Month: January 2022

UPDATE!! We Moved!

BEEfit has moved our physical location from Mount Vernon, Washington to a building over three times the size in Sedro Woolley!



311 State Street

Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

Our goal has always been to offer the best training environment and coaching for our clients and members. We have continually improved over the last three years and our progressive pursuit doesn’t end with our new location–it will continually be upgraded!  The new location offers more space, equipment, and more hours of operation, and as we have demonstrated in the past, we are not done improving. Our progressive mindset approach to fitness manifests in our fitness studio projects–this is just a step/rep/set in the bigger project/workout/program.

Growth, change, evolution. Call it what you want. It is constant. Some of us are facing it and  embracing it, while others are shunning it and running from it–neither will avoid it, but only one will reap the fruits of change. Our advice is to get better, not bitter with age. 

Everyday is an opportunity for improvement. One day at a time, one rep at a time. BEEfit is here to support you on your journey to your best version. How?

It starts with your, WHY?

Your why is your motivating factor(s). You bring your why, and we will show and guide you through what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Sounds easy?

Well, having the right guide, someone that has done this innumerable times and with various body types, makes it easier–but there is still lots of consistent, diligent work to be done.

The crucial part here is not wasting time, effort, or money on things that don’t take you closer to your goals. There are lots of pitfalls and money traps out there in the fitness world. An individual can easily be overwhelmed  by the “diet” culture, popular social influencers and so-called ‘experts’, the media, and other cultural and environmental factors. 

We exist to end the BS and provide clear, concise fitness advice. 

Our programming and our facility reflect our goals.

We have the right tools to construct the best physiques possible. Right tools? Lots of squat racks, more dumbbells than any gym around. Over 2,000 square feet of select and dedicated classic “Bodybuilding” equipment–all the right tools for sculpting the finest frames!  

We have the knowledge and experience to optimize the human physique. Our background in sports, all natural bodybuilding, and history of injury recovery/prevention, coupled with our teaching expertise, leads to unique and unequivocal training programs.

We have the fitness solution for your goals!

Connect with us today!

Ways to train with us:

Starting 1/31/22! Early access all February!


Small Group Personal Training 

Monday-Friday 6-7am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 530-7pm

Saturdays 9-10am

Senior training (65 years old +)

Tuesday and Thursdays 1015am-1130am and Saturdays 9-10am

Youth training (ages 11-18)

Monday and Thursdays 330-445pm (looking to expand this offering!)

Open Gym Hours starting in March!

4am-10pm 7 days per week! 

Online-app based coaching available. 

-Message to set up.

Studio set up consultation:

Work with a BEEfit site designer for your home, work, hotel, condo, etc and have a professionally designed workout space! Add BEEfit programming and you’ve got your own professional trainer guiding you at your location!

If you are interested in being a part of our fitness community, message me today and let me know what you are looking for! Whether you want to start in the early access month of February, start online training, get in on the waitlist for membership, or you have questions, message me today!