Train with our lead trainer in a private setting with all the tools and none of the distractions! Plus you can access these tools 24/7 so you can train with or without your trainer!

For the first time in a long time, we have availability for a few new personal training clients.

Times 7/8am M-F, 4pm M-F…other times available per request.

This is the way to create a new habit, level up, and learn the principles that will serve for the foundation of your fitness.

You will be training with our lead trainer, owner, operator, RYAN.

Ryan has a multidisciplinary approach, drawing upon a background in teaching, all natural bodybuilding, surgery and injury rehabilitation, yoga, pilates, powerlifting, plyometrics, and advanced mobilization to shape his training.

Nutritional guidance to support your training is one of the biggest pieces of clarity that working with Ryan will bring you. We provide you with the right information so you can make your informed decisions as you develop and shape and advance your fitness habit.

The right movements for your body and the nutrition to attain the goals you have for yourself.

When you are ready to stop guessing and start progressing, you are ready to BEEfit.

Message us today to schedule your free consultation call.

For in person training: We have room for one full time client, possibly two part time.

Let’s BEE your best version. Let’s BEEfit

Additional training options:

✅ Buddy training/ build your own group (booking a private session with others).

🐝 Personal training class T/W/TH 530-7PM


Here is an example of the main screen on the training app, showing the workout split.
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Posted on: April 13, 2024Ryan

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