Nutritional experts and doctors agree, a good multivitamin (Certified, containing proper amounts of key micronutrients in the right forms and with effective delivery, IE enteric coated tablet) is essential to health and sickness prevention. 

Now is a great time to optimize your immune system with an antioxidant loaded multivitamin. For quality, purity, potency, and value, I use and solely suggest the dotFIT Active Multivitamin and Mineral complex. With clinically proven amounts of key nutrients and minerals to help the body thrive and account for the deficiencies of the average diet, this is a 4 in 1 value. You would have to spend at least $50 in the mass market consumer ring of supplements to get what you get from this tablet–and those mass market supplements aren’t regulated or certified!

Ages 12-17, just one tablet a day after your first meal! (60 Day Supply)

Active adults 18-65, two tablets, first and last meals.

Not so active female 18-50, women’s tablet once a day. (60 Day Supply)

Over50, less than 3 days a week of training? Over50 tablet (60 Day Supply)

Kids? Kids tablet!

Highly suggested to add the SuperOmega, D-3 (for us in the PNW especially–there is D-3 in the multivitamin, this is just a bit more!), and perhaps the Calcium too (if you don’t get it from your diet!). 

Every product from dotFIT represents the benchmark in the industry. The dotFIT Whey Smooth protein powder is simply the best for a low carb protein. AminoboostXXL is an absolute must for hard training individuals and individuals in a caloric deficit diet. Joint Flex is great for those with joint issues or if you are looking for clinical doses of collagen for your skin and hair health. If you have ever broken any bones–JOINT FLEX is a must! 

What else from dotFIT should you get? 

Message me and we can discuss your needs, goals, etc, and make sure you know exactly what you are getting. 

Why dotFIT? 

They have done the research, development, and gotten the highest certifications on their products. They have gone above and beyond to provide the finest products at a fair price–often less than the mass market products. Moreover, I can honestly say I take their products exclusively and reap the benefits of them. As a certified all natural, professional bodybuilder, the quality and purity of my supplements matters and my body is the result of my training and diet–not PEDs! I compete in the WNBF as a pro, where we are polygraphed and winners submit to urine testing. There’s no shortcuts here! Supplements fill in nutritional gaps and these you can trust to do just that. 

Try dotFIT and you will benefit! 

Click the link and activate you BEEfit linked account today!

20% off ends July 1st! Place an order today! $80+ gets free delivery!

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