30 Day All-N-One Challenge

30 Day All-N-One Challenge

We are going to keep it simple here. (Yes I over-provided videos explanations).

For the next 30 days, focus on hydration, getting 4 servings of veggies (2 more since you get 2 in the All-N-1), protein centric eating–knowingly get lean protein at every meal.

Every morning, 2 large glasses of water upon waking up (one glass being the Apple Cider Vinegar, dash of Himalayan salt, scoop of Muscle Defender, and the other just a dash of salt), and then your daily ab series: 2 motions 1-3 x’s through and off you go! (Videos explaining this all here on this page!)

Our intent here is to implement sustainable healthy habits. Keep it simple. Utilizing the NSF certified product line from dotFIT insures we are getting REAL nutritional support and this is crucial, as you need these nutrients to provide what they claim since we are using them to fill in nutritional gaps in our diet and to help us incur a daily caloric deficit. When you take non-certified supplements, you are gambling on your health and pointlessly so–As there isn’t a more affordable variation of practitioner grade supplementation and taking underformulated, contaminated, and contradictory MASS MARKET SUPPS is a surefire way to slow down your progress and downright inhibit your success. KEEP IN MIND: the flashy ads in the social media feed and other supplement fads are A WASTE OF TIME, $, AND offer little to no benefits. For over 30 years we have been lifting weights and there are only a handful of proven beneficial supplements. Better yet, human beings have been around for quite some time–only our environment has changed slightly-mostly in terms of our daily activity, or lack thereof. Yes, our nutritional needs have varied because of this change in environment and sedentary lifestyles. But this is mostly in terms of the nutritive content of the foods we eat and the need for our daily exercise.

What you do:

đź’§Increase daily water intake—especially first thing. (see apple cider vinegar ritual.) 1 oz per pound of bodyweight goal. 

🥬Daily greens and protein shake (a.m. or p.m. in replacement of a meal)

(get 25 to 40 g of protein in that shake depending on your needs/weight). 

WALK…Break up sedentary habits and increase NEAT with đź‘‡

Eat more protein…why…

It is more filling, burns more calories (TEF), less likely to overeat (compared to carbs and fats), aids in muscle retention/recovery/promotion aka MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis), and you are likely not getting enough in your diet as it is….Yes we could/can calculate to be even more accurate, but getting that precise when you have had ZERO TO LITTLE adherence to this point, wouldn’t be pointless, but more stressful than beneficial, take more time and likely lessen the likelihood of consistency. Long story short, keep it simple–100 g/ fist sized lean protein source at every meal, OK?

Want to accelerate things without overdoing it?


⏰3 10 minute walks. (preferably after meals.)

A little bit more…daily 5 minute abs in the morning before food…

2 different simple circuits. (Day 1ab, day 2ab, alternate daily: 2-6 days per week)

1a-Reverse crunch x 20 or failure

1b-Russian Twist x 30 seconds or failure

2a-Bicycle Crunch x 30 or failure

2b-Side Plank x 30 seconds or failure

Simple changes that result in healthy fat loss? 10 pounds for most. 


Here’s your first bit of essential reading…

Read this article to better understand your body


Apple Cider vinegar morning ritual👇

2 Tall glasses of water upon waking! 1 ACV, salt, Muscle defender. Other just dash of salt and H2O.

There is your 2 glasses of water upon waking, now here is your ab series…first video is full explanation and then just video of how to do abs day A and abs day B. Rotate days, A,B up to 6 days per week.

Full explanation of Abs

Here’s your link for your all in one, and whey smooth! I recommend vanilla (+frozen blueberries for your shake…and add mint sprigs, trust me.)👇 (probably get pre/post vanilla as well and muscle defender for you apple cider vinegar morning ritual–gut health/hydration/recovery)


Want to accelerate fat loss even more? Add a ten minute walk after 3 meals each day. Three separate walks each day for 10 minutes. Consistency is key. If you must, combine into a single 30 minute walk–but there are greater benefits in the three 10 minute walks after each meal vs. 1 @ 30.


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