BEEfit Youth Summer Program year 2!

BEEfit Youth Summer Program year 2!

This is our second year of this program and we are as excited as ever to share our joy for the process and principles of proper strength training!


Eli and Jace enjoying the “Pump” from their lifting session. Inspiring and motivating each other to work hard and bee consistent!


Provide the guidance and information necessary for students to gain proficiency in common movement patterns essential to the development of a balance muscle build.

Here we are at the end of session cardio finisher! Sled pulls for time as a team!

How? Professionally designed and coached program in our top of the line gym!

When and where?

BEEfit Youth Summer Program July 10th to September 1st

Wyatt and Sam executing great form on their step up lunges! We guide our young athletes through a real lifting session and we make it FUN!

3 days per week, M/W/F 10-11AM

(designed for ages 8-15 **exceptions outside age ranges can “BEE” made)

The youth training group is being offered three days per week–10-11am, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (starting off on 7-10). 

We cover proper warm up, strength progression principles, form, workout selection, and a “finisher” in each session. After 8 weeks, the student should feel confident to utilize the principles of strength training and to properly navigate a gym without assistance (though we hope he will continue to grow with us of course). 

Chase working his way through the form on the goblet squat in his first weeks of the youth program–he has graduate on to the teen program and is advancing independently with a firm understanding of the principles of strength training, hypertrophy, sports performance, nutrition, and the psychology for sports and self improvement–THESE ARE SKILLS EVERYBODY, ESPECIALLY YOUTHS SHOULD KNOW IN ORDER TO HAVE A BETTER SENSE OF SELF DETERMINATION!

We are definitely the solution for young athletes interested in learning and applying the tools of strength training, improving sports acumen, and to become familiar with the benefits of strength training in order to expand the body, mind, and spirit.

This 8 week course features 24 training sessions with the areas only 


This is a fabulous opportunity to empower the youth and teach them valuable principles that they will utilize for life!

Registration link is below:

Discount for entire program payment, can be paid weekly on payment plan.

Email me any questions please,

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