Habits you can implement today that will make you healthier…

Habits you can implement today that will make you healthier…

1- drink water. Consume 1 oz. h2O for every pound of weight

2- take 3 separate 10 minute walks per day–preferably following meals.

3-Eating within established eating windows–12 hour window and eat every 2-3 hours. 

4-take an NSF certified, daily multivitamin and mineral complex. Why? Because the average diet is deficient in key micronutrients and minerals. 

-But I eat healthy you say…Great, so do I, and I still take my multivitamin and benefit from it. There is no way to account for varying nutritional deficiencies from our food sources. A high quality multivitamin is insurance against deficiencies. 

-Oh I take a gummy multivitamin from Costco you say…well bully for you, you’ve gotten into the habit of taking something you “think” is good for you. Now let’s address the FACT that even if that gummy had label claims backed by science and a third party (which it DOES NOT), your body wouldn’t be absorbing those key micronutrients and minerals at the proper time in the digestive system. In other words, the gummy is broken down so fast and absorbed so rapidly, that any nutritional value fails to be dispersed when you actually need it. You do get a refreshing and habit building fish of glucose though. 

-I actually take this really expensive vitamin pack from my friend who sells supplements and shakes you say…Oh great, are those NSF certified supplements? Oh they’re not tested by a third party at all? But they come in a variety of super nummy flavors and fantastic label claims and the value is so good you say. Well I think if you hear what you are saying, you know you are full of shit. 

-keep it simple here when it comes to supplementation. I stand by ONE brand. It is the ONE brand I take and the only brand I recommend to my clients and my family, dotFIT.

5. I have attached a brief write up on supplementation stacks that could be useful depending on your goals. There is also a link to use that connects the dotFIT order with BEEfit and we can help make sure you are taking the right things for your goals. This is a practitioner brand and it is not sold in private channels. If you have any questions about any of the dotFIT products, please message me. 

BEEfit link to dotFIT store: 

(recommended that you set up recurring orders for discounts/free shipping)


Use the link for the store!


Active Multivitamin 1 x day (up to age 17, take chewable if cannot take tablet).

SuperOmega–take on days that don’t eat fatty wild fish. 

First String Protein Powder (this is the preferred formula, but Pre/post, wheysmooth, and best plant are fine as well if dietary needs exist)

Average Adult (not doing any training): 

Active Multivitamin, SuperOmega, WheySmooth.

Athletic Adult (training 5-6 days a week): 

Active Multivitamin, SuperOmega, WheySmooth, Pre/Post Protein Powder, AminoBoostXXL, Workout Extreme, Creatine XXXL, dotbars, and perhaps JointFlex.

Trying to lose weight:

Active Multivitamin, SuperOmega, WheySmooth, therm accel, liver support, carb repel, AminoBoostXXL, Workout Extreme, Creatine XXXL.

Trying to gain muscle/size:

Active Multivitamin, SuperOmega, WheySmooth, First String Protein Powder,  AminoBoostXXL, Workout Extreme, Creatine XXXL, dotbars.

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