We open fully 6/24, Personal Training groups and PT only until then and the groups are set up to operate at group times or independently or concurrently with additional training–all modifiable.

BEEfit is designed to be the finest fitness environment. What does that mean to us? Well, BEE-sides the right array of equipment and space to utilize it, no hassle entry for easy assimilation into training…It means that and more–That we are a fitness community and gym. BEEfit is dedicated to educating its members and providing the best selection of fitness tools in order for each individual to be their best version! We have in person and electronic access to information and the ideal space to utilize the equipment. BEEfit features the largest selection of dumbbells around, largest selection of Olympic barbells around, tons of plates, and then the right selection of machines and attachments to accomplish whatever you can’t with everything else! Community, education, tools and space to utilize them, this is what a gym should be. 

Membership to the largest and best collection of bodybuilding equipment around is automated and available online

–with 6/24 as our anticipated grand opening! Club Hours are 430AM to 10PM everyday, with controlled access entry and the watchful eye of 24/7 video surveillance–and the omnipresence of owner/designer/operator/professional bodybuilder, Ryan Bee. Train on over 30 pieces of bodybuilding equipment, professional turf patch, and a free weight room with 6 squat stations, 2 sets of dumbbells 3-100 pounds–with multiples of common weights, and a cardio area! BEE fit fitness facility (gym) features three distinct rooms with an array of fitness equipment. We offer Daily, weekly, weekend, monthly and annual access memberships to BEEfit. Everything to BEEfit!

Our top of line Body Building room is primarily equipped with brand new Nautilus equipment. Our equipment… Leg machines-Seated calf raise, Glute Drive, Leg Press, Hack Squat, Adductor/Abductor, Lying Leg curl, Seated Leg Curl, Leg Extension x 2, Sissy Squat. Back: T bar Row, Low Row x 2, Lat Pulldown x 2. Additional Machines: Freedom Trainers x 2, Cable stacks x 2, Tricep extension, Preacher curl, adjustable Back Extension, PecDec/Rear Delt fly, Smith Machine x 2, narrow to wide grip dip station, and plate loaded shrug/deadlift trainer…Oh and Dumbbells 3-130 pounds, EZ curl and straight bar trees 20-110 pounds! All in just the bodybuilding room!

Turf patch: Room for 2 sleds to be in motion at once! Equipped with 2 push/pull sleds and 2 drag sleds with harnesses. 

Free Weight Room: Six squat racks! Two of those racks are double racks–so there’s room for two different rack spots. Two full sets of Hex Dumbbells 3-100 pounds–with multiple pairs at common weights. Kettlebells, Trap bar, Swiss bar, Safety bar, and of course we have Olympic bars! Within this room you can find our HIIT cardio and LISS cardio equipment–2 Rowers, 2 HIIT mills, and four Assault Bikes. Also in this room are multiple Bulgarian Split squat rollers and stations in addition to a GHD apparatus and a variety of landmine attachment tools. This is the room where you can do your pullups, stretching and big movement patterns. One squat rack position is always open during gym hours, regardless of a class using the room. 

Posing Section: Also in the free weight room, you’ll notice a large mirrored section with open space. This is our posing section, which is also used in large group training for additional space when needed. This area is for aspiring bodybuilders to fine tune their art and craft. It is open to all members when not in use for a posing class or group class overflow–so feel free to flex your stuff and practice that mind-muscle connection! Open to all members when there is not a group training class. 


-Everyday, 430am-10pm by controlled access entry at two points 

-Parking is located directly in front and behind the building, with additional parking across the street. The entire facility, with the exception of the bathrooms, is under video surveillance. 

(State street side and 10 spots in the back lot–both under surveillance). 

-We have two restrooms and a members area with storage lockers in addition to a key and small item holder in the free weight room. There is also counter space throughout the building for small items like a phone/keys.

The idea is that you can swiftly enter and begin training with minimal time wasted!

Gym Etiquette:

We believe strongly in proper gym etiquette and encourage these simple rules:

1-Rack your weights. (don’t redecorate, put them in their proper place).

2-Wipe up after yourself–always benches/leather, most often all other equipment, always wipe up your sweat. (It was cleaned for you, clean up after–pay it forward). 

3-Before leaving the gym, see rules 1 and 2. 

Our in person and advanced training options…(remember, you get over 10 written plans and app access with base training models and youtube links by us with your membership).

Personal training and Personal Training Groups…

After watching client trends for many years of personal training at several clubs and as a fitness director at a Globo Gym, it became obvious–clients that did in person training 3 or more times per week with a quality trainer were the ones that saw significant goal progress and overall success at the gym and seemed in route to establishing a healthy and lasting fitness hobby. This was great for those that could afford personal training rates for 3 times or more per week at an average rate of $75/hour, that’s $235 plus tax and time per week. Not counting gym membership at $50-100 per month. Add nutritional coaching, programming for the other days of training, and costs increase.

So if folks don’t want to invest that much money–about $400 per week, what are their chances of wandering into a gym and properly progressing through a fitness program suited for their goals, body type, experience, and time dedication? As you can imagine, not so good. 

So here’s the Globo Gym Fitness Solution…Loads of equipment–mostly machines, especially treadmills and lots of general access group classes that come free and the card programs whereby gym members wander haplessly from machine to machine following a written workout. Expectation from the Globo Gym; one to two months of use by the member per year out the first 12 months of membership. The member signs up, tunes in, tunes out–and The Globo makes it hard to cancel. This is the big gym model.  The “Globo Gym” depends upon mass gym membership to raise income, while they house old and battered equipment to keep costs down. This model is based upon only a small population of regular gym goers using the gym and peak hours expose horrible workout environments that make for inaccessible equipment that is essential to most training programs. In other words, if everyone shows up to workout, the gym won’t be able to operate because it’ll be too full. 


Results do vary from individual to individual. The masters of aesthetics, conditioning, body change, and the attending nutrition, are without question, bodybuilders. Bodybuilding is largely nuanced, based on principles, experience, individual variation, trial and error, all in pursuit of full balanced muscle bellies via hypertrophy of the muscle fibers and maximizing recovery. These principles can and should be utilized by all in their training programs. Bodybuilders and other training styles and approaches vary dramatically–while they all will produce, “Results.” Certainly, as with martial arts, some claim supremacy with their techniques and approaches–so the two best methods of assessment are personal success and mass successes. The latter being the approach that has been accepted, tried, and proven to produce results in many individuals. Mass success and Mass Marketing success are not the same thing. Ultimately one should value longevity and consistency when approaching fitness.  

Considering all that goes into designing a program, there is certainly a perceivable benefit to getting insights from someone versed in multiple fitness approaches and knowledgeable of how  nutrition and recovery are vital for progress. A good coach will spend many many years paying their dues, learning from more experienced coaches, attending events, studying new and advanced principles–a good trainer is always learning.

Our goal at BEEfit is to save you the time, money and energy in gathering the necessary knowledge and insight into your training so you can, “Bee your best version.” We strive to provide you with a solid foundation of training and nutrition information in addition to a fantastic fitness facility with your membership. We go a step further with our training options. With a basic app program available upon request at the start of your membership, you have a trainer on your phone! This app is upgradeable and additional programs are available for a small fee. Additional training options come in the form of Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training.

As of this writing, Ryan is the only trainer operating out of BEEfit–though potential trainers may apply to rent space here and we will post their information as it becomes available. Ryan is a professional bodybuilder with over 20 years of coaching experience ranging from preschool PE, goalkeeper, boxing/mma, shoulder and paralysis rehab therapy, elderly training, and of course, bodybuilding and nutrition! That long list of experience is why we feel so qualified in offering programming and a facility ideal for goal oriented training!

What if you want to train the BEEfit style but you can’t afford or get on Ryan’s schedule for personal training? Two options–the app or BEEfit Small Group Personal Training!


Small Group Personal Training is a General population course (intermediate to advanced) designed to develop every muscle in the body using classic hypertrophy strength training and Olympic movements. We meet up to 6 days per week for this course in the free weight room. The program is set up in 4 week increments and resets every 12 weeks for progressional overload and following “Mesocycle” training principles. The goal is to build strong, balanced, aesthetic and athletic muscles. This group has two written curriculums, a 3 day and a 5 day training program, each with an option to train on Saturdays in person from 9-10 am. All curriculum is available on an app as well, so if you want to follow the program elsewhere–say at home, another gym, or at another time at BEEfit, you have that option and you’ll still have direction and accountability. 

Group Class times

M-F 6am-7am

T, W, Th 530-7pm

T and Th 1015-1130am 

If you are from the older demographic, we have something for you too!


“Retired and Inspired”

Course designed for those 70 and up. Features essential movement patterns to extend your play span! The course includes access to the class T & Th 1015am-1130am & S 9-10am Regular gym access (430am-10pm) is included with this rate and app upon request.

If you are a youth member, we are currently building a list of potential youth training group attendees and in the meantime we are encouraging you to partner up and form your own youth training group, train with an accountability partner, or try a small group class with a parent! Our goal is to help you learn how to navigate and utilize the gym for your fitness for life! 

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