5th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatfest!! 

5th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatfest!! 

FREE EVENT. RSVP ryanbeefit@gmail.com


facebook event sign up please!


5th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatfest 


(311 State St.) 12/23 @ 9am BEE early for warm up!

RSVP ryanbeefit@gmail.com or use facebook event sign up link at ryanbeefit.com!


Wear your ugly Christmas sweater or super fun, festive Christmas attire (past winners include: John McLane-Die Hard, Elves, Santa…) and work your way through our 12 stations of Christmas! Two people per station, 12 stations, modifications for those stations made if you need! You will show up, the instructor will help you warm up, then we will explain the stations, and off we sweat! Rocking Xmas tunes, laughs & more!

The winner of best dressed, will have their name engraved on our trophy and win a prize!

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-Ryanbeefit.com for further information or message ryanbeefit@gmail.com with Q’s

For now…let’s


Well, it might take more than this one workout, but you will get some of the best insights on how to do fitness right, and FREE OF CHARGE.

Show up in some fun holiday attire (Dress to impress comedically).

Rally through the 12 stages of Xmas after a brisk warm up.

Enjoy the humor and leadership of the coach and leave in less than an hour after having burned 300-750 calories.

RSVP below via Facebook link or email ryanbeefit@gmail.com

Please share and shed the importance of proactive healthcare this year! BEE fit exists to help your existence be more enjoyable by extending and expanding your PLAY-SPAN (ability to do and enjoy the things you want to do! OLD AGE isn’t the reason you can’t do what you once did. YOUR LACK OF MUSCLE, NEUROMUSCULAR CONNECTION, and malnutrition are why you can’t do what you once did and would like to do!)

“Come with me if you want to live.” –T-100, Terminator 2, Judgement Day

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Facebook RSVP for Xmas Sweater Sweatiest 2023 below.


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