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Tim has been dropping 2-3 pounds of fat per week!

Member Appreciation Post! (& testimonial) for Tim Y.

Tim has lost over 25 pounds in his first three months at BEEfit. All while improving his movement patterns and adding strength!

He consistently attends the gym and is a member of our small group personal training class that meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights 530-7pm. This group gets in person personal training at those times, and they follow our training app that is designed by BEEfit, has all videos produced in house, and is taught by our lead trainer. The app explains everything. All you do is fill in your work as you go! Mobility, optimized workouts, nutrition, recovery, substitutions, and two-way communication with your trainer…getting all your fitness guidance from one expert source eliminates contradiction, saves time, saves $, and lets you focus on your efforts and have more time to do the things you love! 

Read all about Tim’s experiences in the full testimonial at ryanbeefit.com!

Below are a few excerpts: 

What is your favorite thing about BEEfit? 

The atmosphere. While everyone I have met at Beefit is friendly and willing to answer questions or give help where needed, it is still a no nonsense, no frills gym. Everyone there is serious about fitness. The Gym has all the equipment and space you need to get in,  get your workout done and get on with the rest of your life. 

What has training at BEEfit helped you with the most? 

I have learned so much during this fitness journey. From the weight loss, to the muscle improvement. I Joined the weightlifting class which is more like a group personal training session with Ryan. This has helped me learn how to do the exercises safely and properly. Ryan designs and schedules the workouts to meet my needs where I am at in my journey. They are challenging but achievable. 

What has been the most difficult part of the process for you?

To be honest the hardest part was just getting started. In the begging I had no idea what I was doing (even though I thought I did) The idea of having to learn all these new exercise routines, Completely change my eating patterns, let go of old ideas and habits, quite frankly it was a little overwhelming. 



Why did you decide to start working out/ why do you workout?

👉I decided to start working out mostly because Ryan offered a start-up deal and my wife encouraged me to take advantage of it since she’d been going to the gym for about a year and liked it. Also, at 62, I really started to feel my body declining. My weight was creeping up. The activities that had been very easy for me were becoming difficult, and those that had been difficult, well, I just wasn’t doing them any more. I had to commit to something that would improve and preserve my health so that I could maintain the quality of life I had enjoyed up to this point.

What was your biggest concern when you started? 

👉My biggest concern was maintaining the effort to simply show up. Also, I didn’t want to hurt myself.

The former is a matter of individual discipline and will. It also really helped that my wife was going 4-5x/week. Ryan’s training helped avoid the latter. He helped me work around a snowboard injury; I continued the workouts while not exacerbating the shoulder injury.

What is your favorite thing about lifting? Least favorite?

👉My favorite thing about lifting is the stretch involved in most exercises. And when seeing the results after a couple of months, I like knowing that my efforts are really paying off. Least favorite is by far the bulgarian split squat. I also hate doing enough reps that I can’t do another one.

What is your favorite thing about BEEfit?

👉My favorite thing about BEEfit is the quality and variety of the equipment, the cleanliness and organization. I like that Ryan has built a rigorous but very doable routine on a 12 week cycle, so boredom is not an issue. And the results are awesome. But I’ve worked hard for them.

What has training at BEEfit helped you with the most?

👉I’ve lost the fat (15 lbs) that I was building as I slid into an unhealthy lifestyle. I’ve maintained flexibility while slowly building muscle and really improving muscle tone. Plus, my confidence in my ability to do recreational activities has really increased.

What has been the most difficult part of the process for you?

👉The most difficult part is going to the gym when it would be so much easier to sleep in or sit at home and eat delicious potato chips. Essentially, the difficult part has been building the habit of working out.

What has been the easiest part of the process for you?

👉Frankly, the easiest part is completing the workout once I’ve arrived at the gym and simply got started. It’s a little like going to the office and simply doing your job.

What has been the biggest change you’ve noticed in yourself since starting a BEEfit training program?

👉The biggest physical change is my ability to do any activity with more confidence. I don’t walk around shirtless very often, but I’m proud of the toned body all my workouts have produced. I like knowing that if I keep this up, I have many years ahead of the quality of life I really want.

What do you need the most help with going forward (area of most needed improvement)?

👉Going forward, I’ll need continuing advice regarding nutrition and how it promotes the most benefits of the workouts. 

If someone asked you if they should train at BEEfit/set out on a BEEfit program, what would you tell them?

👇I would tell them that the weight training programs that Ryan puts together produce profound results as long as you put in the effort. Ryan has the knowledge and experience to address any concerns, and has and will customize the workouts to meet specific goals. Developing the discipline to regularly workout positively impacts most other aspects of your life.


Danielle W:

Ryan BEE Da Best!
I had this plan to continue my health routine by trying weightlifting. Did a little research for a personal trainer in Jan2024, and what drew me to BeeFit Gym was Ryan’s cunning/ motivational videos and biography. Focused on me, he created a nutrition and weightlifting plan. All I had to do was sleep and the muscle hypertrophy just happened. Ok, not really it took me showing up, and Ryan’s meticulous guidance through each session with emphasis on good form, centric and eccentric movements.
I love weightlifting now! I feel great and have amazing muscular and mobility improvements throughout my body.
If you want to improve or start weightlifting, I Highly recommend you check out BeeFit Gym and schedule a training sesh with Ryan. Did I mention that he is just an awesome people and passionate in helping others achieve their health ambitions. Mic drop.

Danielle squeezing out some incline Dumbbell presses!


Lawrence Lewis: “I’ve been with BeeFit for over a year now, and with Ryan’s support and guidance both with exercise and nutrition, it’s definitely helped me make a positive impact on my overall health! Around 15 months ago my stats were 21% body fat with 184 lbs. of lean body mass and 49 lbs. of fat. Since then, with consistent exercise and dietary changes, my recent measurements were 14% body fat with 197 lbs. of lean body mass and 30 lbs of fat! I still have more to go (and grow), and I’m positive it’ll happen in due time with hard work on my end and the continued support of BeeFit.”

Before @ 21% bodyfat
After at 14 % body fat

“I have always struggled with losing weight and keeping that weight off. I played soccer year round and was frustrated that I saw no result. I didn’t have the proper guidance in the beginning of my weight lose journey. I didn’t know what I should be eating or how much I should be eating, and how I should be properly working out. But, once I got the right teacher everything became easier. Ryan provided me with the right guidance and made my journey move along a lot quicker than before. Thanks to Ryan I have been able to reach my goal and set a new one for the future.”–Jake

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Ryan Bee at BEEfit is an amazing instructor. He is a fitness expert who will motivate you and customize your workout so that it best fits your needs. At BEEfit you’ll find a studio atmosphere that is personable, clean, and well equipped. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning exercises that have greatly increased both my mobility and strength. I would highly recommend training at BEEfit!

-Olivia Foulke, educator