Month: January 2020

Don’t paint yourself into a corner

Set yourself up for success. The idea isn’t new. When someone ponders fitness and nutrition these days, they have many choices. Before plunging into a particular choice, one should answer the question, “Why do I want this?”

There are sure to be more than a single, “Why” empowering your behavior or want for behavioral change. We are a byproduct of our behavior and we consciously and unconsciously build up these habits.

The most influential habits we have are our nutritional habits. Consistently getting the nutrients your body needs for tissue maintenance, repair, and growth needs to be continuous and harmonious to optimize body function.

We paint ourselves into a corner when we don’t get the nutrients or exercise we need. We end up backed into a corner–painted and hemmed in by our own choices.

Good news is your body is resilient and you are brilliant.

Brilliant. That’s right. I believe we all have at least one brilliant/remarkable thing about us and if we follow our own self discovery we will undoubtedly uncover further instances of brilliance.

So it begins with setting ourselves up for a success. The one that paints themselves into a corner has failed to plan properly or at all.

What is in a plan?


The right macros and micros adding up to a caloric maintenance, surplus, or deficit depending on your goal.


The right mix of mobility, strength training, and cardio for your goal.


Filling in key nutritional gaps brought on by diet, exercise, and environment.

Guidance and Support.

Many years of getting clients and myself to the pinnacles of physical performance and presentation has led to the formulation of BEEfit training systems. In this system we are governed by proper movement patterns and the belief that every lift has a proper form and purpose behind it. BEEfit guides and supports our clients through their fitness journeys. Being led by an active Professional Bodybuilder, the programming continually develops and then wealth of knowledge increases regularly.


One should enter each training session with intent and purpose. Intent on executing the workout, one quality rep at a time. Purposed based on a goal in mind and a plan in hand. If you don’t know, or are limited by what you know. Then it is time to invest in yourself more if you are intent on your purpose.

Don’t Wait for it, go for it.

It is human nature to procrastinate. If you nurture procrastination, it becomes a habit. We are our habits and hobbies. It takes 7 weeks to create a habit. If we consistently follow the habits of least resistance, we will regularly reap the lethargic rewards.

The habits of optimizing health and fitness have evolved over time. Sports science has revealed the benefits of sports nutrition extend to non-athletes as well. That is to say, we all should be eating and training like athletes. At no point in our lives should we no longer care about our bodies ability to perform athletically.

I am not saying we all should be aspiring professional athletes. But I am saying that from birth, marring defects, we are equipped with the neuromuscular capacity to undertake olympic lifting movements. This should be the case from birth to death–with varying degrees in competency of course, but pain free movement from ground to overhead should be our expectancy–our bodies come with a lifetime warranty, it is up to us to apply and perform the regularly scheduled maintenance on the machines that are our bodies. Let me repeat:


It would be prudent to utilize the finest in fitness training and nutrition in the route to personal improvement and maintenance.

I have invested the better part of the last 20 years in this pursuit. BEEfit was created to share my experiences with and passion for FITNESS!