From Womb to Tomb

From Womb to Tomb

Your mother took a prenatal. This aided in your fetal development. This is done to ensure against known nutritional deficiencies caused by the diet. Try as you might and may, even good diets are deficient in key nutrients and minerals. There are 19 key nutrient deficiencies on the average. Taking a high quality, timed release multivitamin and mineral complex, can and does fill in these gaps created by activity and diet. We should NEVER stop taking a nutritional gap filling multivitamin and mineral complex. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. This formula is certified to contain and to do what it claims. NSF certified, not some flimsy made up certification like you can find on mass market supplements. 

SO, throw away those gummies–that don’t DO ANYTHING good for you and only help build sugar addictions! ALL AGES! THERE IS NO EXCUSE. Not the, “I can’t swallow tablet,” BS. If you can eat food, you can swallow a damn tablet! Chewables for kids. Taste bad? TS. Take what you NEED and get what you WANT! A little health habit here and there needs to be instilled and displayed by the parents. 

You are what you eat, you reap what you sow, the more you know, the more you grow. If you have any questions on the right multivitamin formula for you, message me today and I’ll get you squared away. There is also a supplement screener on the dotFIT site I am partnered with. Use my link for a discount and to support the BEEfit saving the world through fitness vision!

Posted on: May 24, 2020Ryan

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