Help Support Us, Order Supplements

Help Support Us, Order Supplements

Supplements are essential to your health, even if you don’t lift weights or workout regularly. The fact is, you can’t get all the nutrients and minerals from food alone on a consistent basis. Without quality supplementation in addition to a good diet, you are likely to have nutritional deficiencies.

I have created a suitable stack of supplements for the average individual.

Adjust the Active Multivitamin to the women’s or OVER50 where applicable.

If you eat fatty wild fish 5-7 x week, forgo the SuperOmega.


1.Active Multivitamin,

2. SuperOmega

3. WheySmooth -OR- Pre/post (Difference is very few carbs 6g< vs. a few 33g per serving)

4. AminoBoostXXL (for pre/post/intra workout and for near Zero calorie protein)

5. And then I recommend having some dotBARs for snacking needs or to partner with the protein shakes for a full meal replacement.

All the rest of their products perform exactly as they claim–that is just one of the many benefits of using a fully certified, practitioner brand–their label claims are confirmed by third party certification. NSF approved!

Posted on: April 8, 2020Ryan

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