Reasons why employers are adding BEEfit wellness programs:

-Training with a professional trainer and in a properly structured environment raises the potential for program adherence, progress, and formulation of the wellness habit.

-Employee retention/acquisition.

-Employees enjoy the perk of reimbursement for their gym memberships. 

-Increase Employee Productivity.

-Training Regularly and Properly produces better energy, focus, and performance.

-Decrease Sick days. 

“Although wellness programs have costs, they also reduce absenteeism, boost employee morale and make an excellent additional employee benefit that’s worth touting during the hiring process.”


“These findings support the idea that employees should be provided opportunities and encouraged to participate in regular exercise, as this has the potential to benefit both employers (higher productivity) and employees (higher work ability and health outcomes)..”


*Individuals that strength train 2 x or more per week will be 30-50% on average more productive than those that don’t. Do that math. Not only are your employees that strength train sick less days, they are far more productive when on the clock. This is a win-win situation.

More reasons… 

-Decrease Workplace accident rate.

-Increase Employee Wellness (Social, Physical, and Mental Health markers improved).

-Decrease Company Healthcare Expenditure.

-Improve worker morale/camaraderie.

-Employee Incentive Programs. 

*attendance based reimbursement/rewards.

-App Based Training Programs .

-Fully Equipped and locally owned Gym with controlled access.

-Professional Coaching/Guidance available at a variety of costs.


Lateral movements and suspension trainers…it is our goal to extend your PLAY SPAN!

-Nutritional Guidance from Professional All Natural Bodybuilder and Certified trainer with over 20 years experience! 

COACH RYAN AND OWNER OF BEEFIT…YEAH…you don’t attain this physique all naturally without really understanding all the principles that factor into your physique. Training, Nutrition, Recovery, program balance–and advanced understanding of those systems to maximize performance, aesthetics, and mental acuity.

**ALL CORPORATE ACCOUNT MEMBERS WILL GET EXPERT NUTRITIONAL GUIDES WITH MEMBERSHIPS based off of their own starting points and goals–updated every 30 days upon request! This is a $200 per guide value! FREE!

**(80% of physical change is from nutrition alone)

-Skagit County’s best selection of equipment.

-Train in an environment designed for optimal efficiency and quality!

-Controlled Access = feels like your own private gym and accessible whenever you need!

-You choose your approach = Train independently, train independently with a personally designed app, train with Professional All Natural Bodybuilder and Certified trainer solo-with a buddy–or in our small group personal training classes!

PAM working the sled at the end of Leg day! Sled work is so great for our muscles and to reinforce knee heath! The sled can be used for a variety of applications and levels of athlete.


-Set up corporate account with corporate contact person

-Agree upon attendance per 30 days for employee reimbursement/etc.

-Set up additional program options

-Establish additional incentive programs (Most visits in 30 days, fat loss in a year comp, muscle gained, % of family attending gym 8 times + per month, etc)

-Set up a company sign up program (We can have an in person event, web link, phone list, special training night at BEEfit–lots of ways to get this information out!).

-Inform employees of the program and enroll in BEEfit!

Tim completing some dumbbell skull crushers for a tricep muscle engagement as Kyle transitions from one movement to another during our Small Group Personal Training Class–this class if available 5 days per week, am and pm–read about it in our course descriptions!


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