Month: September 2020

Youth Agility, Strength, and Nutrition Program at BEEfit

All sessions cover mobility, agility, strength, conditioning, and NUTRITION! 

AGES 9-18

We meet your youth where they are at physically and we progressively overload them with mental and physical challenges to promote their understanding of how to improve their performance!

Using advanced sports nutrition and training techniques, we help guide young athletes to be the best versions of themselves. 

Proper preparation breeds results!

Sessions are over one hour and are challenging. Send in a hydrated and well nourished youth please. 

Available times:

3 pm Monday-Friday


715 AM Monday-Friday

2, 3, 4 and 5 day per week monthly passes available!

Contact directly for enrollment! 

As soon as we have 3 or more students enrolled in am or pm for 5 days a week, we will begin!

Private or buddy or small group training can be scheduled until then.

Give your young athlete the opportunity to learn motion, movement, and strength progressions from a professional in an ideal learning environment at BEEfit, 

Skagit County’s Premier training facility!