“Retired and Inspired?” ON WITH THE RESISTANCE!

“Retired and Inspired?” ON WITH THE RESISTANCE!

One of the reasons Ryan started BEEfit was so that his mother had a good place to train and so that he could work with her to develop a resistance training program that she could utilize to  stimulate every muscle group, increase her mobility, continually progress strength, improve balance, promote stamina, and simply extend her playspan so she could continue to do the things she enjoys without limitation. This “Retired and Inspired” program began over 5 years ago and today Ryan’s mom is stronger and moving better than she used to! Getting older doesn’t and shouldn’t equate to LESS CAPABLE! Resistance training can turn back the clock!

Resistance training is great for every age, every body, and it is nearly never too late to start. The older we get though, the harder it seems to be to start new things or to take on new challenges. 

Open Space for lots of movement practice. This gym is set up for your success!

BEEfit promotes resistance exercise for all and our latest program is for the older demographic. All BEEfit gym members aged 70 years or more get two free small group training classes per month (often offered as an “Retired and Inspired” exclusive class). All BEEfit members 70 and older will also receive their choice of a training program: app and video, paper and video links, or just a paper version of a desirable training program. We try our best to make these templates as simple and straightforward as possible without leaving out pertinent details. 

Goals of your resistance training program: 

Extend life/ playspan! How? 

-Improve movement patterns, 

-increase strength, 

-improve lean tissue promotion/retention (muscles–which we rapidly lose without resistance -training and dietary support), 

-promote neuroplasticity, 

-improve balance via regular resistance training.

Promote longevity based nutrition systems based on adequate protein intake, hydration, and key micronutrient sourcing. 

Personalized Resistance program based on

Training these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week with progressive overload principles:


2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)


4.Pull-horizontal and vertical


6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work.

progressive overload principles:

Progressive increase in work capacity producing measurable and visible results (more reps/weight moved more effectively). When added to the neurological benefits of strength training, overtime these progressive strength results manifest as intrinsic motivation! Deciding what variations of each movement are right for you is progressive–which is to say, you start with the most basic variations and progress from there. Muscles need to be challenged, and challenges can be found in bodyweight variations and less for those that are new to fitness. Working with a caring and experienced professional can expedite the learning/introduction process while alleviating anxiety and difficulties in organizing the principles into a cogent and approachable program. Much like going on a trip to a foreign land–having an experienced guide makes for a far better and more rewarding experience.

New members to BEEfit that are over the age of 70 will get three initial personal training classes for FREE to initiate into the gym and help us design a program for where you are at and where you’d like to be physically. We want to provide you with as much assistance as possible before you invest further time or money. We value your time and want to help you make the most of your health.


Let us know if you would like to talk in person prior to filling out the regular membership. After filling out the regular membership, we will see you age in the profile and contact you directly via phone to discuss the next steps to make sure you get the most from your BEEfit membership!


Just email us at ryanbeefit@gmail.com and request a message back or a phone call and we will get right back to you!

Don’t worry, BEE happy!

Let’s BEEfit!

Your answer for:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ stronger immune system 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!



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