Month: October 2020

Join the Small Gym with Big Results!

Now is a great time to join! 4 spots in the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night 530-7pm class!

You get access to the 9am Saturday Core and Accessory movement Camp too!

That’s over 5 hours a week of personal training!


Initial Meal Guideline with body fat testing.

Professional supplemental guidance

Mobility to recover from training, injuries, and prep for the sessions.

All original programming designed and taught by professional trainer with over 20 years experience in training and education.

We train hard and discover the most efficient training methods and share them with our students. We teach you the right things for where you are at developmentally! Progress, progress, progress–fitness is a journey, not a destination.

Accept our invitation to train!

We also have a few spots left in the M-Friday 6-7am group that also has access to the 9am Saturday Core and Accessory movement Camp.

Additional training can be done with us by scheduling a training appointment for yourself, a buddy, or small group.

We also offer online coaching and contest prep!