What prevents you from being awesome AND keeping a promise to yourself?

1-pain: emotional and physical pain



4-what we say to ourselves right before we are successful/talk ourselves into quitting.

Go and do what you promise to do, and it will work out. (4 reasons from Navy Seal Erik Weir)

What can we do to help you keep your promise to yourself?

Firstly: provide a program that outlines the proper route through the pain–it will be emotionally and physically painful–but it will be intentional, meaningful, and necessary to produce the change we are asking for/needing/deserving.

Secondly: Provide consistent reminders and guidance to align you with your why so that you keep your actions consistent with your goals/promise to self.

Thirdly: Prepare and potentiate for progress and consistency. Professional coaching and community support from community of like minded individuals–surround yourself with other driven and goal oriented individuals. 

Lastly: By following a coordinated training program, you know where you are at on your journey and you have professional support to wisely navigate the process and work through limiting factors/sabotage/around injuries/ and other problematic variables that pop up in the journey. The only way you lose is if you quit! 


BEEfit exists to help you keep and fulfill your promise to yourself to bee your best version!

BEEfit can provide you with the right plan for your goals and the professional coaching to support you through every facet of fitness (Nutrition, mobility, strength, conditioning, recovery, program design and implementation, and more!) Whether we train in person, or consult and train through our individualized training app, elevating your training to a PRO level where changes occur consistently, is just a click or call away!

Let’s consult/start today!

Message me to BEE-gin or utilize the membership links below!

4 WAYS TO TRAIN with or at BEEfit

🟨1-Personal Training Client-Limited openings, contact ASAP! **supported by training app, and each client gets a meal guide with ongoing nutritional support.

🟨2-Personal Training Small Group: M-F 6-7am and T/W/TH 530pm **3 spots left join today! 

New 12 week program launches June 26th! Join by or before then for a full 12 week experience that will bee the best decision you make for your wellness! Class is supported by training app, and each member gets a meal guide with ongoing nutritional support.

🟨3-24/7 General Access to the best equipped and cleanest gym in a 40 mile radius is just a click away!

🟨4-Consult with Ryan and set up personalized training app with individualized workouts, meal guide, supplement guide, ongoing 2-way conversations, check ins, and workout modifications–this is as affordable as high level and professional training comes. If you want to level up significantly, utilize advanced techniques that took over 30 years of professional training to uncover, then this is the option for you!

🟩 General Access 

🟨Personal Training 

🟧Group Personal Training 

🟥Youth training Program (Summer)

🟦Teen Strength Team Program (Year Round)

🟪BEEfit training App—available everywhere!

Your passionate, relentless, driven, all natural, professional, experienced, coach is ready for you at BEEfit!

Membership Link👇


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