4.Pull-straight arm, horizontal and vertical (example: pullover, row, pull-up)

5.Push x 2 (one for chest, one for shoulders –minimum)

6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work. (Reverse Crunch, Plank, Russian Twist)

We have video explanations for every motion in our training app and for FREE on our YouTube channel: ryanbeefit.

We can and should definitely target some smaller muscles by the priority principle of targeting underdeveloped muscles–a global approach. This is where hypertrophy and bodybuilding techniques really come into play to help build a balanced body and minimize injury risk. 

If you are just starting out, we highly recommend meeting with one of our coaches to help you establish the training program for you, your body, your needs, and your goals so that you can, “BEE your best Version!”

Expectations for a BEEfit program:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ longer play span. 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!

Ready to BEE-gin?

Request your FREE consult call today if you are interested in getting the most from your training!


5 things to do today to improve workplace wellness…

1 walking breaks/movement breaks encouraged every 90 minutes (keep from 2 hours of steady sedentary state). Walking 30+ minutes per day reduces mortality by 50%. 

2 Provide access to good water sources and promote daily water consumption. (Dehydration is a leading cause of poor performance). IDEAS for promotion: company issued employee water bottles, lemon/lime wedges. Tremendous benefits come when the body is properly and consistently hydrated. BONUS: when water consumption is optimized, food cravings go down and there’s less wasted calorie intake with liquid calories from things like soda. 

3 Break Room–promote healthy nutrition: Provide fresh fruits, veggies and a NSF certified Meal Replacement Protein Powder (they can scoop into coffee, with water, or other beverage).

4 Wellness promotion/Stress reduction: list of good self care practices and workplace support for them: 

Daily walk encouragement, hydration (1oz. Per lb. of bodyweight), protein, 7+hours sleep per night, access to natural light and fresh air, workplace exercise groups, 

5 Promote company wellness program-paid gym memberships to select gyms with focus on strength training. (Why Strength training–#1 reason, minute per minute most value for your body).

Wellness is fitness, fitness is proactive health…basic principles for optimal health. 

The epidemic of preventable disease is running rampant.

Sedentary lifestyles, poor diets, and lack of physical activity produce the breeding ground for preventable diseases like sarcopenia, diabetes, heart disease, and countless more health issues stemming from obesity and inactivity.


Mental Health and physiology are linked. 

Now, more than any other time in US history, the average American’s health is under attack and it is up to the individual to be proactive with implementing a fitness program and wellness strategy. Well yes, fitness and health have always been up to the individual to a degree. But the society, culture, and environment have never been more set up for failure. Evidence? The upward trend of preventable diseases at their highest levels ever is evidence enough. But the damages go far deeper in terms of mental health, workplace performance, and then the impact upon the family structure as the children adopt the habits of the adults. 

What do we do?

Meet people where they are at approach.

Empower and inform:

Wellness is “anti-aging” protocol and the best anti-aging is found in promoting muscle building. 

-Prioritize Sleep

-Protein-centric diet

-Consistent resistance training

-Effective stress management

How do we promote wellness?

Provide the optimal processes in progressing into fitness. MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE, something is better than nothing. Even without changing eating habits, implementing a basic strength training program and regular walking can drastically improve health markers. 

Muscle mass is the gateway to the long, healthy life you want (muscle mass predicts lifespan).


-Walking daily, preferably after meals and to break up extended sedentary periods.

-For Movement Program…have 0 cost and low entry level options and progress from there:

Bodyweight compound movement program from BEEfit=FREE VIDEO LINK AND EXPLANATION (with additional bonus video for a little more advanced variations)

Daily wall V (3 x 10), Daily Plank, daily glute bridge, daily squats (all bodyweight)

Suspension trainer and PVC movements:

Good Mornings, Cuban Press, Suspension trainer: squat, face pull, upper back row, lower back row.  

Simultaneously demonstrate the process at the highest levels–head of the household, management, etc. It is perhaps even better if this leader is a “Newbie” 

Struggle is a biological requirement for greatness. 

Fitness is the gateway into a higher self.

–So if you are feeling down…MOVE, movement is medicine. Training with purpose and direction will implement positive changes. How? Among other things, your body releases dopamine when you train hard. The intentional struggle with resistance training opens up the pathways to success, discipline, proactive health, and so much more…

Why does fitness matter?

In particular, Hypertrophy Strength Training (What is coached & set up to do at BEEfit)

Your answer for:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ longer play span. 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!

…other benefits: 

Your brain loves exercise:

Norepinephrine is released, improving attention, perception and motivation. 

Brain derived neurotrophic factor {BDNF} is released, protecting and repairing neurons from injury. 

Hormones work with BDNF to grow connections between brain cells, regulate mood and provide mental clarity. 

The aforementioned hippocampus growth benefits from regular exercise. 

Dopamine is released, improving motivation, focus and learning. 

Blood flow to the brain increases, delivering more oxygen and nutrients and improving waste removal. 

Serotonin is released, enhancing mood. 

Endorphins and enkephalins are released, dulling pain sensation.  

Improved creativity, 

Why are we doing all this talking about walking?

Walking Benefits:

3 x week for 40 minutes has been shown to grow new neurons in our hippocampus and improve memory (Why is this so important? As we move through our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, our hippocampus starts to shrink, leading to impaired memory and increased risk for dementia)

Where do I start?

Join the nicest gym you can afford and attend two days per week or more. Why the nicest gym? The environment you train in matters. If you are training around driven individuals, utilizing the proper principles, executing each rep with defined articulation, and operating on the best information–you will see progress and in turn be spurred on by intrinsic motivation as you habituate into a state of discipline. State of discipline? This is where the habit becomes nearly non-conscious and it takes a landslide to keep you from your discipline of fitness. It becomes a discipline when you have a stack of undeniable evidence to the benefits you incur from the consistency. Once you are disciplined, success is a process. 

Train these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week with progressive overload principles:


2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)


4.Pull-horizontal and vertical


6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work.

progressive overload principles:

Progressive increase in work capacity producing measurable and visible results (more reps/weight moved more effectively). When added to the neurological benefits of strength training, overtime these progressive strength results manifest as intrinsic motivation!

BEEfit is here to help with your fitness and guide you in the process. Whether we are implementing a wellness program for an organization or helping individuals with fitness optimization, we have the professionally designed programs and training space to help people, “BEE their best Version.”

Schedule a consultation for your organization (or get individual evaluation) today to find out about how BEEfit and a wellness program can improve member/worker happiness and retention while simultaneously reducing sick days and improving camaraderie!


BEEfit Programs

“No matter what your age, current fitness level, and no matter your fitness goal–RESISTANCE TRAINING should be the main catalyst for your maintaining and improving your health and fitness. Involve the seasoned professionals from BEEfit to evaluate and guide you in this process so we can optimize your progress!” 

You spent your whole life to get where you are today…how is it going/feeling/looking?

Think about how many years it took you to get where you are…now if you are not where you would like to be health wise and physically and you want morphological change–that is to say, if you want to look different, we need to utilize some principles and adhere to some discipline. Nothing is worse than wasted discipline and worn down determination–perhaps wasted talent is close. But when someone empowers themselves with discipline without adhering to principles, they are training hard, but not smart. Training smart, and training hard will always beat the brute that trains hard but without wisdom–that is to say, without principles. 

Resistance training should be part of your life–a proactive habit that is normalized 2 x’s per week or more. Even 1 x per week can be beneficial! Something is better than nothing! What about cardio? Cardio for most of us is best accomplished with walking 30 minutes or more per day, throughout the day. Best way to get in steps for fat loss? Three 10 minute walks daily, done after a meal each time. Putting together your resistance training, cardio, nutrition, additional movement, and rest into a cogent plan is a program. 

Training App Example

What is a program? An outline for action to grow from based around your resistance training, additional movement needs (cardio and NEAT), your nutrition plan, your recovery rate, and most importantly, how these things correlate with your personal goals and individual needs. Your program should support your needs and goals and you should be able to confidently execute the plan. Your training is only as good as your recovery–so your nutritional needs must be known and consistently addressed. The LOGBOOK is an important feature for any program. Your logbook can be found in the APP from BEEfit, or you can record it yourself in a notebook/in your phone. The key points here are knowing what week of your program you are on, what the days motions/lifts are, and it acts like a bookmark in that it lets you know where you left off in the story. Most importantly, the logbook creates accountability and motivation for you to always meet or beat what you were able to do the last time you completed these lifts. The information you log in your app based workout can be viewed in real time by your coach. As you go through a program, it is not unusual for adjustments to be made. The ongoing adjustments, check-ins, Q&A, workout efficacy, motivation, adherence, and execution of the program are all the things that your coach will guide you through. Having all the program information backed up digitally in your app, enhances the coaching support and training experience. 

How many days per week should you train?

Up to 6 days per week. However, what can consistently and realistically be done? If you are beginning from zero activity level, we can assume that two to three days per week would be good to start. The thing is, without an experienced and talented coach to assess, this is just a guess as to how many days per week you can train. Furthermore, it is impossible for me to confirm your form, exertion level, and your capabilities without being there with you in person. For these reasons, it would be preferable to begin a training program with as much direct, in person coaching as can be arranged. In lieu of in person training, a training app can be very useful if the individual is able to realistically assess their starting point and competently follow instructional videos with accompanying descriptions. 

The first 90-180 days of resistance training will be the most dramatic in terms of adaptations. Neurological, psychological, morphological, and spiritually–you will be changing. The neurological adaptations will be empowering, as you are able to recruit muscle fibers better, you will be able to move heavier weights for more reps and this advancement will never be more dramatic than during the first 6 months of regular training. Psychologically, you can expect to be in a better mood and to be more resilient when you regularly resistance train. Morphologically, resistance training stimulates change more than any other form of exercise. If your program is designed and executed with the right resistance movements and recovery from bouts of exercise supported by proper nutrition, the physical changes should follow. Spiritually? Individually discovered and expressed, yes–but we can expect an increase in neuroplasticity, creativity, and thus expression brought out by resistance training. 

Neuroplasticity: Your brain can change. 

Patterns of behavior that are repeated become automatic. Interrupted behavior dissipates. In other words, repeat a wanted behavior consistently and eventually it becomes automatic. 

How do we design a program?

Meet you where you are at.

Well, not coming to your home or work per say. By meeting you where you are physically, emotionally, experience, time-wise, and psychologically, we can evaluate the best course of action. We can verbally assess via an in depth discussion, or evaluate in person within 1-2 sessions. Your program should consist of core (abdominal) training, key compound motions for the major muscles in your body with a priority upon global (balanced) muscle building, and then the addition of accessory movements to address smaller muscle groups and to articulate regions of larger muscle groups. Your training split, ie what muscles you train on which days, frequency, and ultimately, when they cycle of training is complete, will be determined by a number of factors. 

1-How often can you train? Accounting for obligations (work, family, etc), recoverability, and other limiting factors.

2-What is your goal? What you are trying to accomplish, the time frame you have given yourself to accomplish it, and why you want to accomplish this goal will influence the program.

3-Prior successes, failures, injuries, and pre-existing limitations. A good program should address all of these factors. 

4-How much this matters to you. If it matters, if it is a priority–it will get done. It is not selfish to prioritize your health and fitness. In fact, to not do so makes you a less effective human, so you are short changing everyone else when you are less than your best and you can’t be your best without resistance training. 

Putting together all these factors and aligning your training with your goals is exactly what a program from BEEfit will provide you with. 

For starters, 

Train these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week and programming progresses from this general basis:


2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)


4.Pull-horizontal and vertical


6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work.

We have programs for EVERYBODY!

What does that mean?

No matter what your age, current fitness level, and no matter your fitness goal–RESISTANCE TRAINING should be the main catalyst for your maintaining and improving your health and fitness. Involve the seasoned professionals from BEEfit to evaluate and guide you in this process so we can optimize your progress! 

The sooner we build this habit, the sooner you get to enjoy your body to its full potential!

Contact us today and we will help you select the right program for your body and your goals!

Expectations for a BEEfit program:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ longer play span. 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!

Ready to BEE-gin?

Request your FREE consult call today!


PAM working the sled at the end of Leg day! Sled work is so great for our muscles and to reinforce knee heath! The sled can be used for a variety of applications and levels of athlete.

Women’s Lifting Group!

PAM working the sled at the end of Leg day! Sled work is so great for our muscles and to reinforce knee heath! The sled can be used for a variety of applications and levels of athlete.

M-F 6-7am

Hypertrophy Strength training 

Ladies deserve to have access to the principles and information to best advance their health and fitness! BEEfit is stepping up to provide the INFORMATION IN OUR LATEST PROGRAM! THIS IS A SUPER AFFORDABLE WAY TO get advanced personal training and have a support group for the process!

Let’s make the weight room a place where women feel empowered–not simply comfortable! Let’s get out of our “comfort zones” and build ourselves up!

Want to Lose Fat, add muscle, feel better, move better, and as a byproduct, look better? 

We teach you how to:

Plan a workout (All your lifts, etc are planned for you, but we explain along the way w/ APP support!)

-Warm up

-Daily Abs

-Hypertrophy strength program modified for individual needs

-Engage muscles properly to benefit from exercises!

-Eat to refuel the body and be in line with goals.

-Supplement wisely and properly to control caloric intake, promote lean tissue, enhance strength, and to optimize recovery. 

-mobilize through minor/major injuries that arise along the way=movement is medicine and even if you don’t think you can workout–get into your group time and the instructor will mobilize you and expedite the recovery process with advanced sports therapy techniques!

We teach you how to BEEfit!


So you can BEEfit for life!

FREE week of class with regular gym membership!! Link below…


or send us your Questions -ryanbeefit@gmail.com

Let’s drastically improve your health without coming to the Gym!

Let me meet you where you are at.

Does this sound right…

You: Busy with work, family, obligations.

You: Recognize that your body is going the wrong direction= less energy, bigger belly, difficulty moving/hard to do things that you enjoy.

You: Realize that you need to change, but don’t know where to start.

This is where we can help…

BEEfit: Team of experienced coaches ready to implement healthy habits based on individual needs. (BEEfit coaches: helped hundreds of folks like yourself, practice what we preach, know the ins and outs of fitness, health habits, and habit creation).

You: Ready to do something to help your health and fitness–but you don’t want to go to a gym.

BEEfit: Designs a 5 minute daily core program for you, outlines daily hydration plan, sets daily protein intake goals along with 3rd party certified and affordable protein supplement, and coaches you through healthy habit implementation.

You: commit to 60 days of the plan. Daily 5 minute abs, daily hydration, daily protein intake and juicing greens. (Greens or multivitamin–greens mix offers more benefits and greater flexibility). 

BEEfit: Answers all your fitness questions and is ready to properly progress the plan once these basic health habits are implemented/individual is ready to add 1-6 days of gym attendance/elevate nutrition protocols. 


Health is a habit. Let’s build a habit. Implementing daily core training will release “good mood” molecules from the start of each day. This will provide you with a spark of energy while boosting your metabolism and providing a progressionable core program that will improve the body and make it more likely to implement a more advanced program later! 

Order of operations:

1-Wake up.

2-Consume two tall glasses of water (you can do our Apple Cider Vinegar, Himalayan/celtic salt, glutamine method <muscle Defender-dotFIT>, or, just keep it simple–just make it happen.)

3-use restroom if you gotta go if you haven’t already, then

4-Abs: Pick one of the three sequences outlined. (link below)

5-Do a post workout smoothie to start your day/lean high protein meal.

6-end the day with your daily greens and a protein shake.

What more can you do in this program to accelerate fat loss?

3 separate 10 minutes walks each day–preferably after a meal. 

How do I start?

The format is here for FREE.

I have included videos for the abs and how to do your daily hydration start each morning upon waking. (Daily greens and at home abs program). Link below with basic outline and your alternating daily 5 minute ab routines:


Would you like additional accountability and health coaching? 

1-Contact Ryan at ryanbeefit@gmail.com to request a FREE initial 20 minute consult.

2-Set up health coach monitoring program with app support for just $30/month.

3-Progress through the habits of health with daily consistency.

4-at the 60-90 day point, it should be ideal to implement a gym program.

Questions? Send them to Ryan at the above email!

5-Assimilate wisely into the gym with a 12 week program from BEEfit, designed for your goals. 


LInk: https://bit.ly/2Y7ZJQb

1-ALL-N-1 (Yes, you can do active Multivitamin, SuperOmega, and Probiotic instead if you don’t want the alln1/if you consistently eat 4 servings of veggies per day). (take ALL n One at end of day)

2-WheySmooth (Vanilla or chocolate) (can also get the Pre/post so you have carb mix that is more filling–or simply get your carbs from fruits–convenience of protein & carb powder mix is worth it though, and probably won’t use the pre/post mix as fast). If you have any questions on this, ask us. ryanbeefit@gmail.com

First 2 items are must haves. The rest are, probably should haves…but don’t disrupt the consistency of the first 2 items in order to afford item 3 and beyond…

3-Creatine (either formula from dotFIT–the less costly one is fine).

4-Workout Extreme (Super effective and affordable caffeine–way easier and safer than coffee and energy drinks).

5-Muscle Defender (Glutamine).

6-There are other protein powders here, the Lean MR is also of interest. It is a meal replacement variation that takes longer to digest and can be very useful when used to replace meals and keep calories down.

Your supplements provide nutrients with little to no calories.

This is one means to control the daily caloric intake while insuring nutrition needs are met.

When you consistently get the nutrients your body needs, hydrate adequately, and get 7 plus hours of sleep daily, you become a super human.

The hope of this plan is habituation into healthier eating patterns while consistently consuming protein and hydrating with water.


We want to give you some abs and show you our dream gym! We are so convinced that you’ll love it, like COSTCO–we are giving you a free sample!


By teaching you our methods for proper activation and our favorite selection and sequence of ab moves!



Bonus–day pass to access BEEfit!

Simply fill out the training waiver profile from the link below!


WHEN? 2-3-24 8 AM

FILL out the waiver and…

You will receive a confirmation email and a free day pass to access BEEfit on 2-3-24!

Ab Class is at 8am and should be completed in less than an hour (as little as 20 minutes for some). 

YOU GET A FREE DAY PASS TO OUR GYM 2-3-24 once you fill out the waiver (first time users only).

To access gym after you have your username and password set up with your training waiver profile:

DOWNLOAD BeeFit LLC app from the App Store.

Enter username and password as you created them.

Upper right corner you should have a small barcode.

Click on it to enlarge it.

Hold 4-8″ below scanner at front or back door.

You will hear a recognition click, Open door.

Come enjoy the best ab workout you’ve ever gotten and experience the best gym layout in the history of Skagit County!

We have worked in and worked out in easily over 100 gyms in our lifetime–we set ours up to provide the best mix of tools and space for the ultimate training experience.

When it comes to being and becoming your best version–BEEfit is your place!

No Gym Attendance Plan to lose fat and feel better!

What does this program entail?

Daily at home abdominal training workouts that are done in less than six minutes. 

✅ 1 to 2 meals replaced by practitioner grade supplement shake. (& taking daily all in one super greens.) http://ryanbeefit.com/greens-powders-which-one-to-get

✅3 separate ten minute walks everyday. 

30-60-90 days? This should be sustainable, maintainable, and impressionable upon your physique in the sense that you should experience healthy fat loss. 

-Reasons it works—your body is getting adequate protein from your diet, you are getting your micronutrients from your All-N-1, your abs are actively engaged, you have raised your daily NEAT (non-exercise activity) and thus are likely to be burning more calories than you consume—so long as you are not going crazy on your eating for the other meals per day.

-Eat protein centric for your other meals—Ready to do more? Get exact macros for your goals with BEEfit coaching!

Consistency is key.

We don’t need to be crazy with this, we need to be consistent. There are no shortcuts, but there are more sure cuts. I back my recommendations and I abhor BS, so you can trust that I have thoroughly tested out these principles on myself and my clients clearly demonstrated success.

1-Order the recommended nutritional support from the Practitioner Brand I recommend.

Supplements to order from dotFIT

All-N-1, Wheysmooth and pre/post, or

All-N-1, whey smooth and Lean MR.


(Lean MR is a meal replacement shake–not good for pre and post workouts but great for holding over hunger and being satiating–Pre/Post is similar, but faster to digest and no fat so it is not as filling for as long like the lean mr is…you get the whey smooth in addition to one of the other powders because you are adding the Protein concentrate from the Wheysmooth to the other powders to make a more filling shake and get your daily protein intake up).

2-Move everyday (abs in am, walk 30 minutes per day in 3 10 minute walks after meals).

Here are Three at home ab moves for a six pack–the 3rd sequence is the “Easiest”. Either alternate 1,2,3 or 1 and 2 or 2 and 3. (Really any combination is good, just nice for variety)

1- https://youtu.be/MAC9TnqJ-iY?si=0zkqDoVxzsjkPimG

a-Reverse crunch x 20 or failure, b-Russian Twist x 30 seconds

2-  https://youtu.be/xiWNsDfNVUA?si=VEqlFDytpz0tNJ9_

a-Bicycle Crunch x 30 or failure, b-Side Plank x 30 seconds


a-Plank for max/60 seconds, b-Russian Twist (if able to do one minute plank +, advance to plank reach or other plank advancement.

The program for zero gym at home weight loss explained…

Your habits decide your future…

What are you doing? You are a human being, doing what?

What are you consuming with your attention, where are you spending your time?


Where do you want to be?

How do you want to get there?

Who do you want to be?

Again, why? Define your why, and then apply a principled strategy…

Take on the habits of the person you want to be and discard the traits, habits, actions that do not align with WHO YOU WANT TO BE. 

To foster this positive habitual change, BEEfit is here. We have been doing habit change for over a decade now–beginning foremost with ourselves! In other words, we practice what we preach and have an intimate understanding of the fitness journey (read our bio).

-Pick your coaching interaction: 

-one on one in person training, 

-in person training with your buddies, 

-supremely discounted personal training in the small group class with app support, 

-app based training (no in person contact, but 2 way communication with coach, personalized app, meal plan, ongoing technical support), 

-OR just get a BEEfit gym membership and access the amazing training space.

-ALL members and clients get 20% off our practitioner grade supplement affiliate–dotFIT, the only brand we use, recommend, and trust for all the right reasons: Efficacy, Value, Quality, Quantitative, Synergistic= NO Logical reason to utilize anything else.

All Personal Training clients get a training app!

-Weekly/daily check-ins with your experienced health coach.

-personalized training app with 1000s of videos, modifications, mobilizations, and the 8-12 week program for you to confidently work through (program based on your capabilities, goals, schedule, equipment access).

It isn’t too late for improvement—AT ANY AGE, FROM ANY STARTING POINT. It is too soon to quit!

Quit? Yes, your habits are either admitting defeat or they are upsetting defeat. What is worthwhile is rarely easy. But we seek to make the most worthwhile habit creation (fitness) as easy as possible by providing the right information for each individual and their situation. 

BEEfit exists to help you make fitness an enjoyable habit and for you to get the most from your body! We do this by advocating the principles and practices we know work best, while shooting down the nonsensical and misinformed “Fads” and “Trends” that don’t benefit us. At BEEfit, you are protected from the fakes, phonies, charlatans, haters, intimidators, agitators, and gators (no reptiles allowed, haha…just making sure you’re reading).

You probably know you are ready for some positive changes in your life. Addressing your physical health with a program from BEEfit will be the biggest and most positive step you can take in the proper direction. We are your one stop shop for fitness. Here to guide you through nutrition, mobility, strength, hypertrophy (muscle building), recovery, and putting it all together consistently so that you are positively progressing and avoiding plateaus and pitfalls. 

Ready to BEEfit? Join today or message me with your questions. We are here to magnify your positive efforts and to support you on your fitness journey!

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