We want to give you some abs and show you our dream gym! We are so convinced that you’ll love it, like COSTCO–we are giving you a free sample!


By teaching you our methods for proper activation and our favorite selection and sequence of ab moves!



Bonus–day pass to access BEEfit!

Simply fill out the training waiver profile from the link below!

WHEN? 2-3-24 8 AM

FILL out the waiver and…

You will receive a confirmation email and a free day pass to access BEEfit on 2-3-24!

Ab Class is at 8am and should be completed in less than an hour (as little as 20 minutes for some). 

YOU GET A FREE DAY PASS TO OUR GYM 2-3-24 once you fill out the waiver (first time users only).

To access gym after you have your username and password set up with your training waiver profile:

DOWNLOAD BeeFit LLC app from the App Store.

Enter username and password as you created them.

Upper right corner you should have a small barcode.

Click on it to enlarge it.

Hold 4-8″ below scanner at front or back door.

You will hear a recognition click, Open door.

Come enjoy the best ab workout you’ve ever gotten and experience the best gym layout in the history of Skagit County!

We have worked in and worked out in easily over 100 gyms in our lifetime–we set ours up to provide the best mix of tools and space for the ultimate training experience.

When it comes to being and becoming your best version–BEEfit is your place!

Posted on: January 29, 2024Ryan

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