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We want to give you some abs and show you our dream gym! We are so convinced that you’ll love it, like COSTCO–we are giving you a free sample!


By teaching you our methods for proper activation and our favorite selection and sequence of ab moves!



Bonus–day pass to access BEEfit!

Simply fill out the training waiver profile from the link below!

WHEN? 2-3-24 8 AM

FILL out the waiver and…

You will receive a confirmation email and a free day pass to access BEEfit on 2-3-24!

Ab Class is at 8am and should be completed in less than an hour (as little as 20 minutes for some). 

YOU GET A FREE DAY PASS TO OUR GYM 2-3-24 once you fill out the waiver (first time users only).

To access gym after you have your username and password set up with your training waiver profile:

DOWNLOAD BeeFit LLC app from the App Store.

Enter username and password as you created them.

Upper right corner you should have a small barcode.

Click on it to enlarge it.

Hold 4-8″ below scanner at front or back door.

You will hear a recognition click, Open door.

Come enjoy the best ab workout you’ve ever gotten and experience the best gym layout in the history of Skagit County!

We have worked in and worked out in easily over 100 gyms in our lifetime–we set ours up to provide the best mix of tools and space for the ultimate training experience.

When it comes to being and becoming your best version–BEEfit is your place!

No Gym Attendance Plan to lose fat and feel better!

What does this program entail?

Daily at home abdominal training workouts that are done in less than six minutes. 

✅ 1 to 2 meals replaced by practitioner grade supplement shake. (& taking daily all in one super greens.)

✅3 separate ten minute walks everyday. 

30-60-90 days? This should be sustainable, maintainable, and impressionable upon your physique in the sense that you should experience healthy fat loss. 

-Reasons it works—your body is getting adequate protein from your diet, you are getting your micronutrients from your All-N-1, your abs are actively engaged, you have raised your daily NEAT (non-exercise activity) and thus are likely to be burning more calories than you consume—so long as you are not going crazy on your eating for the other meals per day.

-Eat protein centric for your other meals—Ready to do more? Get exact macros for your goals with BEEfit coaching!

Consistency is key.

We don’t need to be crazy with this, we need to be consistent. There are no shortcuts, but there are more sure cuts. I back my recommendations and I abhor BS, so you can trust that I have thoroughly tested out these principles on myself and my clients clearly demonstrated success.

1-Order the recommended nutritional support from the Practitioner Brand I recommend.

Supplements to order from dotFIT

All-N-1, Wheysmooth and pre/post, or

All-N-1, whey smooth and Lean MR.

(Lean MR is a meal replacement shake–not good for pre and post workouts but great for holding over hunger and being satiating–Pre/Post is similar, but faster to digest and no fat so it is not as filling for as long like the lean mr is…you get the whey smooth in addition to one of the other powders because you are adding the Protein concentrate from the Wheysmooth to the other powders to make a more filling shake and get your daily protein intake up).

2-Move everyday (abs in am, walk 30 minutes per day in 3 10 minute walks after meals).

Here are Three at home ab moves for a six pack–the 3rd sequence is the “Easiest”. Either alternate 1,2,3 or 1 and 2 or 2 and 3. (Really any combination is good, just nice for variety)


a-Reverse crunch x 20 or failure, b-Russian Twist x 30 seconds


a-Bicycle Crunch x 30 or failure, b-Side Plank x 30 seconds


a-Plank for max/60 seconds, b-Russian Twist (if able to do one minute plank +, advance to plank reach or other plank advancement.

The program for zero gym at home weight loss explained…

Your habits decide your future…

What are you doing? You are a human being, doing what?

What are you consuming with your attention, where are you spending your time?


Where do you want to be?

How do you want to get there?

Who do you want to be?

Again, why? Define your why, and then apply a principled strategy…

Take on the habits of the person you want to be and discard the traits, habits, actions that do not align with WHO YOU WANT TO BE. 

To foster this positive habitual change, BEEfit is here. We have been doing habit change for over a decade now–beginning foremost with ourselves! In other words, we practice what we preach and have an intimate understanding of the fitness journey (read our bio).

-Pick your coaching interaction: 

-one on one in person training, 

-in person training with your buddies, 

-supremely discounted personal training in the small group class with app support, 

-app based training (no in person contact, but 2 way communication with coach, personalized app, meal plan, ongoing technical support), 

-OR just get a BEEfit gym membership and access the amazing training space.

-ALL members and clients get 20% off our practitioner grade supplement affiliate–dotFIT, the only brand we use, recommend, and trust for all the right reasons: Efficacy, Value, Quality, Quantitative, Synergistic= NO Logical reason to utilize anything else.

All Personal Training clients get a training app!

-Weekly/daily check-ins with your experienced health coach.

-personalized training app with 1000s of videos, modifications, mobilizations, and the 8-12 week program for you to confidently work through (program based on your capabilities, goals, schedule, equipment access).

It isn’t too late for improvement—AT ANY AGE, FROM ANY STARTING POINT. It is too soon to quit!

Quit? Yes, your habits are either admitting defeat or they are upsetting defeat. What is worthwhile is rarely easy. But we seek to make the most worthwhile habit creation (fitness) as easy as possible by providing the right information for each individual and their situation. 

BEEfit exists to help you make fitness an enjoyable habit and for you to get the most from your body! We do this by advocating the principles and practices we know work best, while shooting down the nonsensical and misinformed “Fads” and “Trends” that don’t benefit us. At BEEfit, you are protected from the fakes, phonies, charlatans, haters, intimidators, agitators, and gators (no reptiles allowed, haha…just making sure you’re reading).

You probably know you are ready for some positive changes in your life. Addressing your physical health with a program from BEEfit will be the biggest and most positive step you can take in the proper direction. We are your one stop shop for fitness. Here to guide you through nutrition, mobility, strength, hypertrophy (muscle building), recovery, and putting it all together consistently so that you are positively progressing and avoiding plateaus and pitfalls. 

Ready to BEEfit? Join today or message me with your questions. We are here to magnify your positive efforts and to support you on your fitness journey!

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Move over Gatorade, BEER is here! (orig. posted years ago) –update with ‘Dry January’ & Dry Year…

So you have decided, for one good reason or another, to give ‘Dry’ January or a ‘Dry’ year a try…let’s first congratulate you on this great and bold decision. In a society and world that overwhelmingly encourages imbibing alcohol, to not drink alcohol is like an act of subversion. You are often asked to explain yourself–“Why aren’t you drinking?” When really it is the drinker that should ask themselves, “Why am I drinking?”

Well we aren’t going to change the world’s addictions with that reverse postulation. But, we are the consumers that drive the market. Don’t buy products, and the products offered change. Currently in there US there is a surge of offerings for non-drinkers when they are saddled with drinkers–the “MOCKtail Menu” expansion. Quick aside: Linguistically–“Mocktail” and “Dry January” are condescending terms to say the least. How about–“Non Poisonous Beverages” or “Physically, emotionally, and mentally present month”? NPB or PEMPM for brevity and acronym appreciation. Just a thought…I mentioned in this article (originally posted years ago as an ode to NA beer and its benefits) that Germany now drinks more NA (NON-ALCOHOLIC) beer than regular beer.

Here’s the story on NA beer…

Beer as a sport’s drink? There is more science and evidence behind the consumption of non-alcoholic beer to aid in recovery than there is for Gatorade or other “sports” drinks. Performance drinks like Gatorade are not that popular in Germany and non-alcoholic beer can be found in vending machines at sports clubs there. Germany’s love for beer was well publicized around the 2018 Winter Olympic games with Germany brewer, Krombacher outfitting them with over 3,500 liters of the non-alcoholic beer and an additional 11,000 liters of their alcoholic version. 

Why beer though? Based upon a double blind study conducted by Johannes Scherr, (financed by a brewing company), in which he gave runners in the 2009 Munich Marathon nonalcoholic beer every day for three weeks before and two weeks after the race. These runners suffered significantly less inflammation and fewer upper respiratory infections after the race than runners who had been given a placebo.

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This study was conducted by Scherr to determine if there were in fact health benefits to beer, specifically non-alcoholic beer. “After that, we really had the proof: It’s really healthy and not only a marketing gag,” said Holger Eichele, the chief executive of the German Brewers Association. From 2011 to 2016, German consumption of nonalcoholic beer grew 43 percent even as overall beer consumption declined, according to Euromonitor International. Brewers developed new techniques to improve the flavor and offer more varieties of non-alcoholic beers. In response there’s now more than 400 nonalcoholic beers on the market in Germany. Iran is the only nation that consumes more non-alcoholic beer. As German alpine skier Linus Strasser says,  “It tastes good, and it’s good for the body,” adding, “It’s isotonic. That’s why it’s good for us sports guys.”

An isotonic solution is a solution that has the same salt concentration as cells and blood. Think of an IV bag that you drink and tastes like beer because…it is beer. Further evidence needed?

Chilean doctors did another study on non-alcoholic beer in 2016. This study took seven professional soccer players of similar age and experience and put them through a double blind study. This study was not funded by any third parties like the German study, most notably, not funded by a brewer.

Conclusion of the 2016 Chilean study:

“The consumption of 0.7 L of non-alcoholic beer before exercise could help maintain blood electrolyte homeostasis during exercise. The consumption of 0.7 L of alcoholic beer before exercise increased plasma K+ and decreased plasma Na+ during exercise, which could negatively affect sport performance and health. Water ingestion before exercise also resulted in a decrease in plasma Na+ during exercise. Non-alcoholic beer, but not alcoholic beer or water, may be an effective sports drink before exercise.” In simple terms, non-alcoholic beer helps you maintain your electrolyte balance, and thus, heighten your endurance.

Based on these studies, the success of the German sports programs use of non alcoholic (The 2014 World Cup winning side became the first european nation to win a World Cup in the Southern hemisphere–Brazil. They had lots and lots of non-alcoholic beer), advocation from numerous athletes from around the globe, and my own experiences using non-alcoholic beer, it is recommended to ingest non-alcoholic beer for its numerous health benefits–and yes, it should replace your Gatorade and it should be part of your pre and post workout hydration and recovery plan.

In addition to the clinical studies on non-alcoholic beer, let’s review some of the “Benefits” of beer that are sure to exist in non-alcoholic beer (it just won’t make you dance better or other people prettier).  

Beer contains polyphenols and antioxidants from the wheat, barley and hops. In addition to helping reduce inflammation, these wonderful beer byproducts are evidenced to boost the immune system, especially in the upper respiratory tract. Let’s also not forget XANTHOHUMOL, a flavonoid in beer, which has been proven in clinical studies to improve cognitive function.

Then there’s all the anecdotal evidence…beer can protect your heart, prevent kidney stones, lower bad cholesterol, strengthen bones, reduce stress, improve memory and do your taxes. (No, not the last part, just making sure you’re paying attention). 

The known and assumed benefits of beer are even greater in nonalcoholic beer as proven by the above named studies and the known detriment of alcohol. There ARE benefits for 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day for adult males, and 1 alcoholic drink per day for females, but all benefits are lost once one exceeds those amounts and we all know too well how difficult those lines are. In other words, alcoholic drinks are not a health tonic, but you can and should consider a nonalcoholic beer as a health tonic and sports drink. 

Other things of note in terms of NA beer (nonalcoholic beer) are that there are far fewer calories compared to its alcoholic counterpart. In addition to reaping all the known and associated health benefits from beer, many athletes struggle to get the replenishment necessary for continuous bouts of exercise. NA beer is emerging as a great response for this need. Many brewing companies are fashioning entire lines of NA beer to satisfy this expanding market. These brewers don’t seem to be dead set on punishing a drinker for choosing a NA beer, which is a far pour from their predecessors (Odouls, Sharps, etc). Like their predecessors, NA brewers are kind enough to package the product the same while also helping you feel the experience by charging you every bit as much as the supremely tasty micro-beer just down the aisle–so don’t worry, the experience is maintained. (Not complaining by the way, the cost of production for NA beer is no less than that of it’s crazy uncle Al).

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AN OLD favorite from Athletic Brewing–THEIR QUALITY HAS GONE DOWN while others have emerged in the market place–so they’re low on my preferences these days.
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The original “popular” NA beer–fairly close to Euro pilsners–not as good as West Coast USA hop belt creations IMO–but better than wasting your mind on booze!

My top two brewing companies that you can find just about anywhere for NA beer are the German brewer Clausthaler, and the American brewing company, Athletic Brewing out of Stratford, Connecticut. I would compare the lager from Clausthaler to a refreshing Rainier beer/Heineken/pilsner, while the Athletic Brewing Company offers an array of beers currently, three of which I have had many of, and enjoyed. The three I have had and liked are the “All out extra dark”–which is essentially a stout. The “Run Wild IPA”–which is a malt forward IPA with a touch of citrus. My favorite of these is the “Upside Dawn Golden Ale”–it is crisp and refreshing and tastes super great after a workout! The NA beer market as a whole will be predicated by the promotion of NA beer as a health drink. In the name alone and with sports celebrity endorsements, Athletic brewing has signified this and brands like Gruvi are right there with the science backed taglines. 

BEST of the Near Beer Best?


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Attempt Block Recovery

I use NA beer in the crucial pre and post workout windows, and throughout the day–literally whenever I feel the want. I love having them along for before, during, and after hikes. For bodybuilding specifically, NA beer has been very helpful in the “Carb Up” process leading into a show, to keep inflammation down, and to help calm the nerves leading up to performing near naked in front of judges and an audience. 

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In the end for me, NA beer has been a godsend. I love beer. I have been drinking it since I was a kid, no kidding. I was a very unofficial, rather inebriated, and unapologetic spokesman for Rainier Beer as, “Ranierman” for many years (picture attached). I understand the thirst for beer. Furthermore, I know my thirst for beer with alcohol in it doesn’t produce my finer moments and hinders my ability to progress to the person I want to be. Alternatively, I have discovered through research and application that NA beer aids and promotes my progress. NA beer alternatives offer a healthy option to those looking to maintain social connections in alcoholic environments without stigma and with all the benefits of beer (minus the clouding of inhibition). NA beer also provides a myriad of health benefits that warrant its inclusion into the daily diet. The evolution of NA beer in regards to science backed proof of its benefits and the expansion of brewing technology and marketplace, promises more good brews to come!

“ NA beer leaves me with no restrictions-I can have the beer whenever and not have to worry about any side effects of alcohol like impairment, dehydration, or a hang over. NA beer really lets me unwind and not worry about a thing, and it does not sacrifice on taste. That helps me get the fluids necessary to keep my body running”


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2019 Ironman Overall Victory

“I Drank NA beer throughout my prep and especially the night before in my Carb Up process! I prefer Clauthauler or Athletic Brewing Company for my NA beers.” …Ryan Bee, Classic Physique overall winner 2019 NW Ironman Naturally, WNBF physique Pro, and owner/creator of BEEfit training systems and studios.


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