Are you healthier today than you were yesterday?

Are you healthier today than you were yesterday?

Are you healthier today than you were yesterday? Did you gain a good/bad habit or did you lose one? In other words, did you move forward, or did you move backwards? It is unlikely that you stayed in the same place–that’s a matter of physics and spirituality. For many of us the pattern of our progressions is a dance, with one step forward, one step back, two forward, one back, one to the side, and so on we freestyle dance and advance (or dissipate) our ways through life. 

Does it have to be this way? Do we have to wander our way on the dance floor of life? Of course not. Professionals and experts with lots of knowledge and experience exist to guide us in every dance imaginable. 

But what if you don’t want to dance? Firstly, the “Dance,” is a metaphor for any human act upon which we can improve. Secondly, everyone wants to dance, many of us just like the freedom of movement to do so. (Inhibition is just one way to lose freedom). 

There are certain dances, or human acts, that will improve everyday life and expand one’s play span. What is a, “Play Span.” Well think of lifespan. How many years in that life are quality, full activity and capability years? Most people just look at age 50 as their cutoff for an exuberant, play-filled life. In actuality, it should be from womb to tomb that we are active. Our nutrition and our own self-driven motion and movement dictate the play span. Of course genetics make a large input, but if you control your nutrition and have a progressive program of motion and movement that properly addresses the musculoskeletal system, you are setting yourself up for success. Doing anything less has the opposite effect. 

The habit of health therefore is built around nutrition, activity, recovery, and the equitable process of steady progress within those variables. Harmonizing your mind and body with these progressional habits is key to success in fitness. 

Time to make healthy changes? 

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