Best Protein Powder

Best Protein Powder

Do you want supplements from a company focused on marketing hype and lowering their bottom lines by using cheaper and inferior ingredients? Or a company that has been sued over lying about their products with label claims and pseudo nutritional fact labels?

If you want these kinds of snake oil brands, then I don’t have anything for you here. Please understand that these Sea Monkey supplement sales go on at your local Costco, SupremeSupplements, grocery stores and abound online. Why? There is no FDA approval on supplements.

Check that link for a 3rd party explanation of a lack of 3rd party evaluation and consumer protection in terms of supplementation.

Which brings me to why I use dotFIT.

From womb to tomb, we are going to have nutrient needs and to prevent deficiencies, supplementation will have to be utilized.

Prenatal vitamins were taken by my mother while I was in the womb.

The need for nutrient consistency isn’t suddenly absent once we are born. If we are to continue to grow and recover from the stimuluses of life, we need a flow of essential nutrients in proper quantities.

The Best Protein Powder available is the all natural whey smooth from dotFIT. This is safe for all ages and goals. Purity, Potency, and Efficacy Proven by clinical 3rd party studies. NSF certified for sport. I don’t trust any other brand.

Not for myself, not for my family, not for my clients.

FREE SHIPPING on orders $75 and above. SUPPORT LOCAL, Share My LINK!

Everyone should be on the

-Active Multivitamin (Women’s and OVER50 are one a day controlled release tablets!). &

-A protein supplement like the WheySmooth or BestPlant

Message me with questions and please stop donating money to the MASS supplement market for their under-formulated, contaminated, and ineffective products.

After over 20 years of supplement use and as a certified ALL NATURAL BODYBUILDER, you can benefit from my research on the matter.

Posted on: March 2, 2020Ryan

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