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Bodybuilding, fitness, strength training, whatever you call it, it’s a relatively new thing. That is to say, you don’t see much human investment in it until Pual Bragg and Jack Lalanne came around in the 50s and 60s.

The Gym phenomenon can largely be credited to Lalanne, who sold his 200 and some Jack Lalanne European Health Spas to a consortium known as, “Ballys total fitness.” To quote the man, “I train like I’m training for the Olympics or for a Mr. America contest, the way I’ve always trained my whole life. You see, life is a battlefield. Life is survival of the fittest. How many healthy people do you know? How many happy people do you know? Think about it. People work at dying, they don’t work at living. My workout is my obligation to life. It’s my tranquilizer. It’s part of the way I tell the truth‍—‌and telling the truth is what’s kept me going all these years.” And My favorite of his:

“Dying is easy. Living is a pain in the butt. It’s like an athletic event. You’ve got to train for it. You’ve got to eat right. You’ve got to exercise. Your health account, your bank account, they’re the same thing. The more you put in, the more you can take out. Exercise is king and nutrition is queen: together, you have a kingdom”–Jack Lalanne

Essentially, nothing has changed in the gym culture or training methods from the approach of Lalanne. Gyms sprung up like wild fires, with the model of outfitting a large space with lots of equipment became the norm. Magazines popped up to pander to the intrigue and popularize rising icons.

This gym model produces success for less than 10% of the members. Why? Programming: the combination of nutrition, exercise, and recovery. Too much misinformation or too little understanding of the proper information to apply to achieve the desired goal.

Did the gym model change at all in the last 70 years to improve the chance of success for the average gym goer? Look around at your average local gym and you’ll see your answer. The classic gym with all the equipment, the membership that gives you access to a training center that is usually crowded at the times you want to use it, and all the classic tendencies of the humans who share its use–this classic gym has failed too many, for far too long!


If something does not work, change it! 70 years of greater than 90% failure rate for improvement is not ok.

I don’t promise instant change. I am not saying the gyms are bad. I am saying that the average approach to utilizing a gym is BAD. I am stating that the average personal trainer is not just BAD, they are misinformed, teaching programming that is outdated and not likely to progress the client or awaken in them the desire to keep progressing.

Mobility, Strength training, cardio. Surround it with proper nutrition–protein intake to support your lean body mass in addition to the balance of your other macro and micro nutrients, and you’ll see steady progress.

That’s the simple of it. It is the job of a good coach to ascertain your WHY to figure out HOW to help you get to your goals. A good coach in an ideal environment can create tremendous amounts of positive change.

What is an ideal environment to train in? This is where it gets tricky. To set up a training space takes just that, space. You need space to get a proper workout with all the needed movement patterns. The average gym simply cannot accommodate more than 5-10 individuals at a time moving systematically around the room targeting various muscle groups in synergistic workouts. The average gym feels empty with this number of individuals and couldn’t function financially.

The average gym operates on the mode of auto drafting monthly payments, called EFT. This is the bread and butter of gym membership. They want you signed up and they NEVER want you to cancel. The average gym will have 2-3,000 members paying between $9.99/month (because they signed up 15 years ago and got a locked in rate) and upwards of $80/month to use a gym. This gym will be abhorrently crowded from 5-630 pm Monday through Thursday and forget the entire month of January.

If all the members of a gym showed up on the same day, the gym would be worse than a New York Subway at rush hour. So this business model thrives upon the model of conveniently charging people money for something that they won’t use and if they do use it, they won’t know how to use it–or even better, if they do want to learn how to use it, they can pay this inexperienced/ misinformed trainer to use the gym for $70/hour.

So if you go the personal training route, which is what most need, you will do as little as 1 time per week, but that’s not really sufficient, so you go 2 times per week and try to repeat the workouts on your own 1-2 times per week for a total of 4 times per week. Under this model you get 2 sessions with a trainer (and the won’t be one hour, they’ll start late and likely end early because like a doctor, your trainer is booked back to back with clients), and then you will fend for yourself, attempting to recall the proper form, sets, reps and movements for the exercises.

That was an average to best case scenario.

I worked in this set up long enough to realize its shortcomings. I love fitness too much and care too much for people to let the trend continue. I am here to revolutionize the average persons approach to fitness.

How will I do this?

Prioritizing nutrition and promoting consistent strength training.

When and where?

Right now. In person and web based interface. You can train with me at the BEEfit studio. Or, you can get the training content from me using this website and establishing email contact with me. Using these means, I will take you on your fitness journey. We will get your Body Fat percentage, design a meal plan for you–along with the perfect supplement stack for your goals, and this will go perfectly with your workout plan. Meal plan+workout plan=PROGRAM. If one of those is off, your results will be off.

Experience and a consistent dedication to improve my fitness acumen are just part of what separates me from the other fitness avenues. We will utilize the results of sports science and my personal experience to create the best you possible. You will learn how to BEE fit.

Posted on: December 20, 2019Ryan

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