Month: May 2023

Childhood obesity is a complex issue with multiple contributing factors. Here are some key reasons why children may become obese:

  1. Poor Diet: Consuming a diet high in calories, unhealthy fats, sugars, and processed foods can contribute to weight gain. Availability and easy access to sugary drinks, fast food, and snacks, as well as increased portion sizes, can lead to excessive calorie intake.
  2. Lack of Physical Activity: Sedentary behaviors, such as spending excessive time watching TV, playing video games, or using electronic devices, can lead to a lack of physical activity. Children who don’t engage in regular exercise or participate in sports are more likely to gain weight.
  3. Genetics and Family History: Some children may be genetically predisposed to obesity due to inherited traits that affect metabolism and fat storage. Additionally, if parents or close family members are overweight or obese, children may be more likely to develop similar eating and lifestyle habits.
  4. Environmental Factors: The surrounding environment plays a role in childhood obesity. Factors such as limited access to healthy foods, the prevalence of fast food restaurants in neighborhoods, and lack of safe spaces for physical activity can contribute to weight gain.
  5. Socioeconomic Status: Children from low-income families may face higher risks of obesity due to limited access to nutritious foods and fewer opportunities for physical activity. Healthy foods can be more expensive and less affordable for some families, leading to reliance on cheaper, calorie-dense processed foods.
  6. Emotional Factors: Emotional and psychological factors can influence a child’s eating habits. Stress, boredom, depression, or anxiety may trigger emotional eating as a coping mechanism, leading to overeating and weight gain.
  7. Parental Influences: Parents play a crucial role in shaping a child’s eating and exercise habits. Lack of parental knowledge about nutrition, limited time for meal preparation, or reliance on convenience foods can contribute to poor dietary choices. Moreover, parents who are overweight or obese may unintentionally model unhealthy behaviors for their children.

Addressing childhood obesity requires a multi-faceted approach involving education, creating healthier environments, promoting physical activity, and providing access to nutritious foods. It’s important to involve healthcare professionals, schools, families, and communities in efforts to prevent and manage childhood obesity.

BEEfit strives to provide wellness and fitness education, a healthy training environment, access to optimal/possible physical activities, guidance on nutritious foods and access to systems of implementation. Empowering today’s youth with the knowledge and understanding of wellness is essential–as it will improve the quality of their lives more than any other factor–more than IQ, more than “Genetics”, more than “Generational wealth”…Knowledge is power–but understanding is the proper application of power to improve. We are here to foster a better understanding of health, wellness, and how fitness plays a key role in our human development. 

We provide numerous ways to access the BEEfit training principles and fully equipped gym. -Upcoming in July we have our youth program–July 10th through September 1st. 

-Ongoing we have our Teen Strength Team–this is an app based training program designed by BEEfit for each individual with their goals and needs in place. This program features in person seminar support, encouraged “buddy” training accountability, discounts on personal training, and more. 

-Discounted Youth Memberships: Youths are encouraged to get memberships at BEEfit. Rates are discounted when billed on an adult membership account–IE, parent has regular rate, youth is $50/month.

-Special training rates and more!

-If you want to train, lets make it happen!

🟩General Access 

🟨Personal Training 

🟧Group Personal Training 

🟥Youth training Program (Summer)

🟦Teen Strength Team Program (Year Round)

🟪BEEfit training App—available everywhere!

Your passionate, relentless, driven, all natural, professional, experienced, coach is ready for you at BEEfit! 

Membership Link👇



Noon on the 3rd at KIWANIS BASEBALL FIELDS–Riverfront Park off Township across from Carnival!

Email to confirm your spot and get your T Shirt!

Loggerodeo Log Carry sponsored by BEEfit gym!

Example video…more videos coming and training opportunities from BEEfit…

Loggerodeo Log Carry Event-team based and solo! 

3 categories:

1-Youth Teams (ages 10-17) (2-4 per team) LOG SIZE= 6’ x 4” 

2-Team OPEN division LOG SIZE= 12” x 6’

**all ages are welcome to the team open: 

2 person minimum, 4 person max. (No service animals, cyborgs, etc.) 

3-Solo (using the youth log)

Prizes! (Besides bragging rights and being announced as the winners…)

*Male and Female Solo Log carry winners get 2 months of general access to BEEfit!

**Team OPEN division winners get 1 month of general access to BEEfit!

***Youth event winners get $200 off on the youth program BEEfit offers from 7/10-9/1!

****Minimum entry requirements for the 3 categories for prizes (4 teams +, solo=6+)


Carry log on one shoulder 40 yards, transfer sides (put on other shoulder), return log to start point–first log to cross the line wins. (Official time kept by scorekeeper).



When, where and COST?

12pm 7/3/23 at Janicki Fields—$0.00 cost!

BEEfit sponsored and organized event for LOGGERODEO LEGENDS! 


Reasons why employers are adding BEEfit wellness programs:

-Training with a professional trainer and in a properly structured environment raises the potential for program adherence, progress, and formulation of the wellness habit.

-Employee retention/acquisition.

-Employees enjoy the perk of reimbursement for their gym memberships. 

-Increase Employee Productivity.

-Training Regularly and Properly produces better energy, focus, and performance.

-Decrease Sick days. 

“Although wellness programs have costs, they also reduce absenteeism, boost employee morale and make an excellent additional employee benefit that’s worth touting during the hiring process.”


“These findings support the idea that employees should be provided opportunities and encouraged to participate in regular exercise, as this has the potential to benefit both employers (higher productivity) and employees (higher work ability and health outcomes)..”


*Individuals that strength train 2 x or more per week will be 30-50% on average more productive than those that don’t. Do that math. Not only are your employees that strength train sick less days, they are far more productive when on the clock. This is a win-win situation.

More reasons… 

-Decrease Workplace accident rate.

-Increase Employee Wellness (Social, Physical, and Mental Health markers improved).

-Decrease Company Healthcare Expenditure.

-Improve worker morale/camaraderie.

-Employee Incentive Programs. 

*attendance based reimbursement/rewards.

-App Based Training Programs .

-Fully Equipped and locally owned Gym with controlled access.

-Professional Coaching/Guidance available at a variety of costs.


Lateral movements and suspension trainers…it is our goal to extend your PLAY SPAN!

-Nutritional Guidance from Professional All Natural Bodybuilder and Certified trainer with over 20 years experience! 

COACH RYAN AND OWNER OF BEEFIT…YEAH…you don’t attain this physique all naturally without really understanding all the principles that factor into your physique. Training, Nutrition, Recovery, program balance–and advanced understanding of those systems to maximize performance, aesthetics, and mental acuity.

**ALL CORPORATE ACCOUNT MEMBERS WILL GET EXPERT NUTRITIONAL GUIDES WITH MEMBERSHIPS based off of their own starting points and goals–updated every 30 days upon request! This is a $200 per guide value! FREE!

**(80% of physical change is from nutrition alone)

-Skagit County’s best selection of equipment.

-Train in an environment designed for optimal efficiency and quality!

-Controlled Access = feels like your own private gym and accessible whenever you need!

-You choose your approach = Train independently, train independently with a personally designed app, train with Professional All Natural Bodybuilder and Certified trainer solo-with a buddy–or in our small group personal training classes!

PAM working the sled at the end of Leg day! Sled work is so great for our muscles and to reinforce knee heath! The sled can be used for a variety of applications and levels of athlete.


-Set up corporate account with corporate contact person

-Agree upon attendance per 30 days for employee reimbursement/etc.

-Set up additional program options

-Establish additional incentive programs (Most visits in 30 days, fat loss in a year comp, muscle gained, % of family attending gym 8 times + per month, etc)

-Set up a company sign up program (We can have an in person event, web link, phone list, special training night at BEEfit–lots of ways to get this information out!).

-Inform employees of the program and enroll in BEEfit!

Tim completing some dumbbell skull crushers for a tricep muscle engagement as Kyle transitions from one movement to another during our Small Group Personal Training Class–this class if available 5 days per week, am and pm–read about it in our course descriptions!


Correspond with Ryan or request a phone call/in person consultation.

BEEfit New Program Start

One rep at a time. 

Here we go.

This is a program, a system that continually yields results–it is continuous, sometimes there are peaks, there are the valleys–the dips, the hiccups, but we get up and we don’t quit–we will BEE relentless, BEE thankful for your body, joyful for the ability to move, and know that because we don’t quit, we can’t lose and can’t BEE beaten. 

Program 0-101 Days

From day none, to 101.

Here we go.

So you have decided to actively fight the disease of obesity/ pursue a course of fitness to bring about the best version of yourself.

We are here to help you focus your energy and time on the most proper actions.

Having a game plan of tried and true principles and a community of individuals on personal journeys towards their best version is the place to BEE (fit). 

We start our journey with an evaluation.

This is in 3 parts.

1 is nutritional evaluation/audit

2 is movement evaluation/audit

3 is habitat evaluation/audit

Nutrition is for our recovery and energy. Looking at it otherwise confuses the point. Yes, food has become a cultural thing, a source of pleasure, and a means of identity for some. Know that to get somewhere with your health and fitness, one must come to terms with their nutrition and work to align their eating habits with their physical needs and desired physiques. I articulate this in this manner because your health and optimization is achieved at a lower body fat state–and to get to this state for most requires sustaining a calorie deficit until they are at a healthy weight. Navigating a calorie deficit while maintaining strength and performance is just one of the places that your BEEfit program supports you.

I am not in the business of lying or deception. I can’t pretend like the majority of America is not obese. It is a disease. I understand the disease model–especially in terms of addiction. Like so many diseases–it is preventable and treatable–in most cases without medication or surgery and in the cases of medication or surgery–AN EXERCISE REGIMEN AND A GOOD DIET (NUTRITION) ARE ESSENTIAL TO A POSITIVE OUTCOME AND LASTING RESULTS. Allow me to repeat that, obesity is a disease. Most of us will need medical help to get better and a dedicated first tier health care professional is a great place to start–THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL AND CERTIFIED TRAINER (preferably with over 10 years experience with fat loss, rehab, nutrition, programming, ETC). I am a firm believer that if you remove a habit–you should firmly replace it with a new and healthier habit.

Step 1:Nutritional evaluation/audit

How to audit your nutrition? 

Spend 2 days recording everything you eat and drink. The times you eat. The amounts of foods you consume. Condiments too. If it has calories, record it. 

What is the point of the audit?

-We are looking at eating windows = how long between meals are we going? (3-4 hours is optimal)…less time than that and we have likely not used up the “fuel” from prior meal and eating sooner will result in “storing” excesses (this is a very simplified explanation–but simply put, this is how it goes). 

If there are gaps outside of 4 hours and it is not due to sleeping/intentional (and properly supported) fast, this needs to be addressed. 

In some cases this is a simple fix–either setting eating times later/earlier in the day to keep gap from occurring. 

Planning a meal or appropriate snack in the place of known meal gaps is highly effective.

We also have the option of utilizing a dotFIT supplement like the “aminoformula” or “wheysmooth” or a “dotbar” (or any combo of those three depending on the needs).

-the audit should help us understand and see where we can improve and what habits need the most attention.

-understanding that how we eat is largely habitual–if you are aware of a habit/pattern we are more likely to be able to utilize it/disrupt it as it suits our needs/wants. (I will suggest that we align ourselves with the discipline of need and not the motivation of wants–paradigm shift). 

Step 2: Movement Evaluation/Audit

1-Swimmer test/warm up 3 x 10

2-Bulldog test/warm up 3 x 10

3-Plank Test (push up or elbow) 1 minute test marker point

4-Twist Test (30 second Russian Twist–seated if needed)

5-Squat (Free weight bodyweight R.O.M. test–can do into chair/box/bench if needed, or with suspension trainer if needed)

6-Hip hinge (Good morning test)

7-Walking lunge

8-Overhead range of motion (wall slide test)

9-Lateral movement capability 

10-I-Y-T Test

(Contact BEEfit to set up eval with coach and for testing outline parameters)

If you are not doing the Movement Evaluation/Audit in person with your BEEfit coaching professional, please record and share with your BEEfit coach to maximize the program benefits. 

Step 3: Habitat evaluation/audit

Our environments shape us and a little bit the other way around. That is to say, you are a product of your environment and it is up to you to discern how your environment is impacting your health. If you are dwelling in or working in an unhealthy environment (emotionally, spiritually, physically, nutritionally, financially) it is going to impact your ability to recover and hinder your ability to thrive.

Thriving, aka, optimization is the primary goal of our being. 

How we optimize our mind, body, and soul directly correlates to our fulfillment. 

Optimization can certainly be a subjective term–but here we are talking about discernable physical health metrics and its corollary benefits. 

Here we have principles and clinical results that we can base our programming upon.

Environmental Keys:


2-Nutrition (access to the quality and consistency outlined)

3-Motion and Movement (Proper and consistent movement in a global balance–targeting all the necessary muscles and cardio system to produce desired outcome). 

4-Air, Water, Light–you are an organism, and you need these elements daily. (if you are in an area without them, they need to be properly supplemented). 

5-Safety (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial): if you feel like you are under threat/attack/durress/stress from any or all of these areas, it will likely affect your ability to recover from your workouts/daily life.

The purpose of the audits in these three areas is not to make you feel guilty or anything like that. The purpose is to draw attention to the main factors that will affect our health and thus our fitness. If change is to occur, we must identify the habits and elements that need to be changed. Taking a lens to our habits will help us understand the areas of need. Consistent improvement in these areas will produce residual and ideally, sustainable change.

After completing the three audits and convening with your BEEfit coaching professional…

What is next?

We are ready to design and implement your nutrition and training program!

1-Train with a trainer. (Book private training sessions).

2-Train with a trainer in small personal training classes. (See schedule).

If you are training at BEEfit gym, we have multiple choices for in person training.

3-Setup personalized training app with your BEEfit coaching professional and train on your own at BEEfit, your home gym, or another gym. 

**We can do this program in person or remotely!

BEEfit Youth Summer Program year 2!

This is our second year of this program and we are as excited as ever to share our joy for the process and principles of proper strength training!


Eli and Jace enjoying the “Pump” from their lifting session. Inspiring and motivating each other to work hard and bee consistent!


Provide the guidance and information necessary for students to gain proficiency in common movement patterns essential to the development of a balance muscle build.

Here we are at the end of session cardio finisher! Sled pulls for time as a team!

How? Professionally designed and coached program in our top of the line gym!

When and where?

BEEfit Youth Summer Program July 10th to September 1st

Wyatt and Sam executing great form on their step up lunges! We guide our young athletes through a real lifting session and we make it FUN!

3 days per week, M/W/F 10-11AM

(designed for ages 8-15 **exceptions outside age ranges can “BEE” made)

The youth training group is being offered three days per week–10-11am, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (starting off on 7-10). 

We cover proper warm up, strength progression principles, form, workout selection, and a “finisher” in each session. After 8 weeks, the student should feel confident to utilize the principles of strength training and to properly navigate a gym without assistance (though we hope he will continue to grow with us of course). 

Chase working his way through the form on the goblet squat in his first weeks of the youth program–he has graduate on to the teen program and is advancing independently with a firm understanding of the principles of strength training, hypertrophy, sports performance, nutrition, and the psychology for sports and self improvement–THESE ARE SKILLS EVERYBODY, ESPECIALLY YOUTHS SHOULD KNOW IN ORDER TO HAVE A BETTER SENSE OF SELF DETERMINATION!

We are definitely the solution for young athletes interested in learning and applying the tools of strength training, improving sports acumen, and to become familiar with the benefits of strength training in order to expand the body, mind, and spirit.

This 8 week course features 24 training sessions with the areas only 


This is a fabulous opportunity to empower the youth and teach them valuable principles that they will utilize for life!

Registration link is below:

Discount for entire program payment, can be paid weekly on payment plan.

Email me any questions please,

BEEfit Training App Free Sample!

Message us to request your FREE invite to utilize two weeks of BEEfit branded training!

This is not some cookie cutter programming.

This is an intermediate level program–we can get easier than this, and we definitely have more challenging and advanced programs.

Logbooks create an additional advantage for training. To be motivated by your own progress in strength is intrinsic motivation and that leads to the long term–delayed gratification goals that hypertrophy/strength training (what we combine to call aesthetic strength training) create a hunger for!

App Description:

Welcome to BEEfit training methods!

This is a sample and introduction to Aesthetic Strength Training from BEEfit:
A balanced approach to strength and physique building centered on classic hypertrophy principles, olympic lifts, mobility, progression, form, and ultimately, creating the most physically fit version of you possible. The BEEfit global approach to muscle building promotes a stable and proportional physique that is suitable for all ages.

This split is a lower body day with shoulders, an upper body day without shoulders, and a total body day. There is also our Nutrition tab for additional information and the opportunity to pose questions to be answered by our lead trainer.

Our programs are typically designed for 12 weeks of periodized progressions. This is an introduction to our methods and approach.

If you would like to train with us with greater direction and on a personalized training app–we are just a quick message away once you’ve set up your app! You can always email us directly though at and we can set up a call or correspond via email.

BEEfit: Ways to bee

BEEfit is the name of our training center and the collection of principles that we utilize to shape our programming, and thus our minds and bodies. 

BEEfit exists to help those that want to improve their fitness with resistance training and nutrition. We believe in the principles of bodybuilding and the applications of strength training to improve the body and mind. This is a holistic approach to training that treats the individual needs by drawing upon the principles and strategies of sports performance. Even if you are not an athlete, your body has demands and needs to express itself athletically and your health and vitality depends upon the enrichment of fitness–in other words, in terms of your body and physicality–USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Let us help you keep and improve your fitness/vitality!

Ways to BEEfit: Our Various Membership Types…

-General Access (Access our world class training center)

-Small Group Personal Training (Access our world class training center plus instructor led training program with App support).

-Personal Training (Access our world class training center and private instructor led training program with App support).

-Group Personal Training (Form your own group and times to meet)

-App Based training–Personalized App program with instructional videos, logbook, 2 way communication with your trainer, alternative workouts/movements, mobility sections, nutritional guidance, and more! All the information and guidance you will need on your fitness journey is available from our app!


311 State Street, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284


Training Center (Best Equipped Gym in Skagit County) 

Coaching (App Based or In Person)

Nutritional Guidance (All ages)

Mobility: Recovery from surgery, injury, overuse, misuse. 

Youth Training (All ages! We have over 5 years preK experience, over 10 years ages 12-17)

Training App

We are continually developing our training App in order to provide a thorough learning experience of the BEEfit principles for our members. This Personalized Training App program features instructional videos, a logbook, two-way communication with your trainer, alternative workouts/movements, mobility tab with instructions on ways to mobilize and clear up motion and movement issues, nutritional guidance tab to keep improving your understanding of nutrition, and more is being added and updated daily! All the information and guidance you will need on your fitness journey is available from our app! (You are always welcome to add some personal training alongside the app to accelerate the journey).

The app provides you with a professional, dedicated, and experienced guide that has not only been thoroughly through the process before–but continues to teach, preach, practice and expand the BEEfit principles.

The app has various levels of programs with different results expected from each. Whether you are a beginner, an athlete prepping for a sport, a bodybuilder, a grandparent, general population, post surgery, postpartum, and everywhere in between–we have a program suited for you.

Instructional videos with each movement.

Clear explanations for each movement.

Most programs are 12 or 8 weeks, broken into 4 week training blocks. Many movements carry over from one cycle of training to the next.

Our App will help you BEE YOUR BEST VERSION.

Would you like to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION call?

Request a call by emailing us your name and number:

Example of the Overview Screen from Coach Ryan’s own program


After a decade of working and training in globo gyms it became evident who was seeing success and why. Training approaches, nutrition, and programming. Which clients saw the most success?  Those that committed to training 3 or more times per week consistently. For training clients, it was essential that we trained in person at least 2 times per week–though as suspected, the more often I trained with the clients, the greater their success. 


So train with a professional trainer 3-5 times per week in order to succeed in fitness…The problem with this is that most people cannot afford to invest the $80 per session 3-5 times per week. This keeps a lot of people from establishing good training habits and following a proper program. Another problem with this is the lack of experienced and dedicated trainers in the marketplace. 


My solution was to create a program for multiple people to get personal training at the same time–thus saving the student lots of money and time. To further improve the experience, I designed the gym to optimize space and access to the equipment. This makes it conducive for efficient and effective training when there are groups training at the same time.


Our program has been refined over the last 5 years of small group training. We have 4 different 12 week courses that we work through each year. These courses are comprised of 4 week “Periodized” training modules. We modify the workouts for individual needs to maximize the benefit of each session. Each session follows a format of mobility and activation, strength, and appropriate finishing sequences. The program guidance is supported by an APP based trainer support and logbook. This app is your means of communicating with your trainer directly, tracking your progress, learning, modifying your training, training even if you don’t make it to class, and getting answers to your fitness/nutrition questions as life presents them!  


The Course:

Aesthetic Strength Training-A balanced approach to strength and physique building centered on classic hypertrophy principles, olympic lifts, mobility, progression, form, and ultimately, creating the most physically fit version of you possible. The BEEfit global approach to muscle building promotes a stable and proportional physique that is suitable for all ages. 


When do we meet?

Monday-Friday 6-7am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 530-7pm

Saturday Core Camp 9-10am (seasonal)


Our current rates for this course are posted in our membership site here:
Option 7

Membership link👇

These rates are less than if you trained with a trainer one time per week for a month. 


Teen Program: Open Enrollment

BEEfit Teen Strength Team– app based programs available to teens everywhere!

Teen Program (Open Enrollment):

Our coaching, accountability, and guidance program features an open enrollment. This means that we are continually growing and welcoming in new members that are interested in progressing their bodies and minds. Our goal is to establish proper training systems that align with individual needs and goals. There is lots of misinformation and blatant PED abuse out there. BEEfit is committed to ALL NATURAL bodybuilding and sports performance. To succeed in this realm, we cultivate the principles of advanced sports nutrition and training. These principles we are constantly progressing with our clients and in our own training. WE PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH and we reap (and share) the rewards.

This program is ideal for teen athletes interested in optimizing their performance and improving their physiques in terms of strength, agility, mobility, stamina, and injury prevention. 

Not an athlete? The program (Strength, agility and nutrition) is still a great option. Being “athletic” is not at all necessary to gain the rewards of the program. The gym is a place where we work on our weaknesses, safely/progressively/wisely overcome failure repeatedly. 

Mental and physical fitness are intertwined. 

Let’s get going! You can always email with questions about the program and other BEEfit offerings. 


Option 9 for Teen Strength Team App and Gym access 

or just the 

Teen Strength Team App 

Step 1–Enroll (can do an initiation/evaluation class as a paid trial and $25 applied towards enrollment). msg to arrange trial class.

Step 2–attend scheduled initiation/evaluation class T/W/Th 530-7pm or Sat at 930 or 10 am.

Step 3– Get app based and goal specific 12 week training program. Also get Meal Guide!

Step 4–Attend personal training classes to work on assigned material at discounted rates ($100 for 4 class punch card) or set up personal training sessions on own or with workout partner (s)–rates vary. 

Step 5- Attend monthly program seminars to review mechanics, answer questions, perform ab training, review nutrition, meet with fellow Teen Strength Team members,  and go over all other details that arise that need to be addressed.

Step 6–Maintain 2 way communication with coach Ryan via the app as you advance through the program. Share training videos, questions, schedule training sessions, etc–your coach is always right there with you.

Step 7-By week 10, have a plan in place with coach Ryan to evaluate and set up next 12 week plan. (Plans vary in type, intensity, frequency, goals, etc). 


Email to request a call or correspond via email.