Energy Drinks & calorie loaded Coffee–end the madness

Energy Drinks & calorie loaded Coffee–end the madness

I get it.

You are tired.

At this point, getting more rest isn’t an option–though we can probably do better to set ourselves up for success.

What do we do?



If black (not loaded with sugar, cream, etc)–it is not bad for you per say–but it likely will have wavering caffeine amounts and will take time to consume, digest, and process.

IF YOU CONSUME THE SUGAR, SYRUP, CALORIE LOADED COFFEE…just admit that you are not trying to be healthy and you just want a milkshake. Snap–seriously. Stop with this nonsense. This isn’t going to do anything good for you. You are spiking your glycogen (making your body think it is getting nutrition/a meal–but you are only getting sugar and useless calories). SO unless you are using this calorie laden drink as a meal replacement and going 2-4 hours before eating again, this is sabotage. And even if this is the case, this is a very bad choice.

I take 5 hour energy/ Energy Drink…oh you consume ingredients not fit for human consumption? Holy waste of money and gut health! I am not going to expand on this other than to point out that if the proliferation of ENERGY drinks and use of 5 hour energy was a good thing–then we’d be the happiest, healthiest, and most productive society on earth!

But, we are not and we are proportionally worse with the rise of “Energy drinks.”

Start your day with 24-32 ounces of water with a little bit of Celtic or Himalayan salt…wait an hour after waking before introducing caffeine (and ideally utilize what I recommend). So, before you start pounding Energy drinks or other caffeine forms, hydrate and give your body a chance to wake up on its own.

As I stipulate in the video, I only recommend NSF certified supplements and in particular I utilize the practitioner brand, dotFIT. NO OTHER BRANDS OFFER THE EFFICACY, VALUE, CONSISTENCY, OR WIDE RANGE OF SYNERGISTIC PRODUCTS!

What do you take for instant energy?


1-2 capsules are better than any 5 hour energy or E drink.

Want pre-workout Energy?

NO7 RAGE (I take 1 scoop with 2 capsules of “workout extreme” for 350mg caffeine total).

I highly recommend the rest of the supplement stacks I list out. But, at the least, let’s start by getting off of the crap Energy sources.

Use my link for 20% off and FREE shipping on orders over $75.

There is no way to get all the nutrients vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. that you need from food alone— especially since the food we get is simply not the highest quality…

Everyone should be on the essential stack. I list below and most of us should be taking more things because we have the nutritional needs for them. 

Watch my video and you’ll hear more about my conviction in reasons why I only recommend the one practitioner grade brand that I have been using for myself my clients, my friends and my family for over half a decade now — what would I know I’m only an all natural professional bodybuilder that depends upon the quality of his supplements and authenticity of them being free of contaminants. 

dotFIT stacks


Essential Stack (Good for all-even if NOT training)

Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

SuperOmega (once daily with food)

Aminoformula (Pre and post workout–and as needed)

WheySmooth (In shakes for meal replacement, or as a pre/post protein option— if you need more carbs, do the pre-post formula,)

Essential Plus

Essential Plus recovery stack (most common stack for those that work out regularly)

-Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

-SuperOmega (once daily with food)


(Pre and post workout–and as needed)


-Pre/Post Protein powder

-Creatine XXXL or regular(Pre and post workout)

-Joint skin collagen + (Am & Pm before meals)

-Muscle Defender (Post workout and before bed).

-Workout Extreme (pre workout energy, energy & coffee replacement)

Pro Stack

Active MMV (AM and PM with food)

SuperOmega (once daily with food)

Aminoformula (Pre and post workout–and as needed)


Pre/Post Protein powder

Muscle Defender (Post workout and before bed).

Workout Extreme (pre workout energy, energy & coffee replacement)

NO7Rage (extra energy for lifts–workout extreme can be taken on a fast). Do not combine with workout extreme unless you have a high caffeine tolerance (stay under 400mg caffeine).

Creatine XXXL (Pre and post workout)

Joint skin collagen +  (Am & Pm before meals)

dotBARS (snacks)

Fill in nutritional gaps!


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