19 years ago I awoke from a coma in the ICU of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Bellingham. I couldn’t walk or talk normally after the accident and I needed constant care in order to lead a somewhat independent life. I had just graduated college with a near 4.0 and I couldn’t tell you the last five classes I took, or the names of my niece and nephew at the time. I was lucky to be alive but the anxiety I was feeling was overwhelming and I couldn’t imagine moving and thinking normally again. I literally didn’t have the words to describe how I felt. It was horrible. The doctor had me extremely limited on activity. I couldn’t walk without dragging my left foot and occasionally tripping. I pleaded with him to allow me to jump rope. He reluctantly conceded.

At first I couldn’t get 3 skips in a row. For the days it was skip, skip, catch. Skip, catch, Skip, skip, smack. A few days in, it was skip, skip, skip, catch. The next day four skips in a row. And so on it progressed to sets of 100. Then sets of a thousand. Then for time, and next thing I knew, it was six months since my near fatal accident and I was jumping rope better than I ever had before!

Unfortunately for me, the deception demon of alcohol worked its way back into my life and I quickly lost 3 or 4 jobs and realized that was a bad look and got back into fitness. For a year or so I did well, but after awhile, the demon and I got back together and the only fitness I did was daily abs training to avoid a beer belly, 2 hours per week of training at the local globo gym, and 20-30 minutes of jump rope per week. It was enough to keep a 20 year old in shape–but not enough to really advance anyone.

Lucky for me, I had another near death experience. Well like 3-4 more, but the last one, in November of 2014, that was the one that took nearly everything from me. As I recovered for months in TBI fog (traumatic brain injury), I prayed and prayed for strength and recovery as I fought my haggard state to attempt to go to my two jobs–Preschool PE teacher and personal trainer. Anyone who knew me before and after this accident, knows that I was a profoundly different person after the accident. I didn’t realize it, but my behavior was quickly getting out of my control. My mind didn’t operate the same, but my body kept trying the same old routes to feel normal again. For the longest time for me, normal was intoxicated. So I kept trying to be normal and kept getting arrested for this or that drunken misdeed. The last time I got arrested, I made promises to God and myself and upon release after 3 days in solitary confinement, I found out that I had been fired from my teaching job.

I promised myself I would quit drinking and every time I thought about drinking, I lifted or researched lifting, or researched nutrition, or anything fitness related that I found interesting. I studied it. If it was health and fitness related, I read it. I quickly found myself immersed in fitness. It was the only thing that awakened my mind and I knew it was making me feel better. I have always been into lifting weights and fitness, but in 2014, I dedicated my life to fitness. This dedication has come about after surviving several near fatal accidents and over 20 years of alcohol abuse. Sports and strength training have saved me–and even more so, helping others discover this passion has saved me. Now I am looking to share my approach to fitness with the masses via my private training center and online programming. 

It is not enough to simply survive. My goal is to thrive and evolve into the best version of me possible. Self improvement begins with optimizing nutrition. This pairs perfectly with strength and mobility progressions.

I am a professional ALL NATURAL BODYBUILDER and TRAINER. I have been a WNBF PRO since 2020 to be exact. All training for this achievement was done at BEEfit studios with BEEfit programming. BEEfit coaching produces the body I present. In other words, “I practice what I preach.”

Article on “Why All Natural Bodybuilding”

Too often coaches get into coaching without having achieved success in the perspective sports. Even worse, there are coaches that have taken many shortcuts at the cost of their overall health and achieved their physiques with a plethora of PEDs that are illegal/dangerous to many individuals–all without transparency and at the expense of their clients that work with them.

I have taken the time to do fitness properly and to exemplify ALL NATURAL bodybuilding and strength training so that I can share the optimal processes with my clients, the community, myself, and whomever wants to BEEfit!

Come practice success at BEEfit! 

BIO and List of Accomplishments

BA in English from Western Washington University

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

Over 5 Years of Early Childhood Education Teaching Experience 

Over 5 Years Goalkeeper Coaching Experience

Over 10 Years Personal Training Experience

WNBF PRO in Physique

2019 & 2023 NW Ironman Naturally Classic Physique Overall Winner

My Pro Physique Stage walk