Your habits decide your future…

Your habits decide your future…

What are you doing? You are a human being, doing what?

What are you consuming with your attention, where are you spending your time?


Where do you want to be?

How do you want to get there?

Who do you want to be?

Again, why? Define your why, and then apply a principled strategy…

Take on the habits of the person you want to be and discard the traits, habits, actions that do not align with WHO YOU WANT TO BE. 

To foster this positive habitual change, BEEfit is here. We have been doing habit change for over a decade now–beginning foremost with ourselves! In other words, we practice what we preach and have an intimate understanding of the fitness journey (read our bio).

-Pick your coaching interaction: 

-one on one in person training, 

-in person training with your buddies, 

-supremely discounted personal training in the small group class with app support, 

-app based training (no in person contact, but 2 way communication with coach, personalized app, meal plan, ongoing technical support), 

-OR just get a BEEfit gym membership and access the amazing training space.

-ALL members and clients get 20% off our practitioner grade supplement affiliate–dotFIT, the only brand we use, recommend, and trust for all the right reasons: Efficacy, Value, Quality, Quantitative, Synergistic= NO Logical reason to utilize anything else.

All Personal Training clients get a training app!

-Weekly/daily check-ins with your experienced health coach.

-personalized training app with 1000s of videos, modifications, mobilizations, and the 8-12 week program for you to confidently work through (program based on your capabilities, goals, schedule, equipment access).

It isn’t too late for improvement—AT ANY AGE, FROM ANY STARTING POINT. It is too soon to quit!

Quit? Yes, your habits are either admitting defeat or they are upsetting defeat. What is worthwhile is rarely easy. But we seek to make the most worthwhile habit creation (fitness) as easy as possible by providing the right information for each individual and their situation. 

BEEfit exists to help you make fitness an enjoyable habit and for you to get the most from your body! We do this by advocating the principles and practices we know work best, while shooting down the nonsensical and misinformed “Fads” and “Trends” that don’t benefit us. At BEEfit, you are protected from the fakes, phonies, charlatans, haters, intimidators, agitators, and gators (no reptiles allowed, haha…just making sure you’re reading).

You probably know you are ready for some positive changes in your life. Addressing your physical health with a program from BEEfit will be the biggest and most positive step you can take in the proper direction. We are your one stop shop for fitness. Here to guide you through nutrition, mobility, strength, hypertrophy (muscle building), recovery, and putting it all together consistently so that you are positively progressing and avoiding plateaus and pitfalls. 

Ready to BEEfit? Join today or message me with your questions. We are here to magnify your positive efforts and to support you on your fitness journey!

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